Spiritual Warfare Training Program for Satanists

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Spiritual Warfare Training Program for Satanists

As for techniques- who and how to psychically attack- ask for guidance from Satan and his Demons. They will lead you to what you need to know. Just be open. This is a simple step-by-step program, that if followed consistently, will produce results within six months. Remember, the six month time period is a major step upward and is a preparation for the higher levels of ability. When you can focus completely and clearly for five minutes, you have reached a competent level. You can work more on these than the minimum in the lessons given. You can do these as often as you wish to advance at a faster rate, but it is very important to stick with this program.

I suggest you keep a black book or journal and record your strengths and weaknesses, any notable experiences or impressions or anything you feel is important. Ask yourself how the meditation felt, how you felt afterwards, the next day, any problems you might have had in doing the meditation, etc.

It is important to follow the instructions for each day and only do the meditations given.

By following this program one can obtain an advanced level of mind power within a six month period. It is very important to start at the beginning. Being able to maintain your full concentration, free of any distracting thoughts with any of the meditations for a full five minutes indicates proficiency. These meditations unfold step by step, each meditation prepares for the next level. It is very important to have a solid foundation as this will prepare one for advanced practices and realization of psychic powers.

For any questions or concerns, please post these to the e-groups.

Important Information [January 1st, 2015]

Please note that some of the exercises within Hell's Army 666 are very advanced. With patience and persistence, you will find that you will excel in some, but not with others, which will require much more time. This is normal. Never get discouraged or frustrated with yourself. Even very advanced souls and so-called "masters" have weak areas. The purpose of these exercises are to acquaint you with the various powers of your soul. For new people, most of these will be dormant. You are not expected to be able to let alone master all of the exercises in the time period given. Patience and above all, persistence will result in success beyond your expectations.

ALSO... The Mudras [hand positions] for opening the chakras are NOT necessary for any of the exercises. These are optional and those who have larger hands can find some of the mudras impossible. What IS important are the correct vibrations.

A deep trance is not necessary either. This is not always possible. It is important to get into a calm and relaxed state and to do your best with the exercises given. I have done quite a few of the exercises, such as invoking the elements without having entered into a deep trance. Like everything else, the ability to get yourself into a trance will come with patience, persistence and time.

Always ask any questions you might have or post any concerns in the Joy of Satan e-groups and forums. I apologize for not having updated this section of the JoS website. Please understand, we are small staffed, the Gods of Hell keep heaping more work onto us, as things are in the critical stage and urgent. We also have plenty of daily chores and such to tend to. No one who is truly dedicated to Satan has much free time.

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