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Satanic Void Meditation

"Void Meditation" is what is known as "stilling the mind." The benefits of void meditation are the ability to turn off unwanted thoughts and influences at will, being able to control your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you (as with the average person), and a sense of inner peace. Void meditation is essential for anyone who practices power meditation, and is important for success in advanced magickal practice. Power meditation changes the strength of our thoughts and it is very important to be able to control thoughts and to turn them off or focus them at will. Thought power, also known as 'witch power' is needed for success in ritual and in using your mind to obtain what you want. Power meditation strengthens our thoughts, and people who are more aware or sensitive will be able to pick up on our thoughts and feelings telepathically. Void meditation will train your mind to be silent so others will not know what you are thinking. The Japanese Ninja use this technique to avoid being detected while carrying out important missions that require one to advance or infiltrate, unnoticed. Void meditation trains your mind so you can focus during rituals and in every day life so your mind brings you what you desire.

General Guide for Void Meditation

There are several techniques for void meditation. The goal is to turn off all of your thoughts and focus on the here and now. You get your mind to be completely still for a specified length of time. In the beginning, this can be extremely difficult, as thoughts will come into your head continually. Before you know it, you will again be thinking about something. Don't get upset with yourself as this is very normal and even for advanced practitioners, certain meditation sessions may not go as smooth as usual. Just keep bringing your mind back to focus. Patience and persistence are the keys here. It definitely helps to do some breathing exercises beforehand to induce a trance state. Some people find meditating after a heavy meal causes the mind to be easily distracted.

Always try to meditate when you are fully awake and alert. If you try to do void meditation when you are tired, chances are you will quickly fall asleep.

Standard Void Meditation

Breathing exercises are optional. This is a simple method of breathing that will induce a trance state:

  1. Breathe in for a count of six,*
  2. Hold your breath for a count of six
  3. Exhale for a count of six

Repeat this several times until you feel relaxed.

* Only hold as long as you feel comfortable. If holding for a count of six is not comfortable, then hold for a count of 4, or even 2. Just make sure you are uniform in your counts. Never hold longer than is comfortable. Breathing exercises are never to be pushed, as in doing so, they can cause damage to the nervous system.

Now, get your entire mind to be completely still and free of any thoughts for a specified amount of time with no thoughts or music in your head. Your mind should be a total blank. You should focus on being in the here and now. For beginners, five minutes is fine. Intermediate and advanced practitioners can go anywhere from 15 minutes to however long they feel is essential.

Void meditation can be done with your eyes open or closed. When your eyes are open, you will more than likely see a mist around objects as you settle into a trance state. This is normal. If you choose to close your eyes, you may fall asleep, but this is an individual choice and use whatever method works best.

For Meditation with your Eyes Open:

Choose something small to focus on. This can be a point on the wall, a second hand on a clock, or even a piece of lint on your clothing. Many choose to meditate on a candle flame. The important thing is to concentrate on your object of choice

For Meditation with your Eyes Closed:

Focus inside of yourself and relax. You can put yourself deeper and deeper into a trance with a feeling of falling. This is normal. For people who are new, this falling sensation that often accompanies a deep trance can make you feel dizzy. To stop the sensation, focus on the front of your body.

Everyday Void Meditation:

Void meditation can be done anywhere and at any time with just focusing on the here and now and concentrating totally on whatever you are doing. This method works best for those of you who are unable to secure any privacy. Just set a goal to focus on the here and now for a specific amount of time each day and you will benefit.

Advanced Void Meditation

  • Visualize an object and hold the image in your mind. At first, it will fade in and out, but as you progress, it will remain longer and longer. This is definitely a needed ability for magickal practice and focusing your mind power.
  • Focus on a specific chant or sound. You can do this either aloud or in your head. This is what is known as a "mantra." You breathe in and on the exhale, chant a specific mantra or tone of your choice. One common chant used in kundalini yoga is "Sa Ta Na Ma." This is pronounced "Sah- Tah- Nah- Mah." You can also chant "Sa Tan" "Say-Tahn" or "Say- Tahn- Nah- S-S-S-S."
  • Focus on a specific emotion- anger, happiness, sadness, love, hate. You can choose an emotion going by how you feel on a specific day. This is excellent training for advanced ritual.
  • Focus on a specific texture, for example, running your fingers back and forth across velvet or a terry towel.
  • Focus on a specific odor or taste.

Advanced void meditation including physical positions

Advanced void meditation that includes adding physical positions trains both your mind and develops an iron will, and extreme inner strength.

