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To preserve the knowledge of JoS, we are to carefully preserve the original content as best as possible, unless instructed otherwise. In time, larger edits will be made, but for now we must be patient. Therefore, we must follow a plan by which we can make progress, while still respecting these limitations. Beyond simple reformatting or interlinking of content (without changing the content itself), any additional changes will need to be made by HPHC or other appointed authority.

For us to speed this process, we must help HPHC or other trusted individuals be able to more easily make such judgement calls. We do this through organizing and outlining the content which we believe can be changed (for example, merged or rewritten), then presenting it to him in a legible manner, with our suggestions. However, we are far from this state.


  1. Import all content from, starting with Joy of Satan, exactly as found. (Mostly done)
  2. Page Categorization (Mostly done)
  3. Remove obvious duplicates (Mostly done)
  4. Create categories to break JoS into Work Chunks (finished)

Current Tasks

  1. Basic formatting (in progress)
  2. Finish importation (in progress)

Priority Pages

It is better if we focus on the most important pages, rather than try and finish everything at once. Below is a list of what I believe would best serve existing and newer JoS members and should get the most immediate formatting and linking attention.

First Priority

  1. Satanic Witchcraft
  2. About the Mind
  3. List of Meditations
  4. Exposing Christianity

Second Priority

  1. Gods' Pages
  2. "For Those who are New..." style of pages
  3. Exposing Kabbalah
  4. Satanism's Origins

Tasks on hold

  1. Creation of additional links (on hold)
    1. on hold until importation and formatting is finished
  2. Addition of Redirects for related names or spellings of content (on hold)
    • wait until content sections are finished before focusing on redirects
  3. Change names of pages to original titles (on hold)
    • better to finish basic site formatting before large-scale renaming
  4. Addition of proper references (on hold)
    • not all imported pages have transferred to the new reference system
    • on hold until more essential work is finished

Other ideas:

-Creation of individual pages for each Demon

Stay organized! Add notes of any changes made. For larger comments/concerns, use the discussion tab (unique for each page), above. Sign your name to discussions by typing this command: ~~~~