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Important Information for New People - Please Read

Energy of the Soul

Given the extent of the internet and mass communications, the truth can no longer be suppressed. Many different people are coming to Satanism in huge numbers, as never before. I am writing this article mainly for those who are totally new. Many of us who have been with Satan for much longer are well versed in what is known as 'the occult.' The 'occult' is another term for 'spirituality.'

Satanism is meditation

True Satanism is transforming one's soul through power meditation. For many who are totally new to Satanism, one can be unfamiliar with the effects of meditation. When one reaches a point in meditation [for some, this can happen very early on. All has to do with the powers of the soul from past lives], one will definitely feel one's soul. This is a very positive sign that your meditations are being done correctly and that all is going well. Never be frightened or alarmed by feeling the energy of your soul. The soul is composed of bioelectricity and the light spectrum. Feeling a radiant aura, vibrations, in some cases heat or cold or other sensations such as feeling tingly... all of this is normal.

Effects of open your mind with meditation

Power meditation will also open your psyche. You may experience 'gut feelings' through enhanced intuition, in other cases, your mind will be open and more receptive to astral entities. These can be positive as well as negative. In cases where there is negative intrusion, just turn it off like a radio in your mind and ignore it. Never tie into anything negative or unwelcome. These will go away if they are ignored and not fed by any attentions or emotions.

Satanism is knowledge and knowledge is freedom and power

Satanism is about achieving spiritual freedom. Christianity, Islam and other mainstream programs that masquerade under the label 'religion' are designed to remove all spiritual knowledge. There is nothing spiritual about them. When one comes to Satanism, which is very spiritual, one can expect many new experiences of a spiritual nature, but again, this is individual. Never be frightened by feeling the energy of your soul for the first time. A strong mind and soul assure that you, yourself have power and also the knowledge to repel unwanted entities [which exist regardless of whether one is open enough to detect them]. The strength of your soul also assures that you will be in control of your own life and destiny and with the knowledge from our Gods, can achieve immortality. Weaker souls are at the mercy of the stronger ones and are reincarnated, forgetting everything learned from the former life and in being damned to repeat the same mistakes for eternity. Satan shows us the way out of all of this. But, we must work at it and through knowledge, never fear.

Satanism and Power Meditation

Power meditation is a psychic cleaning house so to speak. When one begins a power meditation program, one can often expect repressed emotions to manifest, such as anger, hatred, rage, grief, and so forth. You may find yourself having upsetting thoughts and feelings and not knowing why these are occurring. These emotions can last up to a year or even longer, according to the intensity in which they were suppressed in your younger years. Many of us can’t even remember these experiences, but our subconscious minds do. In time, suppressed emotions will be cleaned out and the soul will be able to advance and be much freer. One will find inner balance and peace.

Learning is another thing. Satanism is intense and for many, embracing Satanism is a first time of coming into one’s own. Many of us finally acknowledge the years spent as a spiritual slave without personal rights, and become aware of years of unnecessary abuse. One may experience intense anger and other emotions that come to the surface. This is very normal and therapeutic. Just let it out in a constructive way. This is a time of positive inner change, cleansing, and healing. In time, there will be inner peace and balance. How long this process takes or whether one goes through this is individual. I am posting this so everyone, especially those who are new will know this is normal.

In time, we all come into our own and are free from the indoctrination and intense programming that most others are slaves to. There is nothing more beautiful than a free mind, for this is when we can truly advance and to know ourselves for who we are- not for who we are expected or told to be.

Basic Meditation Program

When one is new to power meditation, it is important to start out with a program. There are many different meditations on this site for different effects. A basic meditation program should consist of Void Meditation as this helps us in controlling unwanted thoughts and with directing our minds.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are essential to any meditation program [for more information, please click here].

The Foundation Meditation is a very important meditation as it helps us to learn to feel and absorb energy, which is essential to using the powers of your mind and soul. If you are new, it is best to start out with basic white light. White light is easy to use because it contains all of the colors of the spectrum. The soul is made of light. With experience, you can advance to working with colors for specific things. Color energy is very powerful.

Chakra Work

Chakra work should be included in each meditation session as this is necessary to empower your aura and soul. I have found directed orgasm to be very effective in opening the chakras. Orgasm is a good way to open a meditation, as it is naturally relaxing. If your chakras are blocked, simply direct the energy during your climax, up your spine to the specific chakra. Visualize it as a stream of bright light in the same color as the chakra you are trying to open, and simultaneously visualize the blocked chakra opening and the energy flowing through it. This can take months, but in time, a permanent circuit will be established.

The EZ Chakra Spin is fine to start out with before advancing to meditations that are more powerful. Remember, we are all individuals and where one person may experience pleasure and positive results for a specific meditation, another may not. Always go by the way you feel. If a certain meditation doesn’t feel right, then stop and try a different meditation.

Meditation sessions should ideally last for 15 - 30 minutes a day. If you are short on time, doing just 5 - 10 minutes is better than doing nothing. Skipping days will throw you behind and when you are new, inconsistency can cause depression as your body tries to adjust to the increased bioelectricity.

Aura Cleaning should also be done daily. This only takes a couple of minutes and in the long run, it prevents any negative energy from attaching itself to your aura. Negative energy causes accidents, sickness, and depression.

Goal of Meditation and Going Further

Meditation programs can be changed every so often. An indication your program needs changing is when you no longer feel that you are raising any energy or making any progress. As long as you are comfortable with a certain program and are making advances, there is no need to change unless you get bored.

The objective of meditation is both to empower yourself and to learn to handle energy. Power meditation opens the energy centers [chakras] of the soul. Each chakra has specific energies that open different areas of the mind [Satanism is using more than just 5 - 10 percent of your brain]. The chakras also give us "supernatural" abilities when open and fully empowered, like levitation, telekinesis [moving objects with your mind], and pyrokinesis [the ability to heat objects and set them on fire]. Many more abilities come with having a fully empowered soul.

