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"Fools do not know what they are doing. Energy is being sent up. It should go into the earth to replenish her. The overuse of the point-up pentagram is throwing the energies into space,causing a number of problems, and draining the earth of her ability to defend herself against these problems."


This has to do with the soul and how the New Age movement keeps urging followers to focus solely on the higher chakras. Each chakra has a male and female pair and both work together. There must be balance in both the higher and lower chakras.

List of Meditations

Satanism and the Kundalini Serpent


Bioelectricity is also known as the life force, the chi, the body electric, prana, the aura, the spirit, witch power, etc. There are many different names for this energy.

Our bodies run on bioelectricity. Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. The brain runs on bioelectricity. When this electricity becomes imbalanced, one has seizures.

The amount of bioelectricity an individual has, determines the degree of their physical, psychological and spiritual health. People, who are ill or depressed, have lesser amounts of bioelectricity. Depression all by itself, is a symptom of too little bioelectricity.

Bioelectricity increases our energy, our immunity to disease, our charisma, instills a positive outlook, and strengthens our thought power. With increased bioelectricity, our thoughts (electrical impulses) become stronger and are more able to manifest themselves in reality.

Some examples of bioelectricity include:

  • Buddhist monks, who sat motionless in the street, (protesters), were soaked with gasoline and lit on fire. They continued to sit still and burn to death.
  • Martial artists: busting through concrete with their fists, knife hand "karate chop," enduring major, crushing, and lethal blows, unharmed.
  • Dim Mak: the deadly martial art of inflicting light specific blows to chi (a variation of bioelectricity) meridians (acupressure points of bioelectric energy flow) during specific times that can cause delayed death, sometimes up to five months later.
  • When the mind, through fear, panics, or when one is in a life and death situation, this sometimes enables an individual to lift extremely heavy objects, for example, back end of a car, that under normal conditions, would be impossible.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the mind
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to set things on fire with the mind
  • Electrokinesis: The ability to control objects, such as computers that run on electricity
  • Levitation: Some martial arts and yoga masters have the ability to levitate their bodies into the air.

The strength of one's bioelectricity is the foundation of all magickal success. Old spells with strange ingredients have little or nothing to do with the success of a magickal working, the success depends upon the strength of the mind and the aura [the bioelectrical field] that with proper focus and direction, will affect one's environment and others.

Those known as the Gods (very powerful and advanced extra-terrestrials who have genetically modified their DNA so they don't age), have much of this very energy. Lucifer is known as "the shining one." Many of these Gods "known as Demons" are radiant with this very energy. The hieroglyphs on the walls in the Egyptian temples, tombs and inside the Egyptian Pyramids explain how important this energy is in becoming a God.

Reaching true Godhead is difficult and requires consistent hard work and dedication. Mastery of the mind is essential. The spirit, as long as you are alive, is a part of the physical self. Yes, many of us can astral project (leave our bodies at will), BUT, the physical self acts to empower the soul as long as we are alive. My experience with the dead is they do not evolve in power any more, beyond what they had when they were alive. A spirit remains a spirit until they reincarnate physically. Only through the strength of the soul (powerful bioelectricity), will one ascend into godhood.

Kundalini and the Chakras

Kundalini is the highest form of yoga. It is a god thing. All of the tenets of Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., and the western religions, preach helplessness, instruct one on how to be a total victim and try to make sure the results obtained from these disciplines are kept under strict control, if obtained at all. Sacred writings [hiero means "Holy" and glyph means "symbol"] left for us in Egypt [one of the original centers of True Satanism] are instructions for becoming a god.

The objective of mainstream religions, both east and west, is to keep humanity enslaved and powerless. These religions use fear is used as a tool. "Karma" this, and "karma" that. Satanism does not preach helplessness. Satan is brilliant, fearless, incredibly strong, and defiant. He rebels against limitations placed upon freedom.

