Work Task 3

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(Not started yet)


The highest priority, beyond creating links or anything else, is to format the pages. Just do your best here, following the guides and your own intuition on how to go about this. Any corrections can be made later.

Start with the basic organization steps, then move into the more detailed work. At the same time, better organized pages may result in moving the page into a new section within the parent grouping, etc.

After the basic organization, the next step will be to create "See Also" sections within these pages.

Once each topic within these pages is properly grouped together into one page, then these pages can comfortable exist separately, as opposed to being crammed into a big index, like List of Meditations.

Areas to Focus on

Work Task 3 Full List: go here for more specific instructions

For Witchcraft and Meditation sections: We can make each experience category (beginner/intermediate/advanced) into its own index, but the final product should be multiple pages grouped around each topic itself (not experience category). For now, large pages with many topics are ok as we are still organizing them before their final state.

Satanic Witchcraft

  • first priority would be to attempt to organize the pages as best as we can (see formatting instructions)
  • second priority would be to gather all the beginner material together (both information and exercises)
    • order based off priority in regards to successful witchcraft
  • titles need to be changed to non-capitalized form

About the Mind

  • needs to be expanded into a separate page (away from the Power Meditation page)
  • both About the Mind and Power Meditation pages are too large, but also share similarities or even redundancies with List of Meditations
    • redundant links should be merged with List of Meditations. Later, this entire section should be merged.

List of Meditations

  • each major section (beginner, intermediate, etc) needs to be broken into chunks
  • as with witchcraft, the essential beginner info and exercises need to be grouped together

Exposing Christianity