When all of your chakras are fully open, this creates a free passage for the Serpent of Satan, which lies dormant at the base of the spine. When the serpent ascends, we become as the Gods. This is the objective of power meditation.

Preparing the Mind for Meditation


It is important to relax both your mind and body to enter a deep trance state where your meditation will be most effective. Adepts can often enter this state easily, by will alone, even in a hectic environment. This takes time and practice, though. Remaining calm, cool and collected in threatening circumstances is one of the benefits of regular meditation. Below is a list of tips on techniques for calming and quieting your mind and body before entering into your meditation.

  • Hatha (physical) yoga exercises are wonderful if you have the time and discipline before beginning meditation. The energies amplified from the yoga practice and the relaxed state present a medium for focus.
  • Breathing exercises can be done to calm and quiet the mind before every session. Just tuning into and “watching” the breath is an excellent method of focusing one’s mind and entering the alpha state necessary for power meditation.
  • Listening to sounds is another way. Just blank out your thoughts and tune into the sounds in your environment. This exercise helps to create alertness as well as relaxation.
  • Sit or lie quietly and begin with your feet and relax your body all the way to the top of your head.
  • Be aware of the energy outside of your body for a few minutes and then focus on the energy inside of your body, alternating four or five times. Do this slowly and take the time to feel. This exercise creates an awareness of energy that is so important not only in securing the ability to absorb, direct and manipulate it in magickal workings, but also enhancing your awareness of others’ fields and your environment. This exercise also tones your nervous system.
  • Sexual orgasm is another relaxation technique that works well. Just stimulate yourself to orgasm. When opening a meditation with orgasm, use this opportunity to visualize the energy from your base chakra ascending your spine and opening your chakras. Orgasm naturally opens and cleans the chakras.

Dealing with distractions

You should be always be well rested when beginning a meditation session. Being tired will only cause you to fall asleep and the goals of the meditation will not be accomplished. You want to eliminate as much distracting physical stimuli as possible, unless of course, one is meditating upon pain or discomfort to strengthen the will. Make sure you are not hungry, but not overly full. When one becomes more advanced at meditation, trance states can be reached and maintained even with distractions. The mind becomes stronger and stays focused according to the will. If your mind is distracted by a pressing thought, identify the problem and tell yourself honestly to put aside the distracting thought in agreement with your mind, that the problem/thought will be confronted and dealt with after the session. You must follow through or this will not work for future sessions. To the extent you follow through is individual.

Establishing Control

Establishing control over one’s emotions is very important. Out of control, emotions can be detrimental to one’s health and well-being, and at worst can be lethal. In a situation where panic takes control and gives way to terror, where fear is completely out of control; one can freeze up when immediate action is called for and wind up dead. Out of control, emotions interfere with and even prevent rational thought. Here the panic/terror takes over one’s entire being. Control of emotions and having a calm mind can mean the difference between life and death.

Worry does nothing to change a problem. It drains energy and can cause serious health problems. Again, the mind is out of control, as the same thoughts compulsively repeat themselves over and over, accomplishing nothing but upset. Bad situations and problems need to be rationally thought out for possible solutions and then let go.

Focus on feeling calm and relaxing inside

Constantly rehearsing a bad incident over and over isn’t going to solve the problem. This will only create other problems. Stress tears down the body and mind. Mental and psychological pain can be just as bad as physical pain. A strong mind can refuse this pain. When the mind is calm, often solutions will present themselves and problems can be worked out. We are also more open to the spirit world when we are calm, and often we can find help there. If we calmly ask our mind for answers regarding a certain problem before we fall asleep at night, we will usually have answers when we awaken, or sometimes answers will come to us in a dream.

Out of control emotions are the result of an out of control mind. Void meditation helps with detaching from negative emotions. When unwanted emotions arise, relaxing one’s mind and detaching one’s self from the feeling can be difficult at first, but with persistence, control can be established. Try softening around the emotion or focusing attention on the emotion/feeling, relaxing and letting go. Empty the mind. This can also be helpful in cases of depression.

Focus on feeling calm and relaxing inside.

The Power of controlling Mind and Emotions

When mastery over one’s emotions is established [this can take years of consistent meditation], the ability to stay calm in crisis situations can prove invaluable and can even be life saving. Animals will rarely, if ever attack someone who is not in any way afraid. Having a calm orderly and powerful mind comes from the regular practice of void meditation. Void meditation also strengthens our thought power for magickal practice. The next time you feel unwanted emotions; try to focus on detaching and relaxing. This can be difficult at first, but will come with time. We must completely master ourselves, for this is the path to becoming a god.

There are times when we have to just let go and vent. This can be done during a ritual. Father Satan always listens to us and sometimes it is a good thing to let it all out and get it all out, so that one can be at peace and not have to feel suppressed in any way. If extreme worry or other emotions cannot be brought under control, venting during a ritual is the often best way. Mastering one’s emotions, as well as the mind is something that needs to be worked on every day. In time, a sense of calm and confidence will take over and remain, so that the mind can be free for spiritual development and directed to the fulfilling of one’s goals and desires.

The Human Soul

The aspects of the soul

There are several different aspects that make up the human soul. The aura, the light body, the chakras, the ethereal double, [the ghost that takes on the image of the physical body], and the intelligence/consciousness. The human soul is also made up of the elements fire, earth, air, water and quintessence.

Meditation on different aspects

In doing research, I have found major discrepancies among authors as to the specific aspects of the KA, the BA, the AKH and the SAHU- the parts of soul as defined by the Ancient Egyptians. From what I can gather, the real meaning of the Egyptian concept of the "REN" is the individual vibration of the soul. This has to do with the Egyptian Kabbalah (KA BA AKH). The original Kabbalah was Egyptian and the purpose was meditation upon the different aspects of the soul, both separately and together in combinations. This is very, very advanced.