The Chakras

There are seven chakras located along the spine that are the most powerful. These are the "seven seals," written about in the Christian bible book of "Revelation." "These are "The seven lamps of fire that burn before the throne of God." They are referred to as "seals" because the enemy aliens sealed them in humanity to prevent our acquisition of godly power and knowledge. We have been cut off from spirituality and the astral world. Thousands of years ago, we were as the Gods, until the earth was attacked and there was "war in heaven". Our being sealed has caused the human race to degenerate. Imbalances in this energy and blockages, along with holes in the aura cause drug and alcohol addiction, depression, a lack of concern for the feelings of others and other forms of life, abusive behavior and many other things that plague humanity.


The SERPENT OF FIRE is the symbol of kundalini. It lies dormant, coiled at the base of the spine, beneath the Muladhara chakra. The objective is to ascend the serpent [powerhouse of energy] from the base of the spine, through all the seven chakras and out through the crown chakra at the top of the head. In order to do this safely, all seven chakras must be completely open and unobstructed.

In order to handle a large amount of bioelectricity safely, one's body must be strong and all of the seven chakras must be fully open.

Kundalini is the life force and is very sexual in nature. This is the reason the Christian church and other RHP religions ban masturbation and all forms of sex. Sex is the creative power; it is one's use of the life force to create another human being. When one is trained and adept, the use of this force can be applied to many other objectives.

Hatha [physical] yoga can be a big help in stimulating and opening the chakras and very recommended. By increasing our level of physical flexibility, the life force flows easier. One only needs to look at the stiffness of old age and the ill health that accompanies it, old age precedes death.

There are many different methods of awakening this power. Some of these include:

  • Chanting- Vibration is very powerful. The power of sound can break glass, weaken steel, and cement structures. Vibrations cause the chakras to open and stimulate the kundalini at the base of the spine.
  • Controlled Breathing (pranyama) - Different methods of controlled breathing are specific to each chakra. We are all aware how important the breath is to the life force. The Egyptian God Thoth has said many times "Life is in the Breath."
  • Visualization and concentration- Through visualizing and focusing our minds on each chakra, we can open, close and control them.
  • Revamping the bioelectricity ideally, should be done slowly and gradually. One's physical and spiritual self is accustomed to operating on a certain voltage of bioelectricity.

Increased Bioelectricity:

  • Can induce intense bliss.
  • Strengthens and intensifies the aura.
  • Gives a feeling of lightness, floating, glowing and assists in astral projection (where one wills one's soul to leave one's body and return safely).
  • Opens one's mind for spirit contact and telepathic communication. Will enable one to resist disease and also provide the power to heal one's self.
  • Protects the immune system.
  • Provides the power to work magick- true magick without props- empty handed. This is the art of the true adept. Ceremony is unnecessary.


Transformation Through Meditation: The Serpent of Fire

There are some things I feel I should mention concerning power meditations. Unfortunately, in life, rarely, if ever, does any serious transformation occur without pain. People who want power- so called supernatural power- will find in most cases, they will have to go through pain in order to achieve this.

Our bodies and minds are used to running on a certain amount of life force. When we begin to make some serious alterations with this very life force, certain nasty side effects can crop up. This is a given and is also individual.

The life force, like any electricity is HOT. BURNING HOT. There are different physical responses to extreme heat within the body. Some of which are quite unpleasant. Inflammations, eruptions, burning sensations, and so forth are the most common.

Knowledge is everything- to know what can be expected is to understand. One clergy member found his metal pendant that he always wears has become so hot it burned a mark into his skin.

This sort of thing passes, though it can take anywhere from a week or two, to a few years. Once the physical self adjusts, the soul has been completely transformed.

This is no different than strength and mass building through weight lifting. I remember when I first began working out- there were times I couldn't even get out of bed I was so sore. It took a few years, but the bone density and body strength/mass I have are permanent.

Remember, in meditation, the same thing. Unlike physical exercise, once you enter a point, there is no turning back. You can only move forward. Stopping can be disastrous in some cases. One may lighten up, but this will do little as a certain point has already been crossed.

Very few, if any articles or materials contain any contraindications concerning the effects of advanced meditation.

1. People who are epileptics or have had any seizures, should either take it EXTREMELY slow or not at all. You are increasing the electricity within the body and the brain- enough said?

