Link Creation Tutorial

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To transition the Wiki from a mere collection of pages into an interlinking hub of content, it is necessary to begin the creation of links between relevant pages. The goal is to enhance the information available to a reader, yet the reader should not be forced to click every link just to understand the original article.

The process of link creation

  1. Skim the articles that are listed here.
  2. Identify keywords that need explanation.
  3. Find another article which explains this topic.
    1. Use the search function to find these articles.
    2. If multiple exist for the same topic, just pick the better of the two.
  4. Create a hyperlink between them.
    1. Click 'edit' (top right of screen)
    2. Highlight text where link is to be made.
    3. Click the 'link' button, or control + K.
    4. Type the exact title of the article being linked.
  5. Repeat at least 5 times where possible

General Guidelines

Links should be made to/for:

  • Articles that enhance comprehension of the original material
  • Proper names or other technical or slang terminology
  • Articles with additional, tangential information on a subject

Links should NOT be made to/for:

  • Simple or common phrases
  • Measurements or dates
  • Any names or concepts which are not relevant

Additional Tips

  • To avoid repetition, links should only be made on the first occurrence of the subject, not every single time.
  • The link itself should be highlighting the unique aspect of the information being added, so readers know what the additional article contains. Links should be both clear and specific!
  • Links should follow what a user expects to see, not something unrelated.
  • Do not place a link to a name or subject found within another subject, except where there is no better option.

Reference source: Wikipedia's Manual of Style

Linking to a specific section of an article

The # key used to distinguish sections within an article, This is case specific! See the example below:


If you are unsure if this has worked, click the link and test if it works correctly.

Links Within the JoS Wiki

The JoS Wiki features unique challenges relative to a normal Wiki site. In regards to links, there may be less that need to be made (due to a smaller amount of content), however we have to work around obstacles pertaining to protecting the original content. This may lead to links being created which may break the above rules in a way, for example. Other difficulties may result due to the imperfect page titles.

  • Ideally, we will add 5 new links to every page (except for those which are very small or otherwise unsuitable). Although this is a small amount, this may still require a decent amount of research within the existing articles to ensure relevant content is linked!
    • We are adding 5 new links as a goal, but some pages may need more or less. This is fine.
    • As with most edits, do not worry about total perfection. Any edits can be changed later.
  • Any links which were made by HPS Maxine, or any other original authors, should be left as they are, for now. This is to protect the pre-existing unity of the pages, but also to protect her thought process within her writings.
  • View the Work Groups to see a list of pages for this process.

Completion of this phase of the project will further will enhance future user's accessibility of JoS content. Similarly, this will also make the editing process easier, as we get a greater understanding of what is present.