  • Keep your entire body still. Do NOT move. This is what the advanced yogis do.
  • Get into a comfortable position. Don't scratch any itches, just ignore them and stay focused. Muscle cramps may come and go. Ignore any physical fatigue or mental fatigue. Just continue to remain focused.
    • Add uncomfortable and/or awkward positions. Make sure these are taken from a Yoga or Tai Chi book, so that they are physically beneficial. This is a discipline that is taught in many Martial Arts schools where one learns to ignore pain, while retaining intense focus. This strengthens the mind for physical combat and drastically increases your sense of self-confidence. This will also increase your resistance to pain.
  • Many martial arts masters meditate under cold waterfalls, in snow or other painful conditions. One's physical health must be built up here, for obvious reasons. A cold shower can be substituted. As with anything new, be sure to start out gradual.
    • These techniques, when mastered, will give one total control over one's mind and emotions. If one faces death, one will not freeze up or panic with fear and the odds of one's survival will greatly increase.
  • Running and meditating; focusing on your running steps, increases endurance both mentally and physically.

Power Void Meditation:

This is an excellent way to empower yourself while doing void meditation. This is advanced and you must have a feel for energy and be able to draw it in as with the Energy Meditation. Here you don't visualize the energy, you just breathe in and out, absorbing the energy on the inhale and expanding your aura on the exhale. You focus totally on the *feel.* you should be adept at energy breathing before incorporating this method into your void meditation.

Flame Meditation

Example of cupping the eyes

Method One:

1. Light a candle and stare at the flame for approximately two minutes. Make sure your attention does not wander.

2. Close your eyes, place your hands in a relaxed cupped position, palms over your eyes, and concentrate on the imprint of the flame in the darkness. The image will tend to move across your area of vision. Keep looking for it, bring it back and keep concentrating on it for approximately four minutes

3. Relax, empty your thoughts and tune into your breathing for a few minutes, concentrating only on each breath

What this exercise does (through Method One):

This exercise prepares the mind for one-pointed concentration, which is so important to any psychic/astral workings. With the average person, thoughts are scattered and dissipate into nothing. With a trained mind that can concentrate intensely, one's thoughts are single-pointed, focused like a laser, and have power. Total concentration makes the difference in astral workings. One's will is also developed with this exercise, as a powerful will does not give into distraction. Do not become frustrated or impatient with yourself. It is normal for thoughts to creep in to distract you in the beginning. Total concentration takes time and for most people, is one of the most difficult aspects of training the mind.

Method Two [intermediate]:

1. Focus on the flame for several minutes

2. Close your eyes and place your hands in a relaxed cupped position, palms over your eyes and concentrate on the imprint of the flame in the darkness. The image will tend to move across your area of vision.

3. Keeping your eyes closed, bring the flame closer. Move it back and forth. When you are proficient at moving and controlling the flame, try to enter the imprint. You will find the imprint begins to compact and change color. The bright image will change to pink, then to red and grow dark.

4. Repeat the exercise if you wish.

What this exercise does (through Method Two):

This exercise trains the mind and third eye to direct psychic energy.

The Breath: The Basis of Magick, Energy Manipulation, and Mind Power

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a comfortable spot and relax.
  2. Imagine and will, with each inhale, not only your lungs are breathing, inhaling air, but also your whole body is breathing in energy. You inhale with your entire body. The breath acts as a focus for absorbing energy.
  3. Know that along with your lungs, each single inch of your body simultaneously absorbs energy. Like a dry sponge when dipped into water absorbs, your body should absorb energy with each inhalation.

Since everyone is individual, how each of us feels the energy will be different in some respects.

Reversed Exercise

To reverse this, exhale energy out. This can make you tired and shouldn’t be done regularly other than to get a grip on how to do it.

  • Exhaling energy is for empowering talismans, charging sigils, healing- anything, and everything when you want to put energy into something or to direct it.
  • Energy can also be inhaled and absorbed and then directed to a specific area of your body for healing.
  • In a very short time, you should be able to feel the energy when you breathe it in. As you advance, you will be able to see it without trying to visualize it.
  • Feeling in this exercise is most important, especially when you are new. Do not try to see the energy as this can be a distraction. Just get a feel for it.
  • This exercise is the most important for working with your mind and manipulating energy, which is the foundation of all magick.

As you advance, you can use this technique of energy absorption to absorb energy from the Sun and from just about anything you choose.

Yogic Breathing Basics

Energy Meditation

This meditation is excellent for beginners as it helps to give one a feel for energy. This meditation also strengthens the aura when done regularly.


