Satanic Information for Atheists & Other Skeptics

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Here is an important message for atheists and those who consider the occult, paranormal, and astral world to be non-existent and/or just plain nonsense;
please take the time to read this:

I have received several personal e-mails from former atheists and other skeptics who believed Satanism and the occult were nothing but fantasy, products of an overactive imagination, and/or unrealistic foolishness. All of these people wrote to me because they realized to their surprise, Satan is *very* real.

I have also read public articles from varied sources where secular individuals attempted to experiment with the rituals on this website just for kicks. They got blatant experiences all right, the wrong ones.

Satanism is unlike mainstream religions. Those who open their minds to Satan *will* experience him. Unfortunately, Christianity and its cohorts have given people the impression that the spirit/astral world is nothing but bunk. Little or nothing ever happens spiritually with these religions. Their anti-life doctrines are all based upon stolen material [click here to go to Exposing Christianity] from religions that preceded them. This material was hideously corrupted, with all of the spiritual knowledge being removed from it, and twisted to conform to their agenda to spiritually enslave the world; keeping spiritual knowledge and power in the hands of a few.

Satanism is very different. Satanism is in fact, humanity's ORIGINAL RELIGION. Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

Satanism also differs from other modern day religions in that Satanism is based upon science. Everything of the occult can be explained scientifically. Unfortunately, Judeo/Christianity has held humanity back dangerously in the areas of science, technology, understanding of the occult, and knowledge of the soul. Unbeknownst to many, Christianity has always been and is nothing more than a tool used to remove knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge. Our limited understanding of Quantum Physics has revealed a bit about the human soul

''Kirlian Photography'' reveals the fact that we have an aura. Kirlian photography is a specialized form of photography, along the same lines as x-ray imaging. Though skeptics try to contradict the validity of Kirlian photography, there are photos of auras of individuals before and after performing a hatha yoga session [which amplifies the powers of the soul] and there is a noted difference, as the aura is much stronger after the session and this is also keenly felt by practitioners; the "energy buzz" after the session engulfing the entire body. The soul glows. Doubt this... just practice hatha [physical yoga] for a month or more correctly and just see if you don't begin to feel your soul.

Satanism is a religion of the mind and the soul. The U.S. Government and other world powers are well aware of this ability within humans and the reality of psychic warfare, though they keep much of this from the public. (References are at the bottom of this page.)

Regardless of what you may have been taught to believe or what you are convinced is irrational and nonsensical; Satan and his Demons are VERY REAL. They are not "evil" as the Christian Church has depicted them to be. In truth, Satan does not conform to the Christian or Western concept of "evil". "Good" and "evil" are nothing more than cultural concepts; Satan transcends this.

If you are inexperienced, bear this in mind. Regardless of the formal education you might have obtained, put aside everything you have been taught and proceed with respect. People who are serious and respectful are given the same in kind from Satan and his Demons.

Those who are out for laughs and kicks are inviting disaster. Satanism is also very different from other religions in that once you open a door to him in your mind, it will be permanent. Satanism is analogous to a one-way street where you can only go forward; there is no turning back. I am not addressing those of you who are here for research or scholastic purposes. One must perform rituals and/or intentionally act in some way to invite Satan and/or his Demons into one's life. Satan DOES NOT push himself on anyone.

My article here is intended to inform outsiders, atheists, and other skeptics to the truth about Satanism. Remember, treat the knowledge you are given here with serious respect and you will be fine. In addition to the e-mails I have gotten from former skeptics, my purpose for writing this article is because a group of professional people, who were skeptics, attempted to summon a Demon as a joke, and were brought to my attention after the fact. They found out the hard way that Satanic rituals are not something to take lightly or to toy around with. In finishing, Satanists respect free thought and staunchly support the separation of church and state. We do not proselytize, nor do we push our religion on anyone. I am merely stating some important facts for people who have chosen to visit this website.

- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

About myself: Though I was raised as a Christian, I became an atheist in my early twenties. I was a strong atheist for over fifteen years before coming to Satanism. I did not even believe in the existence of the human soul. I attended University, majoring in the physical sciences for a number of years, and have been an active former member of American Mensa.

Books to read concerning government awareness and involvement with the "paranormal":

  • Psychic Warfare by David Moorehouse © 2000
  • The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan © 2003

The above two books, available in paperback, reveal the U.S. Army's use of psychics and remote viewing for spying. "The Seventh Sense" has a reference to "Hell." This experience has nothing to do with Satanism, regardless of what you may have been taught to believe. To learn the truth about "Hell" please click here.

  • Secret, Don't Tell; The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism, by Carla Emery © 1998
  • The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries by Henry Gris and William Dick © 1978.
    Excerpt from The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries:
    "Although the Americans had won the race for outer space, they feared the Russians might win the race for inner space"the mind of man. From CIA agents stationed behind the Iron Curtain came reports that the Russians were able to influence telepathically the behavior of people, alter their emotions or health, and even kill at long distance by using only psychic powers." "But one thing is deadly certain: We had gotten our parapsychology probe out just in time, just before the Iron Curtain slammed down, tight..."