Even in normal people, physical adjustments to the increase of electricity can cause mild seizures.

2. Everyone should ALWAYS make sure the air they are breathing in during meditation is clean. Deep breathing is no different than aerobic exercise such as running/jogging and will affect the lungs and system accordingly. Cold air can cause pleurisy, inhaling polluted air, lung problems. Keep this in mind.

Signs the Kundalini is about to ascend:

  • Spontaneous physical/electrical energy surges can cause jerks, twitches, shaking, and energy waves and even convulsions.
  • Increased sensory awareness- heat, cold, sounds, strong tastes, odors, heightened sense of body image or absence of such, feeling a strong burning aura, disturbing thoughts [this is why void meditation is necessary to banish them as is a strong mind].
  • Sleeplessness, insomnia. One woman did not sleep for 5 months
  • On the upside- increased understanding, much easier communication with demons and the sixth sense is increased and enhanced greatly. Feelings of extreme bliss, peacefulness.
  • The external environment does not have any affect- people getting angry, you remain calm.

This is the awakening stage of the Kundalini. Much will depend upon the individual. One's health and any former meditation done in the past. The stronger you are in every respect, the less problems.

Kundalini/bio-electricity is hot like molten lead. A warm sensation at the base of your tailbone- some of us have felt a pulling upward- sometimes spinning sensation. This indicates your Kundalini has been activated.

All of the chakras must be completely open and unobstructed. The serpent of fire will ascend piercing through each chakra. For some people, this is as hot as a glowing iron. One must stay focused and direct the energy out of the crown chakra.

The Kundalini will sometimes crackle and roar as it flashes like blinding white lightening as it hits the 6th chakra. This can be brightness beyond anything you have ever experienced or seen in your life. This is where calm, complete control comes in.

The Kundalini is individual for everyone. What some people may experience, others may not.

Here are some links that are informative. Gopi Krishna writes extensively on the subject. He is said to have suffered much during the transformation, but once this was passed, he experienced extreme bliss beyond anything he had ever known until the day he died. LINK

Thoth wrote that the greatest obstacle to true spirituality is FEAR. This is where the strong survive the weak. One must have no fear. Father and your Guardian Demon will guide you. They will also push you when necessary. People say that they want extra-normal ability and power- this is the way, but nothing comes without pain in this life.

Many talk the talk, erroneously believing they are "already a God." For most, this is just a legend in their own minds.

The Effects of Kundalini on the Thoughts and the Mind

Kundalini and the energy of the chakras is bioelectricity. Our brains run on bioelectricity. This can be seen when some people experience seizures. Thoughts are electrical impulses. When we revamp our bioelectricity, we stimulate areas of our minds that have been and are normally dormant. Kundalini can kick up old fears, unpleasant thoughts and all kinds of things that have been buried in our minds.

Void meditation and the ability to banish thoughts at will, is a definite help here, as negative thoughts serve no real purpose and tying into them is a waste of time, unless it is for a specific reason, as one wanting to deal with them. This is just a stage and will pass in time. Ignore any negative thoughts if they surface and they will go away.

As we can see, by focusing our attention to our chakras, we empower them. Through awareness and focus; when turning our attention to anything, we give it power. When we completely ignore any negative thoughts or psychic disturbances, they will wither away.

People who have or have had a tendency to seizures need to be extra careful with kundalini stimulation. Experiences are often very individual and what one persona may not experience, another person will. Remember to take things slow in regards to working on your soul. Demons will often be of assistance and guidance. Less is always better with these exercises, especially when one is new to meditation, but regardless of any experiences, one should proceed fearlessly. Those who are weak, usually those of the RHP who practice yoga and are not evolved, become anxious and fearful when they run into problems. Remember, fear is not a part of Satanism.

The Joy of Satan e-groups are here for sharing experiences and for help when needed. Click here to join.

For more information: Satanism and the Kundalini Serpent

The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth dimension is what we experience when we astral project, communicate telepathically, or experience in an altered state.