The human soul can at will be divided during meditation. This is what occurs with deliberate astral projection or involuntary "out of the body" experiences. Just as the soul can be divided, it can be reunited at will. The soul can be merged with the soul of another person.

The aura can be expended and contracted at will. It can be programmed to attract or repel anything at will. The aura can be programmed by will to act upon the aura of another for better or worse.

Each aspect of the soul can be meditated upon separately and empowered. Each aspect can invoke and hold each of the elements. This is very advanced and can be dangerous if one does not know what one is doing.

The Aura and The Light Body

The images below illustrate two main parts of the soul. Bear in mind, the light body is shapeless. Though both illustrations are white light, these bodies can be of any color and can change color as to moods, health, emotions and so forth. They can also be of more than one color.

The above, I write from my own direct experiences and not theory.

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The Third Eye

About The Third Eye and its connection with the 6th chakra and the pineal gland

The Third Eye[1]

The 3rd Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra and the pineal gland. It is located on the middle of the forehead above the brows and along with the 6th chakra that sets in back of the third eye and the pineal gland; it is the psychic sight of the soul.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied and dormant. Because of centuries of humanity being cut off from practicing power meditation where energy is circulated like blood where it is needed, many areas of the human soul have ceased to function. This is another sad result of Christianity.

The third eye contains the last of the three knots. Once this knot is open and energy flows through, the crown chakra is easy to open. The third eye contains the astral sight. Through the third eye, astral images are transferred to the brain. The third eye is also important in telepathy and influencing others. I have found in willing others, thought energy should strongly be directed to the other person's third eye, even though this cannot be seen. The third eye is receptive to energy directed at it.

The third eye, along with the sixth chakra, controls the eyesight, the sinuses and the skin. It is with the third eye that we can see auras, do scrying and see energy. The pineal gland and the sixth chakra are behind the third eye.

The third eye is the front of the 6th chakra. The 6th chakra is where the Ida and Pingala serpents meet. When the kundalini pierces this chakra, it opens the last of the three knots. A flash of light is often experienced when this occurs. Opening the 3rd eye is a major step in consciousness.

About the Dagr/Dagaz Rune and its connection with the 6th chakra and the 3rd eye


The Dagr/Dagaz Rune corresponds with the Word trump of the Tarot. The World means completion. When we pierce through the 6th chakra, the 7th is effortless. This is the uniting of the Ida and the pingala. Dagaz is also the rune of the moon and the moon represents the 6th chakra and the 3rd eye. Dagr/Dagaz is the rune of completion. "This rune can be compared to the spiritual philosopher's stone. In sexual alchemy, Dagaz is the moment of orgasm in which the goal of the working is made real. It is useful in all workings of an 'alchemical' type, whether they be practical or solely concerned with consciousness."[2]


  1. Artwork: "Female Head" by Lenardo, 1508
  2. Teutonic Magic by Kveldulf Gundarsson


First experiences with Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the term for psychic hearing. With the increased sensitivity that comes from a consistent program of power meditation, one can open one's mind to hear sounds on the astral. In the early stages of opening one’s mind, astral sounds can be heard inside of the head; the same as with thoughts. When one progresses, sounds can be heard outside of the head and are much more powerful. Clairaudience usually begins with hearing astral sounds inside of one’s mind.

In the beginning, at least with my own experience, the things I heard outside of my head were nonsense and had no value. These occurred when I opened my crown chakra. Like everything else, clairaudience takes time, meditations to open up the psychic ears and major chakras to be able to access this dimension of astral sound.

Advanced Clairaudience

When one advances, celestial music can be heard. This is most beautiful. Father Satan visited musician Giuseppe Tartini in a dream. He heard Father play the most beautiful violin music, “indescribably beautiful.” He awoke and wrote down what he could recall, but he could never duplicate the beauty of the music. He named the piece “The Devil’s Trill.”

All frequencies of energy have their own sounds. The entire universe runs on vibration. One of the most interesting experiences in clairaudience is hearing the sounds of the cosmos.

The more psychically open one becomes, the more likely he/she is to encounter different sounds. Anything from bells to ringing, buzzing (this is the bioelectricity; in Ancient Egypt, the bee was a sacred insect. Tutankhamen’s rear headdress (coffin) has a bee stinger attached in gold), flute sounds, roar of the ocean and others. Certain sounds can be annoying, but these symptoms will fade away as one’s system gets used to the heightened level of the life force.

How to empower Clairaudience

The Seven Ears relate to the seven chakras. By focusing ones awareness on them during meditation and opening them, the ability of clairaudience will manifest. To open them, visualize a star opening up for each one and shining brightly. After this, increase the brilliance and diameter. Opening these energy points will enable one’s mind to hear the astral and unlock pathways for healing energy to circulate. This can be helpful for people who have problems with bad eyesight, hearing, headaches and other problems. Meditating on both the psychic eye and ear points is very powerful for receiving messages from the astral.

Remember, if you ever hear anything you don’t like, just tune it out and shut it off.

Chakras Diagrams

Minor Chakras of the Body

The Eighth and Ninth Chakras

The Tenth and Eleventh Chakras

The Twelfth and Thirteenth Chakras

Extensions of the Heart Chakra

Minor Chakras of the Face

Top Chakras Above the Head

Points for Psychic/Astral Hearing 1
Points for Psychic/Astral Hearing 2
Points for Psychic/Astral Sight
Pineal Gland

Physics of the Soul

There is a sub-atomic particle, discovered in 1956, called the neutrino. This particle, because of its extremely tiny size, and elusive behavior is difficult for scientists to study. The missing 9/10ths of the universe is thought to be comprised of neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. Although neutrinos have mass, they pass right through physical matter. It has been estimated that a neutrino from the sun would stand a good chance of penetrating a thickness of lead stretching from Earth to the nearest star without colliding with anything. Recent developments in physics, astronomy, and neurology provide an unexpected breakthrough into the understanding of psychic and paranormal phenomena. The atoms of our physical bodies contain the much finer and faster vibrating neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. These finer and faster vibrating particles compose the substance of the soul, that is joined to our physical body by a magnetic cord that breaks at the moment of death. The soul breaks loose from the body when the body is no longer able to function as a home for it.