  1. Begin by relaxing your entire body. The deeper the trance, the more effective, but this meditation can be done at any time and a trance is not necessary.
  2. Breath in and at the same time, draw in energy from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of your feet. For beginners, you should visualize white brilliant light, like the sun. Working with colors is more advanced and most effective when you are a bit more experienced.
  3. Exhale and visualize the energy expanding your aura
  4. Breathe in again and visualize the energy getting brighter and more powerful, radiating from your entire being.
  5. Exhale again and visualize the energy expanding your aura, and the center of your body shining brilliantly like the sun.
  6. Repeat this several times, each time visualizing the energy becoming brighter and brighter as it increases in intensity.


When working with colors, visualize the color becoming more and more powerful and vibrant. You will notice each color has a different feel to it. Colors can be used to attract according to their nature.

You can also breathe in energy from the front and back sides of your body at the same time to meet in the middle, then do the sides and top and bottom. After this, let your aura expand outwards.

With this meditation, you can also practice expanding and contracting your aura.


Directing Energy Meditation from Azazel


To make full use of your abilities in magick, it is important to be familiar with energy; sensing it, how to absorb it, detect it, send it out and manipulate it. This comes with meditating, sensitizing yourself to it and working with it. With consistent practice, power meditation will naturally increase your bioelectricity. You will be able to feel this energy often, just by being aware of it. Awareness is the key to advancement in ability and power. This exercise works best after doing hatha yoga, mantra or any meditation that gives you an energy buzz. This is an excellent exercise for directing energy at will.


  1. Lie quietly and become aware of the energies on the left side of your body, then your right side.
  2. Direct the energy from side to side and then bring it from both sides to meet in the middle of your torso. You do this by focusing your mind and concentrating on the middle of your torso, or anywhere else you want the energy to go. You should almost immediately feel energy in the middle of your torso. Wherever the mind is focused with intention, the energy will follow there.
  3. From here, expand the energy past your body and into your aura and then contract the energy. Focus your attention to your aura [the energy field immediately outside of your body].
  4. Continue to expand and contract the energy until both sides of your body feel balanced. Then feel the energies on the left and right sides together.
  5. Feel energy from the front of your body, then the back, repeating the same steps as described above.
  6. Do this again, this time from the waist up, then from the waist down. Same as above.
  7. Now, feel the energy in your entire body as a whole. Practice expanding and contracting your aura several times.
  8. The last time, bring the energy together in the center of your body and gently expand it out, expanding your aura, making sure it feels balanced and even.
  9. Meditate on feeling the energy gently radiating and expanding your aura for a few minutes.

It is very important to always direct your energy upwards and out of your crown chakra. There will be times you will feel it drifting to your legs and feet. It should not remain there for any length of time as it can create problems because of a lack of circulation.

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How to Clean Your Aura

Effects of a clean Aura and problems of a dirty Aura

Cleaning your aura is essential for spiritual hygiene. By cleaning your aura on a daily basis, you protect yourself against psychic attacks and illnesses. A clean aura is charismatic and will encourage better relations with others. People will naturally be more considerate and grant favors to one whose aura is clean and radiating with energy. Here is where we influence people and get them to do as we wish. Negative thoughtforms used in black magick and generated from the ill will, jealousy, and/or anger of others attach to one’s aura and invite misfortune such as accidents, illnesses, and so forth. Cleaning one's aura [as long as there are no serious problems] only takes a few minutes a day and is well worth it. When one is ill, and/or depressed, the aura is dirty and can take many meditations to clean. What is within reflects in one’s aura. When there is an illness, whether it has already manifested itself, or is pending, the aura will take on a dirty grayish color.

Ideally, one should clean the aura twice a day- upon awaking and before falling asleep at night. Cleaning your aura before you go to sleep is essential. The more people you come into contact with throughout the day, the more thoughtforms and energy will attach to your astral body, often resulting in problems. People’s astral bodies intermingle on a daily basis. As with physical viruses and physical germs, the astral body can be vulnerable to negative energies, and then manifest in illnesses, accidents, and so forth on the physical self.

To Clean your Aura:

1. Visualize a bright light all over yourself. Hold this for one or more minutes. It doesn’t take very long.

2. Now, visualize the light even brighter and more intensified on each of your chakras, like a miniature sun.

That’s all there is to it, for a short working. This exercise can alert you to any negative energy or psychic attacks and prevent them from manifesting. If you notice your aura or chakras are seriously dirty, as with an illness, then repeat the full aura cleaning:

TO FULLY CLEAN YOUR AURA, recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, while visualizing yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light. Focus the vibration into your entire soul. You can choose whichever mantra for the Sun you feel comfortable working with, as both are effective:

"SURYA" SUUU-RR-YAH For an audio Mp3 of Surya, please click here


"RAUM" RR-AHH-UUU-MMM For an audio Mp3 of RAUM, please click here.