When someone breaks a limb, the limb is placed in a cast. When the cast is removed, the limb is withered, shriveled, and needs rehabilitation in order to retain its former range of movement and strength.

Meditation opens a part of our mind that has been defunct in most of the population. Centuries of Christian control have made most of us unaware of the fourth dimension, as spiritual knowledge has been systematically removed and suppressed. As humans, we can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Insects can see ultraviolet light and more. Many animals can sense things that a human cannot. Just because someone cannot see or hear something; that does not mean it doesn't exist, as with ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of energy.

When one opens ones mind, it can take time for one to adjust. I have had a lifetime of being psychic. Even though I was an atheist, I always had another sense, though I tuned out the spirit world. In coming to Satan, the so-called "supernatural" manifested drastically in my life. What is a typical day to many of us would overwhelm the average person.

Hearing voices and seeing things that most other people cannot are the most common manifestations of opening up one's mind. This will eventually come under control.

With performing power meditations for given any length of time [they should be done daily], one will experience the opening of one's mind and soul.

Science has not progressed far enough to explain the fourth dimension. Christianity has attacked science vehemently, as there is a point where the spiritual and the scientific both meet. One will always lead to the other if allowed to advance unhindered. When we interact on the astral, our Demons are also focused there when they come to us. I was confused about the fourth dimension. Azazel came to me and I asked him about this and he told me, even though he is physically elsewhere, his consciousness is beside me.

There is a barrier or a 'gauntlet' that shields the worlds from one another. Deceased souls who are still on the astral can hear and see us in the living world, but those who are not open cannot hear or see them. Consistent meditation breaks down that barrier.

Dealing With Unwanted Entities

When we open ourselves to astral, there can be times when we experience unwelcome intruders. People who are impressionable, emotional, and overly sensitive can have these problems more than the average.

A strong mind and the ability to banish thoughts are important. All of us should have the ability to defend ourselves psychically, if necessary. Sometimes strong unwanted encounters and influences can come from other human beings. Christian prayers and thought forms directed at us, can make us feel ill at ease, cause us confusion (especially for those who are new) and throw us psychically off balance. Knowing the source of unwanted influences is a formidable part in defending ourselves. I also want to add here regarding relics. Many popular Hollywood films depict Satanists and others having a strong aversion to Christian images and relics. This again is nothing but Judeo/Christian tactics at it again. I can assure you, Christians have every bit as much an aversion to Satanic relics as well. This is because on both sides, the energies are very opposed to each other and they conflict.

Spirits can be unwelcome intruders. Unlike other religions, Satanism exposes us to many different experiences, so that we may become strong, knowledgeable, independent, and confident in our own abilities. Outsiders who have little or no experience with the astral are completely at the mercy of any entities they may encounter, because of a lack of knowledge, preparation, and experience.

Having a strong mind is of extreme importance in *any* dealings with the spirit world, being able to banish unwanted thoughts at will and having control over emotions. Any weaknesses can be exploited by an unwanted entity with more power. Being able to cut someone or something completely off, at will in one's mind is the first step in psychic self-defense. Unwanted entities feed off fear and our giving them our attention. It is important to focus our minds elsewhere and totally ignore unwanted or bothersome entities. Without a steady supply of psychic energy, nearly all will leave.

Void meditation should be done every single day. This can be done anywhere, anytime. Just empty your head of all thoughts and concentrate on the here and now. Impressionable people who live in their own fantasy worlds and dreamers have the highest risks for psychic intrusion along with an inability to effectively deal with it. This also includes those who abuse mind-altering substances.

When a link is established, it is a psychic feeding line for the intruder entity. With unwanted entities, the link forms where one is weakest. This can be fear, loneliness, a lack of knowledge or any other area where one is insecure. Now, I am talking about *unwanted* intruders, *not* Demons or entities with whom we have a healthy spiritual relationship. Since all spiritual relationships thrive on interaction and emotion, the way to deal with an unwelcome entity is to completely cut it off and starve it of any and all psychic energy. In addition, if you pretend to yourself that the spirit does not exist and refuse to respond to it in any way, it will wither away. This may take days or weeks, but indifference is the most effective weapon against spirit intruders, they will eventually leave.