When one applies one's self to consistent power meditation, one's chakras vibrate at faster speeds. This takes training, preparation and readiness, but through the higher speeds, approaching the speed of light, one is able to access other dimensions at will.

Humanity currently resides in a lower dimension. This has much to do with our earth and its position in space. In higher dimensions, colors, shapes, sounds, and thoughts are more vivid. One can see through walls and have the sensation of omnipresence. Telepathy is extremely enhanced and other senses become much stronger and more open beyond anything most people have experienced.

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Wings of the Soul and Meditation

Main article: Opening the Soul: Wings of the Soul

All souls have wings, even those of animals. When we freed the Demons in 2002-03, they all bolted their wings, indicating their power was restored to them. Wings indicate the soul's power and are of the shoulder chakras.

Learning to move these wings and control them is a part of advancing the soul.

This meditation came from me, but was suggested to me by Anubis. Satan and Enlil have suggested that I write it to share.


Most websites and books go into too much detail concerning the bandhas. The following is a basic summary:

For what using Bandhas

When the bandhas are applied during breathing exercises or when chanting, they act to amplify energy and/or direct it.

This is for informational purposes only. Personally, I dislike applying the Jalandhara Bandha [chin lock], as the serpent is supposed to ascend through the crown chakra at the top of the head and applying this lock keeps the serpentine energy trapped below the throat where it is applied. I personally don’t recommend this. There are corruptions in certain methods due to a failure on the part of the enemy to eradicate all spiritual knowledge and techniques. This can be seen easily with Wicca [Christianized Witchcraft] and related. Because all spiritual knowledge could not be removed, the enemy worked to corrupt a lot of it.

Both the anal "Moola Bandha" and the abdominal "Uddiyana Bandha" are effective in working to ascend the energy, as they should.

Kinds of Bandhas

There are three main bandhas.

  • The "Moola bandha"
  • The "Uddiyana Bandha"also known as "The Abdominal Lift."
  • The Jalandhara Bandha is also known as the"Chin Lock." This is applied by dropping the chin to the chest.
  • The Moola Bandha is applied by contracting your anus. This drives the serpentine energy upwards.
  • To apply the "Uddiyana Bandha" [abdominal lift], exhale totally, to where your lungs are completely empty of air. Try humming as this will get the last of the air out. When your lungs are completely empty, suck in your abdomen and lift it up.

Both the Root and abdominal Locks can be done at the same time after inhaling, while holding the breath. One should remain motionless while applying and holding the locks.

The above information has been my own experience. To learn more, just type "bandha" into any search engine such as As with anything else, it is best to read several different articles and then experience for yourself.

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More Information About the Elements

The Chakras and Associated Meditations

Main article: The Chakras and Full Chakra Meditation

The chakras are the powerful energy centers of the soul. Each one has a separate function along with certain specific powers. The health of our chakras affects both our physical, emotional, and mental health. There are different parts of the soul, the chakras are the most important and major part.

There are seven major chakras located along the spine that are the most powerful. Each of these chakras vibrates to the frequency of the light spectrum. Satanism strongly supports science, as all of the spiritual and the occult can be scientifically explained. Both science and spirituality complement each other, and work together. Because of the incessant attacks and suppression of scientific inquiry and knowledge by the Christian Churches, science has been held back dangerously and has not reached a level to where all of the occult can be fully explained, but it will in time. The soul is made of light.

In the ancient grimoires, the secret code words for chakra/s are "God/s." The full chakra meditation involves working on all of your seven chakras per meditation session. For example, you would begin with your crown chakra, visualize this chakra, making sure it is aligned correctly, then you would do the specific breathing for the crown chakra. Following this, you would perform the vibration for the crown chakra, and then you would meditate on your crown chakra. After working on your crown chakra, you would move onto your 6th chakra and do the same, then your throat chakra and all the way down to your base chakra. That is the full chakra meditation.

Hours of the Chakras

Our chakras have hours where they are more active, every day. These correspond to the four cardinal points and the seven days of the week. Many of the old magickal texts mention these in the form of the planets. Each chakra corresponds to a specific planet and day of the week. The times of peak activity are important as we can use these times to meditate or work on a specific chakra or use the energies in rituals. The times listed in table below are of the 24 hour clock. For those of you who unfamiliar with this:

  • 13:00= 1pm
  • 14:00= 2pm
  • 15:00= 3pm
  • 16:00= 4pm
  • 17:00= 5pm
  • 18:00= 6pm
  • 19:00= 7pm
  • 20:00= 8pm
  • 21:00= 9pm
  • 22:00= 10pm
  • 23:00= 11pm
Hours Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Midnight Heart Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Base Chakra Throat Second Chakra
1:00 Throat Base Chakra Heart Crown Second Chakra Sixth Chakra Third Chakra
2:00 Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Third Chakra Crown Heart
3:00 Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Heart Base Chakra Throat
4:00 Base Chakra Heart Crown Third Chakra Throat Second Chakra Sixth Chakra
5:00 Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Heart Sixth Chakra Third Chakra Crown
6:00 Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Crown Heart Base Chakra
7:00 Heart Chakra Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Base Chakra Throat Second Chakra
8:00 Throat Base Chakra Heart Chakra Crown Second Chakra Sixth Chakra Third Chakra
9:00 Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Third Chakra Crown Heart Chakra
10:00 Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Heart Base Chakra Throat
11:00 Base Chakra Heart Crown Third Chakra Throat Second Chakra Sixth Chakra
Noon Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Heart Sixth Chakra Third Chakra Crown
13:00 Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Crown Heart Base Chakra
14:00 Heart Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Base Chakra Throat Second Chakra
15:00 Throat Base Chakra Heart Crown Second Chakra Sixth Chakra Third Chakra
16:00 Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Third Chakra Crown Heart
17:00 Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Heart Base Chakra Throat
18:00 Base Chakra Heart Crown Third Chakra Throat Second Chakra Sixth Chakra
19:00 Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Heart Sixth Chakra Third Chakra Crown
20:00 Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Crown Heart Base Chakra
21:00 Heart Crown Third Chakra Sixth Chakra Base Chakra Throat Second Chakra
22:00 Throat Base Chakra Heart Crown Second Chakra Sixth Chakra Third Chakra
23:00 Sixth Chakra Second Chakra Throat Base Chakra Third Chakra Crown Heart


One does not need props or other ritual items to cast a so called "spell." The power meditations, done long enough are more than effective in one's ability to influence one's environment and others. When one's field is strong enough, it is easy to put thoughts, feelings and other projections into the minds of others. Some people are stronger than others and projecting can be met with some resistance, of course depending upon how strong you are. The stronger ones, though, have their defenses lowered considerable when asleep.

Weak people are easy to deal with anywhere and everywhere. Just go into a mild trance of focus and concentration and you will notice, if they are where you can observe these people, the obvious effects of your projections.


Always remember, it is very important to learn to control anger. When one reaches a certain level, offenders, whether they are outsiders or loved ones will meet with misfortune. This can be very upsetting when a loved one gets into an accident or comes down ill as a result of your anger. This comes with power and should be controlled. When one's energy field is powerful enough, it does not take much. We must always be sure we intend for offenders to get punished. After unintentional anger, if the offender apologizes and the hard feelings are gone and then the person meets with disaster, this can cause much regret.

More on power

I cannot overemphasize the power behind these meditations, when done long enough and with consistency- every day.

For certain specific things, like binding, props can be used as a point of focus. Most of the time, just dwelling on something with will, focus and desire will make it manifest, provided it is not worried about or dwelled on in a doubtful or desperate way.

See also

Protecting Yourself

Getting the "energy buzz"

Many people are concerned about world affairs, which are getting worse and worse by the day, such as the economy and related.

The only thing you can do is to keep your soul energies up, and work to amplify them. Regardless of what you do for meditations [we are all individuals], following a meditation/yoga session, etc., one should be absolutely still and get what I call an 'energy buzz'. This is where you feel like you are glowing with energy, vibrating with it or anywhere where you can feel the energy of your soul, which was amplified by the working you just did.

Experienced meditators know this feeling. It comes minutes after a yoga session, after doing breathing exercises, invoking energy from the sun, and many times after cleaning one's aura and chakras. Just sitting still and meditating on this energy buzz helps to amplify it. This is your energy; your power. When you have this going after your meditation/yoga session, that is the time to make your affirmations. When stating affirmations, these should be in the present tense, a short phrase that is to the point. Such as: 'I am safe, secure and protected in every way.' 'I am successful in my job.' 'My job is safe, secure and protected in every way.' 'I now have a secure job and the pay is adequate for me.'

Using your energy in magick

All affirmations must be stated in the present tense as the mind/soul does not understand future tense such as 'will' happen. Visualize the white-gold light all around yourself, as this is the astral energy that will work to manifest your affirmations. Build this astral energy. Relax, but affirm with intent and focus. If your mind wanders, do not be upset, just keep bringing it back.

Unless one is very strong, workings should be performed every single day for some 40 days straight. 40 is a number of Satan. Unfortunately, this number, like the number 7 [for the chakras] has been stolen and corrupted by the enemy, but ignore this and use it. It has to do with the moon cycle.

Do not begin your working on a void of course moon. Workings in which you wish to attract a situation, growth of a project and such should be started during a waxing moon. The current moon data is all over the internet and there is always help in these groups for people who don't know much about this. Workings which are geared towards endings should be performed during the waning phase of the moon.

Testimonials of Spiritual Protection

I know of someone close to me who had horrific planets in the sense that transiting Saturn was making hard retrograde aspects to most of his personal planets and to add to this, transiting Saturn was in his first house [one of the worst times in anyone's life]. He consistently meditated on a daily basis [he worked some 60 hours a week, so he didn't have a whole lot of free time], but he knew how bad his planets were and focused on making positive affirmations, as I mentioned in the above. He also invoked energy from the sun. The more brilliant and bright the energy, the stronger it is. Unbelievably, he got through unscathed. Minor problems manifested, but nothing devastating.

Something else I would like to add regarding my own experience. I was driving and nearing an intersection on a quiet street. Something within a split second came over me and for no reason, my foot hit the brake. A car came speeding on the cross street and ran the stop sign. There was absolutely no reason for me to slow down or hit the brake, as I had the right-of-way. If I hadn't hit the break, the car that ran the stop sign would have totaled my car and me. It was going some 50+ mph in a 25 mph zone.

Do not wait until your life is out of control or where problems are so bad that you are in deep shit. I know from years of experience, spiritual attention to a specific problem, such as healing; if it is caught in the very early stages, it takes much less energy and less time to get under control. When something grabs a foothold so to speak, in your life, then dealing with it spiritually, using your powers, can be much more time consuming and difficult and it will require much more energy.


Do not be afraid of the world situation or ever doubt your workings. Try to think of other things and get your mind off of your working so it can do its job. The energy of the soul is much like having a savings. Most people have some financial back-up of some sorts. The same should be done with the energy of the soul.