Please Click Here for an Mp3 Audio of Both Rs.

Please feel free to download and save these Mp3s.

How to empower Aura cleaning

Using a desk lamp with a flexible neck, shining in your face is another prop for visualizing the light indoors. Outside, if you can, use the sun. The sun is also a wonderful and powerful source of energy. DO NOT USE LED LIGHT BULBS OR LAMPS THAT HAVE LED BUILT INTO THEM!! THESE CAN SEVERELY DAMAGE YOUR EYES, EVEN THOUGH YOUR EYES ARE CLOSED. USE A SOFT WHITE LIGHT BULB, WHICH IS SAFE IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS. NOTE MOST FLASHLIGHTS HAVE THE LED LIGHTING. DO NOT USE THEM!!

Vibration is much more effective in cleaning the aura. This can be done every day, if one so desires. Visualization alone, oftentimes, is not only very difficult in cases where one is very ill, but is not nearly as effective as also using vibration. Because the soul is made of light, the Sun contains all of the visible colors of the spectrum, and in addition, light that is invisible to the naked eye, which is also an integral part of the soul. Visualizing light as bright as the Sun and reciting the solar mantra is very powerful in cleaning the soul of all negative energies.

Dealing with a dirty Aura

If you see your aura as dirty or gray, and have trouble cleaning it, this can be a warning. Illness and other negative things appear in the aura before they manifest. Take extra immune-boosting vitamins, such as Vitamin C, and be extra careful of what you eat and so forth for the next few days until it clears. I have experienced this a few times and took precautions and it went away. Many times, the aura gives a warning that won't manifest if the right precautions are taken. Tune into your intuition. Other times, it can be like astrology; a Saturn issue. The more you clean your aura and apply your aura of protection, the better off you will be.

Quite often, if there is a problem, such as illness or if there is a lot of negative energy, one will have difficulty in visualizing the light. Once enough energy builds from repeated workings, visualizing the light will become much easier. Seeing the light indicates that the working is doing its job. This is also in the case of Satanic healings. If the illness is severe and/or chronic, it may take several workings before one may be able to visualize and see the light. If this is the case, this indicates that the working should be repeated frequently, even past the point of where one appears to be fully healed. Regardless, whether one can easily "see" the light or not, one should do one's best to visualize the light, even in the most difficult of cases.

Light is Power

Contrary to many teachings, Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of light. Since the Demons have been liberated, their auras have drastically increased in light. Their power has increased as well. In some of the old grimoires, certain Demons have related their hopes to “return to the light.” Those of us who have worked with them understand what they meant by this statement. The light is in the aura. The soul is made up of light and needs light in order to have power. Father Satan levitated in front of me one time. When he did so, his aura became extremely brilliant with light.

"Light is Power" - Lilith

Aura Of Protection

Returning Curses - Added 29/August/2018

Part 1

This aura of protection works best when begun and performed during a waxing Moon [make sure the moon is not void of course when you begin this working] and should be applied when your aura is completely eradicated of any negative energy. [See "Cleaning your Aura"]

In addition, if you have any familiars [animals who are close to you], it is also important to clean their auras and souls as well. [See below].

Open with the following prayer:

Hear me oh Great and Mighty Satan. I ask your help in returning these curses, amplified to the senders who have attacked us for doing your work. You know who they are. They will know your wrath. I ask that you send a Demon to me to take and deliver the curses and thoughtforms that I have cleaned from my aura and soul directly to those who have sent them. O Mighty Satan, fill me with truth, wisdom and understanding, keep me strong in my faith and service, that I may abide always in Thee with Praise, Honor, and Glory be given Thee forever and ever.

It is extremely important to always say the prayer before your aura cleaning, especially if you are actively working for Satan.

  1. Visualize a brilliantly bright Sun directly above your head.
    • Affirm: “The light is cleaning and removing any and all negative energy, thoughtforms, bindings, ill will, and curses on or connected to my soul that have been directed to me, and is returning them to the senders.” State this 3 times.
  2. Visualize this Sun descending down into your head and pushing down any dirt, filth, thoughtforms [thoughtforms can appear as chunks of filth or for those who are advanced, you can see them as they may be shapes, symbols, like elementals, or otherwise]. This will be gray or black energy [as it collects], and will get darker as it descends.
  3. Visualize the brilliant light descending through your throat, down through your shoulders, chest, then stomach area, hips and all the way down through your feet, pushing out all of the dirt from your aura and soul.
  4. Move the filth beside you, in a pile.
  5. DO THIS THREE TIMES, steps 1 through 4. Keep piling the dirt.
  6. When you are finished, your aura and soul should be much brighter and cleaner. You can either ask for a Demon to take the energy and to return it to the senders [especially if you're new], OR, you can visualize it shooting away from you, directing it to the senders.