Other effective methods of psychic self-defense include grounding oneself. Get physical, indulge yourself physically, watch something funny and lighthearted on the TV, and just turn your mind away from magick and the occult for a while. It is also a good thing to meet with friends- anything to focus on the physical world and forget the astral. When our minds are preoccupied and focused on something of interest, even the most determined spirit will have a hard time getting through. Avoid right side of the brain activities, like listening to music, artwork, video games, and mentally drifting.

Being adept at controlling thoughts, emotions, and minds is very important if you ever wish to invoke spirits as a medium and let them speak through you. You control the spirit; you are in charge, not the spirit. When I am finished invoking a spirit and letting it speak through me to others, I turn it off completely.

Over the past several years, I have come under attacks from angels frequently, given I am directly involved in spiritual warfare. I experienced quite an ordeal when freeing the Demons as this took several months and angels would harass me, at times relentlessly. They would attack me, even physically, beating on my legs in the middle of the night. When things got real bad, I called on my Guardian Demon who had been freed and he chased them away. I never conversed with any of them, in spite of their threats and at times, there were some who even tried to bribe me. I would only respond to them with "You are wasting your time." This was all I would ever say.

When we got started in freeing the Demons, a few were extremely desperate and tried to bribe me into freeing them immediately. The energy drain was intense as we connected our souls to the souls of the Demons and transferred our life force at the chakras. I told them that I only take orders from Satan and they would have to go through him, according to the order he wanted them to be freed. I just stayed extremely focused. The others who worked with me on this project experienced a lot of the same.

In closing, one of our High Priests had experiences with Greys. He related that the energy and mind power these buggers have is monstrous and they are on the warpath. He survived them because he is highly adept. Remember, if anything ever gets beyond your control- call upon Satan himself or your Guardian Demon. The above situation is rare. Those of us who are the biggest threat to the enemy are the most attacked by them.

The Number Seven

Ancient spiritual texts, along writings about Enochian magick, all emphasize the number seven. The number seven has to do with the seven major chakras of the soul; the powerhouses of the soul. Without these seven chakras, one cannot live. Animals also have seven major chakras along their spine. This is why there is so much emphasis on the number seven in many ancient spiritual texts and the false and corrupted scriptures of the Judeo/Christian Bible.

Because of centuries of ignorance due to the destruction of spiritual knowledge, most people know nothing about these all-important points of the soul. The enemy has worked to seal them. When the chakras are closed, one only uses a very small percentage of one's brain and mind power. Most people are only operating at 5 % of their total capacity. This has held humanity back thousands of years. When the chakras are not fully open and functioning correctly, the serpent cannot ascend. The serpent has always been synonymous with wisdom.

The seven chakras correspond to the visible light spectrum. The soul needs light and is made of light. Science and true spirituality work together and complement one another. This is the reason why the Christian Church has always attacked, and worked to destroy science, and scientific knowledge in every way it can. This has not only held humanity back in the area of technology, but has also held us back spiritually.

Nearly everything spiritual focuses on the raising of the serpent. The number seven, the "144, 000," which are the nadis of the soul, the attainment of wisdom, and knowledge, the "tree of life" which is a map of the human soul [the trunk symbolizing the spine, with the branches symbolizing the pathways that the life-force of the soul circulates, and the leaves and fruits being food for the developed soul]; all of these pertain to the achievement of both physical and spiritual perfection and immortality.

The enemy works relentlessly to keep humanity damned. There is no secret of just how much "Jesus" HATES us all. Through a lack of knowledge, ignorance, and neglect of the soul, and adhering to the lies and corrupted spiritual knowledge that has been force fed to nearly everyone, humanity is damned to death and to repeating the same mistakes over and over through eternity. You cannot take the knowledge you have learned with you when you reincarnate. When one is born, one forgets everything. Satan shows us the way out of all of this unnecessary and sadistic suffering.