I also want to add here- skipping meditations, sporadic meditating, doing workings haphazard and such; because everything begins in the mind- your PC that you are using, the chair you are sitting in, the desk your PC is on, streets, buildings, supermarkets, windows, nearly everything in this world that is material- THE IDEA CAME BEFORE THE MATERIAL MANIFESTATION! Someone thought of something and designed it in their mind before they made it a reality.

The same goes for your workings on the astral. You are building a situation for yourself, whether it be a secure job, personal success, secure financial situation, personal protection, whatever. When your energies drop, as with skipping meditations, sporadic meditations, then this unfortunately opens the door in your life for unfortunate occurrences and circumstances. Don't allow this to happen. Keep your energies high and you will be ok though all of this.

Regular practice of Hatha [physical yoga] will act to open the mind and enhance the intuition. Your intuition and gut feelings will also be an indispensable help in getting you through difficult times in this world, unscathed.

In closing, always remember- telepathic communication is subject to all kinds of interference, no different from a Ouija board. Rely on your own abilities first and foremost. Too many people are dependent upon Demons and spirits. The Powers of Hell now have their hands full. The message of Satanism is to be strong. It takes a lot of personal strength and character to strictly adhere to a meditation program. Make it a habit.

Confucius says: "One who is strict with one's self rarely fails."

Specific Meditations: Using Your Powers

Using very specific affirmations

When using power meditations for a specific purpose, it is very important that you cover every aspect of how you want the energy to manifest in your affirmation. For example, when making an affirmation to attract money, if one only affirms for attracting money, the money may come and even be in one's hands, but this could be like a bank teller or cashier or the money may belong to or be taken by another. Get it? The mind does exactly what it is told to do and does not understand specifics unless it is *told* EXACTLY how the energy is to manifest. The easiest route is always taken by the mind and aura regardless of what that route is. This is why it is so important to be as specific in as little words as possible with your affirmations. Energy does exactly what it is told to do.

The affirmations I included are a basic guide. You can use them or modify them as you see fit.

Another example is with weight loss. Just affirming to lose weight is unwise. You certainly wouldn't want to lose weight through an illness like cancer. It is important to affirm "I am losing excess and unneeded body fat in a very healthy way." See what I mean? This is very serious.

Present tense, Faith, Putting the working out of your mind, Focus and Lasting results

All workings must also be able to manifest in reality. In other words, they must be physically possible.

Always word affirmations in the present tense, as the right side of the brain does not understand future tense - i.e., "will" never happens and the mind does not understand future tense.

As with all workings, you must have faith and will that what you want will manifest itself. Desire is very important!

When you are finished with the meditation, no matter what the meditation is for- PUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIND! Let it work and do its job! Don't think about it or dwell on it or you will interfere with the energy.

Never spread your energies thin. Work on one problem at a time. The more places your energies go, the weaker they become. Energy should be directed like a laser.

Like a computer, we can program our auras/souls for specific things and the programs will be lasting once we get them going and manifesting results. The program will stay in the aura until we remove it, if we ever choose to. From time to time it may need to be reinforced by meditations and affirmations, but will remain in the soul, even through future lifetimes.

Meditation for Protection

Money Meditation

The importance of money

Obtaining any serious amounts of money is one of the most difficult of workings because nearly everyone is obsessed with getting it. Money is god of this world. The competition is extremely high. In addition, most reliable information in working spells is kept secret and from the public.

The dollar sign $ is in the shape of a serpent. This is the kundalini serpentine energy, which gives power to our spells and magickal workings. You must be strong enough spiritually in order to get any serious amount of money. Wealth is not obtained or ruled by the heart chakra. To obtain any significant amounts of money, you must have a strong solar plexus [Sun] chakra. Money may be of green currency in certain countries, but wealth and riches are ruled by gold. Gold backs the money.

There are very few millionaires without a strong solar plexus chakra. To attract money and wealth, you must be open. You must be 100% that you deserve wealth and riches. Any past hang-ups concerning wealth [these can go back into past lives] must be completely destroyed and you must reprogram your mind and soul to attract money and that you are deserving of money. False religions teach that poverty is a virtue. This is so wealth and power can be in the hands of a few, while the masses are slaves.

How to empower the working: Strong will and Astrological information

The following working is effective in attracting money. Unfortunately, any permanent financial increases that are lasting take time for most people. In the beginning, small amounts of money may come to you, or a larger sum followed by modest amounts. Finances usually improve gradually. This has to do with your own personal spiritual abilities and powers. How strong you are indicates the length of time it will take you to permanently improve your financial situation.

The desire for and to attract money must be engraved and imbedded upon the soul. Workings must be consistent, with full focus and attention. Apply yourself 100%. Signs that the working is effective is money coming to you, regardless of where or what it is from. The best times for doing a money working, or beginning a money mantra are Sundays during the hours of Jupiter, Thursdays during the hours of the Sun or Venus [the Sun is more potent] and Fridays during the hours of Jupiter. The Moon should be waxing and in any of the following signs: Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.

Working for attracting Money

You will need a Satanic rosary or Mala beads for this.

Vibrate these words of power 108 times in a session per day for forty days without interruption. You cannot skip a day with this. Do this preferably at the same time every day:



SHREEM MAH-HAH LAHK-SHMEE -YAYEEE SWAH-HAH After you complete the 108 repetitions, visualize plenty of money coming to you while affirming: "I am attracting large amounts of money to myself. This money is my own to keep and to spend as I choose." Repeat the affirmation with the visualization at least 3 times. Each 40 days is a working. In severe cases, the 40 days working may have to be repeated several times to reprogram the soul and to engrave the words of power into the soul to attract money consistently.

