Moving/Renaming Tutorial

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To rename pages, these must be "moved", with the move button. This process renames both the page and editing history, as well as automatically creating a redirect link from the old name, to the new name. This is useful so that links to the original page are not broken.

Although the moving process can be done in the case of errors, for our short-term goals, it is important to standardize the names of the pages to the JoS equivalents. The "official" name of each JoS page shall be what it is called within the page itself (as a title is normally provided). When there is none provided by JoS, just leave the given title on the wiki.

Moving a Page

1) Click the move button to initiate the process for the given page.
2) Fill in the new name in the box and a reason for the name change. Leave the redirect option checked, in most cases. Click "Move Page".
Successful page move with new title.

Standardizing Page Titles with JoS

This example gives us the "official title" which our Page Titles should follow, for now. Pages created within Mediawiki, based upon links to a given page, do not always use this "official title", which may cause confusion, hence the standardization.