Though "Jesus" and "Jehova" are both fictitious invented archetypes, the human-hating aliens behind this vicious hoax are indeed real. The Nazarene was invented to keep humanity spiritually enslaved and damned. The deluded followers of the heinous doctrine of Christianity, instead of working to advance their souls, they completely neglect them, focusing on "Jesus Saves" which is a total lie. The soul you save is your own. "Jesus" is nothing more than a deception and distraction that works to keep humanity from advancing in every way. Everything in Christianity and its cohort Islam is designed to keep followers ignorant of spiritual knowledge so that they can never achieve immortality or any spiritual power to determine their own fate. They remain damned as slaves, and suffer from lifetime to lifetime. When one's soul is opened and empowered, one can see beforehand the results of one's actions, how one's actions will affect others and so forth. Christians and others who adhere to the Nazarene hoax remain unaware, and through this lack of awareness, endlessly commit offenses and worse against others. The truth is "JESUS" HATES YOU!

Concerning the False Spiritual Teachings of Yoga

The ego is the self. "As above, so below," we need to work as a unit in order to advance. The Sanskrit word, "yoga" means "union." In my work as a medium, I invoked many spirits of deceased humans. On the astral, deceased souls stagnate and do not change or evolve. One needs a physical self in order to advance the soul.

Due to the right hand path teachings, many practitioners of the eastern disciplines have little knowledge of how to use their powers. The teachings of selflessness, sacrifice, asceticism, denial, ignoring the physical self and chastity (absence of sexual relations) are for the purpose of preventing humanity from accessing any mind power.

One needs the physical self in order to advance the soul. Mastery over the physical self is another matter. An adept should be able to transcend pain. Mastery over the physical self and ignoring/neglecting the physical self are two very different things. When one neglects the physical self, one creates disunion. Yoga in this case is no longer a concept. The same goes for ego and desire.

We should not let our desires dominate our lives, but without desire, life itself becomes meaningless. Our wants and desires are what make us unique individuals, and give us the personalities we have. Without desire, we stagnate and have nothing. Desire motivates us and our ego is our self. By denying the essential parts of ourselves, we break up the union. The practice of yoga or any other disciplines would not even begin without desire. Without desire, we have nothing. Strong desire, along with a strong mind and will is what makes magickal workings successful. When the life force is strong, there is a strong desire to live. Absence of desire is death. When we no longer have desires, we stop living.

Most of us will agree, upon meeting and uniting with Satan, he brings us together spiritually. We have a feeling of wholeness that we didn't have before. The popular yoga teachings are here only to deter us from power, like all of the teachings of Christianity and the other related religions. IGNORE THEM. Only use the physical techniques.

There are stages one goes through in the activation of the chakras and kundalini. Some of these stages are a lack of sex drive and lust. This is because the kundalini is sexual and when we begin power meditation, this energy is directed into different areas of the soul. People have also reported having much more intense orgasms once the kundalini is stimulated. Orgasms are much more intense and pleasurable with more bioelectricity. Sex should, if possible, be an addition to kundalini awakening. Kundalini is the life force and very sexual in nature. There are murals on the walls of the pyramids and temples in Egypt. These murals are of the Gods tuning their chakras. The male Gods are always shown with a full erection when undergoing this process.

The life force and sex drive are the same. By centuries and centuries of preaching the lies of abstinence and self-denial, these teachings have kept humanity enslaved both physically and spiritually. When the life force is strong, one does not experience depression, apathy, futility, or hopelessness.

The False Teachings of Modern Yoga

As Satanists, we are all well aware that good and evil have been inverted by the enemy. The teachings of the Christianity and its related religions are chock full of spiritual abuses and suicidal advice in order to create easy victims.

Most victims are ignorant of the truth. Knowledge is power. Most eastern teachings have one sole purpose- to enslave. The few, who have knowledge concerning the workings of the mind for the past several centuries, have perverted and abused spirituality in order to keep and maintain power.

When we access altered states with our minds, through meditation or even involuntarily, and when we go to sleep, our brain waves slow down. In this state, we can access the astral and we become very open to suggestions.