Please Click here for a PDF copy of Money Spells

Meditation for Weight Loss

You would want to use sky blue to speed up your metabolism. You breathe in the color into your entire aura when in a deep trance, the deepest trance possible and affirm:

"I am breathing in blue energy that is speeding up my metabolism and causing me to lose excess body fat in a healthy way."

You have to repeat this several times anywhere from 5-10 and continue breathing in the blue energy. This will have to be done daily until you see results and repeated whenever necessary. In time, it becomes permanent.

Most Workings Are Not Just a One Shot Deal

Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation regarding spiritual power and how to get it and use it. For example, in working spells, whatever they may be, 99% of the time, this is not a 'one shot' deal. Truth be known, most people do not have the spiritual strength in that one's soul is not strong enough, like that of a God, to accomplish something significant in one working. There are a few who are successful with one working, sometimes the planetary energies are aligned a certain way where one hits, but this is not the norm.

Other factors, a coven for example, are a huge help, provided all of the members have strong souls.

For most people, when undertaking a significant working, there must be repetition. The more powerful one's soul, the less repetition, but rarely is once enough. Energy builds. This is why skipping a meditation or a working causes major problems.

The Meaning of Engraving

In reading through the ancient writings for spell-working, such as the 1586 Necronomicon, the word 'engrave' is used extensively. Also, 'metal.' Truth be known, these are spiritual codes, not literal. Azazel has always been known as a 'Master of Metal Work.' 'Metal' has to do with the soul. Each of the seven major chakras has a specific metal, such as:

Chakra Corresponding Metal
Base Lead
Sacral Iron
Solar Gold
Heart Copper*
Throat Mercury*
Sixth Silver
Crown Tin

*Please note the above list is the traditional metal to chakra symbolism. We question these teachings, and suspect some of it has been corrupted, as the heart chakra is neuter and shaped differently from the other chakras, of which are part of a male and female pair, such as the masculine base and the feminine crown. There is question to the "seat of emotions" being of the throat chakra, not the heart. Also, the heart being ruled by mercury/quicksilver and the throat by copper. Be open to experimenting and keep personal notes regarding your meditation experiences. Active experience is most important, not just theory; this is the way one learns.

Now, to 'engrave' something on 'metal' is actually to engrave something on the soul through repeated affirmations, using the light. The light can be white-gold or any other color, as the soul is made of light. For more on this, please see: JoS Newsletter - Message 284

Once is not enough. To really alter your fate, especially when the fates of others are involved, such as many people in these difficult economic times are trying to secure a decent income, one must be strong. Your soul must be strong. This is accomplished through empowering your chakras, Hatha [physical yoga], or tai chi or other internal martial arts, and breathing exercises. One's energies should be raised daily and kept strong.

Using a Satanic Rosary

The Satanic rosary is ideal for any workings that require a significant deal of energy. One can definitely do affirmations with the rosary, in whatever language you speak. I also would like to add here, not to get off topic- all telepathic communication is universal in that foreign languages do not interfere, as the mind and soul process the communications, whatever is given through these telepathically will come to you in the language you speak in, unless a foreign language is intentional. So whether one you are communicating with speaks a different language or not, you will hear them in your own language. The mind and soul transmit it this way. I know this from experience.

Getting back to the Satanic rosary, one should repeat an affirmation- short, present tense and to the point; all 108 beads. While doing this, focus the light or color of your choice that complements the working on whatever you wish to achieve, as this gives it the power. Total focus here is essential. As for trance, you will find that just doing the above, you will be in a trance in no time, as any sounds will be uncomfortable, as like when one is drifting to sleep.

Mental Strength

The strength of one's mind is also very crucial in spell-working. You cannot just idly repeat affirmations and let your mind wander. This drastically waters down anything you are trying to accomplish. The focused mind is like a laser. Scattered energy that is diffused accomplishes little if anything. This comes with time, patience, and persistence. Do not become discouraged. Through consistently applying your mind, your focus will improve. Some people such as those with a strong Scorpio emphasis or Mercury/Pluto aspects come by this naturally. Other people have to work at it, but everyone starts somewhere. [The planetary above, comes from work done in past lives.]

There will be times when you have more trouble than usual when focusing your mind, but finish the working anyway. For significant workings, each should be done every day for 40 days. 40 is the number of Satan, as is the number 9; 108 [beads in the Satanic rosary]; [1 + 0 + 8 = 9]. These numbers are very ancient and important, as they carry a special vibration.

Keeping Up Momentum

Each day, the affirmations along with the visualized light energy and the focus of the mind will accomplish much in achieving your personal goals. Never doubt your working, even if something experiences a set back. Keep applying the energy any way. It takes sometimes more than a week, depending upon the strength of your soul for major things to begin to change to your working. One must never skip a day, as this can ruin the entire working.

In building an aura of protection for example, apply white-gold energy to yourself while making an affirmation 108 times, using the Satanic rosary, for 40 days. Certain workings that need an extreme amount of energy should be repeated another 40 days. You will find you are able to take control of your own destiny and life, but this takes a lot of dedication and work while getting there.

The Power of Chant

The entire universe vibrates to the tune of a certain frequency. Everything is composed of vibrating molecules that are on tuned into a certain frequency. The world powers are aware of this, and certain departments of the government have experimented with these frequencies. Sounds we cannot normally hear can affect our thoughts moods and emotions, also our psychic and physical selves.

Our chakras are very sensitive to vibration, and specific chants relative to each chakra stimulate the chakra beyond visualizing and breathing techniques. With each chakra, the tone of the chant should get higher, beginning with the root chakra where the chanting is in low tone. Chanting does much in stimulating and opening the chakras.

Vibrating and chanting God names is also very powerful. We can chant the names of Satan and the Demons, visualizing their colors, and focusing on the attributes of the certain Demons, that we wish to obtain for ourselves. Sigil visualization is also very powerful. The Enochian Keys are very powerful when chanted in monotone during ritual.

