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The Christian churches have billions and billions of dollars. In order for Satanism to advance, money is needed. Joy of Satan Ministries can do much more with resources. For the last 20 years, the Joy of Satan has provided an immense wealth of spiritual information, knowledge and support. Much of this has been made possible with extensive personal efforts, and donations help tremendously in that regard.

Make a donation for the promotion and advancement of Satanism today!

The purpose of a church is for learning and knowledge. Satanism is all about knowledge. Joy of Satan Ministries makes knowledge free and available to all. Much of this knowledge is hard to find, suppressed and rare. Existing articles are frequently updated and new knowledge is posted frequently.

Joy of Satan Clergy provide knowledge, support, and guidance in the Joy of Satan e-groups.

Donations are spent on research materials, maintenance of JoS websites, advertising, new websites and for the promotion and advancement of Satanism.

Updates: 13 June 2022:

How to Donate with Cryptocurrency to Joy of Satan: A Guide

Updates: 2 June 2022:

Bitcoin wallet address has been updated. Previous one is also still functional. This is to enhance the privacy of donors. The Joy of Satan thanks wholeheartedly those who contribute to the growth of Spiritual Satanism.

Use the address below from now on.

PS: If you send any donations to the previous wallet of Bitcoin until June 5th, it will be received.

Updates: 22 March 2022:

Upon listening from feedback from members, we have also included below the option to donate in ZEC/ZCASH cryptocurrency. This, aside Monero, is a privacy focused Cryptocurrency one can easily buy from any Crypto Exchange. We will also be writing very easy guides for those who want to donate. Donating in Crypto is actually very easy, and familiarity with this will easily arrive after the first attempt. There are many services online that allow everyone to do this very easily.

Updates: 15 March 2022:

It is official, we are moving to Crypto only donations. It has been decided after considerable thought put to it. Paypal has been good for nothing and it's harassment makes it an unfitting medium for donations, but also a problem when it comes to privacy. The recent events against freedoms in the West, but the general treatment of "dissent" that borderlines the Soviet Union, is reason enough. The regular system is too much restrained by the enemy at this point. There was no other better alternative before, but now Crypto provides this ability. Everyone is encouraged to become more familiar with Cryptocurrency, in order to donate, but also for yourselves and for the sake of your own future. It is very easy, convenient, but it might also prove helpful for anyone who learns these basic things before mass adoption of Crypto.

Updates: 12 January 2022:

We might fully move to block-chain/crypto only donations, but not until we certify this officially. The ease of use and the quality of the crypto systems is superior to Paypal and the related transaction platforms.

Updates: 17 September 2021:

Due to extensive online censorship and the threats going on in the United States and the Western World against our freedoms and financial freedoms, the Joy of Satan from now on will accept donations through Cryptocurrency. The ever rising threat of censorship in the United States and Western World is rising exponentially as time goes by. The Joy of Satan is not afraid to state the truth and this will never change. Satanism is about freedom.

Due to the above reality, Cryptocurrencies are now the preferred way to donate. Everyone is advised to use Cryptocurrency instead and to start moving away from mainstream processors for this. It's very easy to buy, send, donate and to store cryptocurrency.

To notify us about a donation, ask any related question about how to donate, or if you want to donate in other Cryptocurrencies than the one given below, don't hesitate to mail us at [email protected]







Our goals are:

  • To reach as many people as we can. There are many who do not have access to the internet. Books and literature are essential, free pdfs are available. We make all of our knowledge freely available to download and distribute.
  • To make available lost and suppressed knowledge, which we feel should be free and accessible to everyone around the world.
  • Serving and maintaining an online united community, all our websites and places of learning. All of this knowledge is given to everyone for free.
  • Broadcasting through the internet - free audio sermons and videos that can be downloaded.
  • Exposing and challenging the tyranny of Christianity, Islam, and related programs, and working with every legal means possible to bring an end to these nefarious programs.
  • Working to dispel myths and lies concerning Satanists and Satanism.
  • Working to establish Spiritual Satanism as a legitimate and respected religion with the same benefits and recognition that other religions receive in every community.

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