Those who are without and adhere to the behavioral shaping teachings of yoga, Wicca, and other metaphysical disciplines are opening themselves up to the worst kind of victimization. They condition their minds to be receptive, more so than the average person. With the doctrines advocating destruction of the ego, the absence of desire, rejection of materialism and the physical self, and adherence to unhealthy dietary laws, these people are just waiting to be enslaved and programmed by the enemy.

When one is not grounded, one is just waiting to be controlled, manipulated, and made into a slave. Subliminal messages, media mass mind control and other influences have a ready victim, easily manipulated. Rejection of the material leaves all of the money and material wealth in the hands of a few, without having to lift a finger. The people who believe and do what they are told screw themselves.

The teachings of reincarnation have been perverted and distorted in order to make life meaningless, with unquestioning obedience, self-denial (while those in power get richer); the message is don't fight back, just be the perfect slave. Many, these days, are into the disciplines of yoga. Anyone who is aware of the science of criminal hypnosis, as the special agencies of the world powers are knowledgeable in mind control, knows they are creating an army of mindless robots, absent of desire and under their control. These people open up their minds to all kinds of influences and suggestions, work at eliminating their personalities and everything else that makes them human and know nothing of how to use the power they work at obtaining, leaving it as a tool to destroy themselves, as it is undirected.

Only through Satan, can we obtain the knowledge to make full use of our powers. We must remain grounded and down to earth, while we work to empower ourselves. By empowering ourselves as a spiritual/physical unit, our will, our individuality, our desires, our egos, our personalities, we obtain the benefits of the exercises, while others are misled down a false road.

There are tons of books sold and thousands of websites, almost all of them promote the abuse of spirituality; turning those who mindlessly believe these perverted teachings into victims of their own making. The end product is the mindless, robotic slave who is a lost soul.

Yoga means “union” and its origins are Satanic. The spiritual cannot exist without the physical and visa versa. What the enemy is teaching is not true yoga. Without desire and will, one is nothing. Yoga is a threat to the enemy as it endows practitioners with spiritual and physical power. Because it cannot be completely suppressed, the enemy works to control it with false teachings for those who practice, and for those who don’t, there are powerful subliminal messages to frighten the ignorant away.

A blatant example was in the movie “The Exorcist.”

Important Information Concerning Meditation

As you all know, I am against denial of any knowledge. The meditations I have posted are EXTREMELY powerful, especially when done consistently and combining them.

You must have all of your chakras open as these meditations can stimulate the kundalini at the base of the spine and cause it to rise.

Signs that can alert you that your kundalini is about to come up are:

  • A warm feeling in the base of your tailbone.
  • A spinning, pulling sensation in this area, like a pulling up.
  • A strong feeling of energy that draws your attention to this area
  • Feeling like you want to rock back and forth or more so, doing this involuntarily

You must be prepared for this both physically and mentally. If you are experiencing any of the above and feel you may not be ready, take this seriously. All You have to do is stop meditating for a few days or better yet, concentrate on making sure each and every one of your chakras is wide open.

You must be strong both physically and mentally. If your kundalini begins to ascend, it can literally be as hot as molten lead up the spine. You must not lose your concentration at this time, but concentrate intensely on directing the energy out your crown chakra that will act as a vent.

When it hits the 3rd eye, it can flash like lightening and roar. A strong mind that is in control is everything here.

Warning signs of chakra blockage: 1. Extreme heat during meditation in any area of the chakras. This indicates blockage.

2. Pain in the above.

The meditations, especially the Egyptian meditation, when combined with a couple others is very powerful for prematurely raising the kundalini.

This will raise your life force 100% or more and a strong physical body is needed to handle it. People who have a background in strength training or athletics are better able to handle this energy.

Above all, should this happen, regardless of your present physical condition, your body will adapt, but it can be most unpleasant and take up to a year. Mastery of all emotions is essential. Fear is OUT. Whenever doing ANY spiritual work, one must NEVER let in any fear. FEAR = FAILURE. For those who are new and/or inexperienced, if you cannot control fear, replace it with laughter.

Above all, if you get overcharged, call upon Satan and offer your energies to the Powers of Hell, as they are needed.

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