Beginner Meditations

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Cleaning and Protection Meditations

Meditations for Opening and Empowering the Chakras

Meditations for Improving Energy Circulation

Meditations for Developing Mental Abilities

There are stages of development and advancement the soul must go through in order to attain increasingly complex abilities. The herein beginning meditations are creating a strong foundation upon which the soul can be prepared for more advanced practices. These are introductory in developing basic, although pivotal abilities that allow the soul to endure and grow upon increasing amounts of energy, which the spiritual practitioner learns to generate using the present beginner meditations.

The breathing exercises are training the body to correctly absorb energy from outside into the soul by breathing. Different techniques mean different ways the energy is being manipulated in the body and soul. Learning how to absorb and manipulate energy (of small amounts at the beginning) is the basis of magick, as everything in existence is being set into motion and action by energy. While the breathing exercises aim to train the body to absorb energy, Yoga routines, that also include breathing exercises, have the goal to open up the “veins of the soul”, called nadis. These are pathways all over the soul the energy circulates through, in the same way the physical body has veins circulated by blood, which is the very essence of life.

It is extremely important for a healthy advancement that all energetic pathways are open and the energy circulates smoothly through the soul, which is being done through Yoga and breathing exercises. This leads to the main 7 chakras, which are the “organs” of the soul. Chakras are complex centers of energy that are composed of different types of energy that are affecting to soul and the whole being in different ways. As healthy or unhealthy organs are automatically leading to a healthy or unhealthy body, the chakras have a similar impact on the soul. In order for serious advancement to occur, the main chakras must be opened, and then cleaned and empowered every single day if possible. Powerful chakras that are of complex different energetic natures are able to handle increasing amounts of energy, which allows the spiritual practitioner to alter the reality they live in more easily. The “genetic information” of the soul is stored in the chakras, whose energies are determining the health state of the physical body, the behavioral patters of every person etc. Meditating on the chakras lead to active changes in this information.

The ability to absorb, circulate and program energy is being facilitated by one’s capacity to actively concentrate and focus with their mind on the specific meditation being performed, at that given time. When the mind is focused accordingly, the entire amount of energy generated by vibration or breathing can be willfully directed into the part of the soul addressed by the working. When the mind is chaotic and one’s thoughts are not being kept under control while a working is done, the generated energy is being dissipated and wasted in different directions, considerably lowering the effect of the said working onto the targeted chakra or area of the soul. In order to train the mind to correctly control thoughts and to move them in or away at will, the mind must be trained with void meditation and visualization exercises, which are “instructing” the mind to block any thoughts and remain empty, or to remain focused onto certain thoughts or images depending on the working.

The amount of time required to practice and master the beginning meditations depend on the practitioner’s past lives experience with meditation, the seriousness and intention invested in these meditations and the consistency. Some of them, such as the void meditation or the cleaning meditations, are recommended to be done every single day irrespective of one’s progress in the advancement path. All these meditations are complementary in creating a foundation upon which the soul is prepared for more advanced and more powerful practices.