Chanting brings more power to workings. Sound can break glass or turn one's insides into jelly, killing them instantly, this is the power of sound. Chanting the name of a hated one in the correct tone while torturing a poppet, adds power to the working. Our minds, when trained, send out strong electrical impulses, vibrating waves of molecules into a thought form that is directed/sent during ritual through intense focus. Adding sound intensifies the thought form.


The corruption of AUM

Given the corruption of spiritual knowledge, a blatant example is how the Sanskrit 'AUM' is being corrupted into 'OHM' in many popular mainstream books and sources. It is supposed to be pronounced 'AHH - UUUUU - MMMM'   NOT   'OHHH - MM'! The 'OHM' is a deliberate corruption so that the word no longer has any spiritual power. [The 'UUU' rhymes with the U in the word 'tune.']

This is where science meets with spirituality. Special thanks to High Priestess Zildar who brought this to light, regarding the all-important AUM. AU on the Periodic Table of Elements [Chemistry] stands for Gold. The working of the magnum opus, in addition to having a fully ascended serpent is to turn the "base metals" into gold. The "base metals" are the "metals" of the chakras. For those of you who have met Satan face to face, he has a gold aura. AU also has to do with the aura.

'AUM' is also the Egyptian God 'AMON RA.' Amon is known as 'King of the Gods.' As most of you know, the code-word "Gods" means the chakras. The all-important '666' chakra, which is the solar plexus chakra; is 'King of the Gods.' This is where the Jews and Christians stole their "Amen" from, corrupting the "AUM' into "Amen." As the Judeo/Christian Bible is a book of Jewish witchcraft, a connection must be made. For more information about this, click here for the article regarding "The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder."

How to use AUM

"AUM" also means "so mote it be." I always vibrate "AUM" in ending any working I am doing with a Satanic Rosary or with anything where I am using Sanskrit. Nearly all modern books and popular instructions concerning mantras state to use "AUM" at the beginning of the mantra. Using it at the end as well, is actually more powerful; at the end of the entire working.

Sanskrit is a spiritual language and as I mentioned before, I have found the names of many of our Demons of the Goetia in Sanskrit dictionaries. By looking to their names in Sanskrit, this gives much more information on a spiritual level. The legends of the Gods are all important spiritual allegories that contain hidden knowledge.

The extremely large number of repetitions recommended from many popular mainstream sources for mantras is not necessary. The reason for the thousands of repetitions is again... corrupted knowledge. The mantras as we know from Satan are vibrated syllable by syllable. New age people and other idiots just keep repeating mantras as entire words, and not vibrating them. The power lies within the vibration. There is no need to repeat mantras or words of power hundreds of thousands of times.

Examples of corruption of AUM

"AUM" was seen in many ancient Western works of alchemical/occult art. Now, the enemy has [as usual] corrupted the art and the meanings. The enemy has taken great pains to delete the 'A' from ancient illustrations and in modern times, "AUM" is being replaced with "OHM." Another thing... nearly all of the words in Sanskrit end in the letter 'A.' I have a book on Laya Yoga [Layayoga: The Definitive Guide to the Chakras and Kundalini by Shyam Sundar Goswami], and the author has within all of the text, the letter A presented in italics, like some sort of code.

Now, note in this ancient illustration, taken from the "Hieroglyphica Sacra" 1764, by Dionysius Andreas Freher, who was a follower of Jakob Böhme [both Christian mystics], this is also in the Roob book; the 'A' has been erased from the top sphere. I know this because I have run across similar illustrations where the 'A' is intact, as seen below. There is no just "M U."

Alexander Roob wrote in his book "Alchemy & Mysticism" [I don't know whether or not he is deliberately telling lies, or is just someone who passes on corrupted information]; he wrote in the caption for these two illustrations:

"The starting situation shows the residence of the divine trinity including the flames of the heavenly host. They are divided into the hierarchies of the archangels Michael [M] and Uriel [U]. The third and topmost is unoccupied, for its previous occupant, the representative of Jesus, has committed high treason by his willfulness. Lucifer ascends, driven downwards by his proud willfulness, but Michael and Uriel cast him down through the fire."

This is a blatant corruption and by using these sacred letters to represent Jewish filth; this is why anyone who believes this to be fact and/or ties into these Judeo/Christian energies never advances in spiritual power. The deluded are under the control of the enemy when they tie into this corrupted and desecrated information. Here is another illustration with the A missing. Note that the shape of the illustration is very similar in the upper part to Belial's Sigil:

Other illustrations have been corrupted with Hebrew letters, and other Jewish symbols that have been stolen like everything else. In the movie "The Ninth Gate" [click here for information about this movie] which is one of my favorites, in the book, the illustrations that had 'LCF', these were the ones with accurate information. Even though this movie is fiction, there *are* some truths in it. The doorway being bricked up at the end of the maze in one illustration indicated the path to truth was corrupted and there was no way out. Check this movie out if you haven't seen it. They deleted a scene... Baroness Kessler was German and a Satanist:


A black and white photo fills the screen: it shows a young and beautiful BARONESS KESSLER flanked by two men in SS uniform. One of them is Heinrich Himmler.

BARONESS KESSLER is scowling down at a wartime number of 'Signal', the Nazi propaganda magazine. It's lying open on her desk with Balkan's envelope beside it.

For the original script for the Ninth Gate, click here.

Now check these illustrations out...

The A is still at the bottom
More...note the 'A' beneath the crown
Another one where they didn't delete the A

I have also noted the 'AUM' on Freemason illustrations; the ones that have the pillars of the soul. Given the enemy has been and still is working over time to remove spiritual knowledge, it is very difficult to find an example here online, I spent some time trying. I saw this in a book. If you do your own research, you will find this either online or in books.

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