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Administrative High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

[Founder of Joy of Satan Ministries]

High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 A Portal For Main Satanic Websites

High Priest Micama Gmicalzoma       Truth of Satan 666

High Priestess Zildar Raasi     Exposing Islam: Program of Death

High Priestess Shannon       Blacks For Satan Website - The Satanic Black Community -

High Priestess Myla Limlal Alegria De Enki - Joy of Satan's Ministries [Spanish]

Alegria De Enki - Alegría de los Ministerios de Satanás [Español] Internet Archive

High Priest Lucius Oria     Oriental Satanic Alliance

We extend our thanks to Many Wonderful and Long-term contributors, who are many to name here, but are nevertheless extremely important and responsible for the advancement of Satanism.