Editing Guide

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  1. Find a red link, which means the page does not exist yet. For this example we will do a simple page, a sermon from HP Maxine about "Christian Psychic Attack"
  2. Click the red link to enter an un-created page. Keep the title the same as it is on JoS. In this instance, it is called "Christian Psychic Attack" so keep it exactly that when making and linking a new page.
  3. Click "Create" in the top right portion of the page, not "Create Source."
    1. "Create" will use a nicer version of the editor
  4. Find the page on JoS and copy / paste the text into the wiki editor.
  5. Look it over for any mistakes, some more complex formatting may not transfer.
  6. Hit "Save page..." in the top right once everything looks acceptable.
  7. Briefly write what you changed / added. Check "Minor Edit' if you only modified the formatting or fixed something very small.
    1. "imported page" and "imported page, not finished" are acceptable all-rounders if you are unsure what to put.
Step 1 - Find a red link
Step 2 - Click "Create", not "Create Source", or "Edit", not "Edit Source".
Step 3 - Copy the page's text as is. Do not change any wording. Some special formatting may not transfer over.
Step 4 - Paste the text into the wiki. Give it a quick read to make sure it looks good. This is about what you should end up with.
Finally: Save your work, briefly describe what you did. Don't leave this blank!