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Intermediate Meditations for Phychic Abilities

The intermediate meditations focus roughly on two categories of meditations. The first one is represented by soul empowerment meditations with the aim to further open up and strengthen the soul so the energy can flow smoothly and without hitting any spiritual blockages. In most instances, blockages are chakras locked due to energetic imbalances, which lead to physical or psychological issues in the life aspects governed by the said chakra in one’s life. Any form of repression, depression, disease and related occur due to a weak or blocked chakra. Minor blockages can be represented by blocked nadis or other minor chakras or circuits that allow the circulation of energy. Some intermediate meditations such as the Circulating Energy, Opening Blocked Chakras or Chakra Breathing are meant to open up chakras and nadis by means of breathing energy or visualization and strong intent into the said chakra of affected area, which are the most useful for removing minor blockages and opening up all energetic circuits in the soul.

Power meditations such as Aura Empowering, Ball of Light, Ascending Energy, Rune Meditation or Raum Meditation are designed to empower the soul in the sense of accumulating more power and energy, in a similar sense a bodybuilder performs daily training to become stronger. These intermediate level meditations rely on a strong foundation. In order for the spiritual practitioner to empower themselves, they should be successful in basic practices such as feeling the energy, going into a trance or breathing exercises. The intermediate power meditations target the whole soul, from the very minor chakras, to the main 7 chakras, to the pineal gland or the third eye. This ensures a healthy and uniform advancement as long as the practitioner has an exhaustive daily meditation schedule that target most aspects from the soul.

This leads to the second category of intermediate meditations, which are the meditations designed to develop some of the famous spiritual abilities such as reading thoughts, performing astral projection (in some cases called “decorporalization”) or telepathic communication. While these are mostly recognized as ”extremely rare” or to be mastered only by “gifted people”, in truth these can be practiced and mastered by most people who have to correct knowledge on how to develop these abilities. While most of them depend on the power of one’s mind, a powerful soul without blockages is required to facilitate easy advancement of these abilities. In some cases, astral projection or telepathy occur naturally as an outcome of mere overall advancement, while other practitioners need to train and perform these meditations daily until significant and constant progress is recorded. These abilities can confer one immense powers in influencing other people around them, therefore allowing them to easier manifest their wishes and goals.

These intermediate abilities also require the practitioner to master some of the basic meditations, such as to have opened the clairaudience and clairvoyance chakras from the beginner meditations, the third and the top 3 chakras. Not only that they must be opened, but they must be empowered daily by Energy Breathing, Rune Meditation or other types of empowerment meditations. It is extremely rare for people that possess such abilities for real to express themselves in public, not necessarily due to the fear of being ridiculed, but more due to the fear of being hunted by intelligence services which see these people as a very rare “tool” for investigating these non-physical abilities. One example here is Lyn Buchanan, a “remove viewer” who worked for the US millitary between 1984 and 1992, or the multitude of occultists that helped their countries during World War 2 in metaphysical research and related forms of warfare.

While some of the intermediate meditations may look complex and difficult to master, similar to the beginner meditations, their overall goal is to open and empower the soul enough for yet more advanced practices and abilities.