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Advanced Liberation Meditations

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Meditations for Advanced Psychic Abilities

The Final Work

The herein meditations prepare the soul for the final stages before starting the Final Work for reaching Immortality, the Magnum Opus. The Advanced meditations consist on one side on completely freeing the soul of all karmic issues and balancing its elemental composition, and on the other side it contains a few extra very advanced mental abilities that, similar to the intermediate ones, are to be developed by consistent and constant training.

It is pivotal to eliminate all karmic and life issues from the soul as Magnum Opus cannot be started in a healthy and safe way if the soul is still affected by nefarious karmic or past lives influences. The soul must be completely healthy and completely balanced by all means in order for this extremely advanced process to start. This is the reason why Freeing the Soul and Satanic Healing are to be meditated upon until the soul is healed. The reality is that, the vast majority of people have some sort of issues, whether with poverty, health, sexual issues, social issues etc. Freeing the Soul and Healing meditations are targeting exactly the root of these major problems, therefore “forcing” to an extend the the practitioner to seek solutions and deal with the issues, usually after many years of them being engraved in the soul and affecting people’s lives altogether.

A very advanced process that is not mentioned is Raising the Kundalini Serpent. The reason it is not mentioned is because it’s not a particular or specific meditation, but is a process that occurs after several years of consistent advancement, the span of time necessary for this to happen depending on each person individually, and on how experienced they have been with meditation in their past lives. This is precursory to attempting Magnum Opus and it also requires the soul to be balanced and completely healed. “Artificially” stimulating the Kundalini Serpent when the soul is not ready can have devastating physical and mental consequences, as this process is not pleasant and any imbalances and dirty energies or curses in the soul will just worsen the uprising of the Serpent. The Kundalini Uprising is bringing with itself major transformations, elevating the whole being to superior levels of wisdom, consciousness. This is what can allow one to become a genius in their professional domain, or globally renown, as was the case with other satanists/pagans in the past, like Adolf Hitler or Alexander the Great, who were among the greatest Leaders humanity ever had, Socrates who is one of the most revered and renown philosophers in the history, Aristotle who was a genius on a multitude of domains including philosophy, math or physics, Leonardo Da Vinci who is one of the most famous painters in the history and the list goes on with many other geniuses that shaped to this day the standards or science and evolution.

Beside healing, it is equally important that the soul is energetically balanced, and invoking the elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Quintessence) are advanced meditations designed to help in this step. Elemental energy is very powerful, which is why a very small amount of breaths is required when invoking the elements, similar to powerful beneficial medicines of substances that someone needs on very small amounts as large amounts can seriously harm the person despite of the very beneficial nature of the said medicine or substance. Same scenario applies to the elements, while it is very important to work with them to master their energy, invoking a lot more than the body can withstand can have negative influences in the soul, which will automatically manifest physically in some ways, depending on the areas affected. This is not to be taken lightly, as mastering the elements will help the practitioner on one side to have a lot more control over their body, such as, to lower or increase their body temperatures at will, to produce heat or cold and other abilities and on the other side, to physically alter external matter at will, depending on their power.

This leads us to advanced mental abilities that are more complex than the intermediate ones, abilities such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis or levitation which rely on interacting with physical matter, which is the reason they are so advanced, as it requires a lot more mental power, capability and concentration to cause physical alterations in the case of pyrokinesis, or non-physical in the case of levitation or telekinesis. The reason these practices are possible is not easily understood, but the reality is that the physical dimension humanity resides in, is only a small component of the entire existence, which means that humans and objects exists simultaneously in more dimensions. As an example, all objects posses an aura, that can be therefore affected or influenced, which means that objects also exist at higher non-physical dimensions, where our souls reside for example, and this is most certainly what allows spiritually advanced beings to affect matter, by acting upon their “energetic matrix”, which then causes physical changes in the composition of the said matter.

Once the soul reaches an ultimate level of health, power and balance, the steps for Magnum Opus can begin. The goal is to bring the soul to a state of immortality, therefore uplifting it above “karma” and above the natural cycle of reincarnation that all souls go through.