For Familiars:

This illustration is both the same for a cat or a dog, a horse and all four legged animals. Snakes and other reptiles have their chakras lined up along their bodies the same way. Some members also have spiders. For cleaning a spider familiar, just visualize the spider engulfed in a brilliant Sun and pull the Sun from its body, pushing out any negative energies. The same goes for other small familiars. You should do the exact same ritual above for your familiar/s. This is extremely important. You can also use an astral brush or comb [visualize this] in addition and brush any astral negativities from his/her fur, piling it up in the same way, and returning it to the senders.

Your familiar protects your soul. It is important to clean his/her aura frequently. Also, to build a powerful aura of protection around him/her. This should be done every day during a waxing Moon. I will post this shortly.

Part 2

About Wiccans and related people

First off, I want to state here that in addition to us being cursed, there are Wiccan idiots and others who have sent binding energies to us, especially in regards to the RTRs, as the RTRs have been actively and effectively destroying the enemy. [The Final RTR is the most powerful against them, as that is their bulwark].

Satan just confirmed to me early this morning what I had already believed; that HE has power over ALL witches that he said, “connect with our Gods.” In other words, any practitioners of magick and witchcraft who connect with Pagan Gods are all under His power. He also stated that a very large percentage of Wiccans and related are cowards. He said, “They are fearful.” “That’s why they practice Wicca.”

Timing the ritual with the Moon and using Sun energy

With so much emphasis on the Moon, as an extremely powerful source of pure energy, the Sun is often overlooked. I have found the energy of the Sun to be the most powerful between 11:00 and 14:00 approximately. This is when the Sun is directly overhead.

When the Sun is rising [waxing on a daily basis], this is another powerful time. An excellent time for meditation has always been before the Sun rises, before dawn. The setting [waning] Sun also has some of the same effects as a waning Moon in removing and ending things. But, ALWAYS take into consideration the Moon, both the sign and the phase. [Make sure the moon is not void of course when you begin this working]. Never begin any working during a void of course moon.

The Sun has fire energy, the element of fire, which is the spark of life. When doing a thorough aura cleaning, stepping outside into the Sun on a sunny day when the Sun is high in the sky can work wonders. For this to be effective, you must be directly in the Sun. Just breathe in the solar energies into your aura and soul, engulf yourself in the solar energy, which is even easier to see astrally when you are sitting, standing or lying in the brilliance of the Sun. You can even do a full rosary, vibrating SURYA [Satan told me 216 times is more effective than 108], and to do this, just reach the last bead on your rosary and then turn it back. I have worked with this and it is very effective.

You can breathe in energy from the Sun, lighting up your aura with brilliance and then on each exhale, vibrate SURYA.

"SURYA" SUUU-RR-YAH For an audio Mp3 of Surya, please click here

The Ritual:

This working should be repeated every day, if possible. This will stay on your soul eternally, protecting you, and keeping you safe from the malice of others; destroying your enemies.

  1. Raise your energies. This is best done [as with all magickal workings] when you are at your most powerful, feeling a strong energy buzz. If you are new, just do the best you can. You can also use the energy of the Sun [close your eyes, facing the sun, focus on the sun and breathe the energy in], as indicated in the above to raise your energies with reciting SURYA, using a Satanic rosary [or anything that will help you keep count].
  2. Clean your aura thoroughly, as instructed from Part 1. DO NOT hesitate to ask for a Demon/ess to help you. Even if you cannot hear, sense or see the Demon/ess, know He/She is there and is helping you, and delivering the energies back to the sender/s.
  3. Engulf yourself in the light. Again, I repeat, if at all possible, use the Sun. Another effective tactic, if you are unable to use the Sun and have trouble visualizing is to use a lamp, with the bright bulb facing you, shining right in your face as you close your eyes and visualize the light.
  4. Affirm 18 times: “My aura is constantly and continuously deflecting and repelling any and all negative energies, curses, bindings, hatred, ill will, thoughtforms, and destructive energy directed at me and is immediately returning these directly right back to the senders.”

Do this daily. I strongly recommend everyone do the INTENSE AURA CLEANING indicated in Part 1, and keep repeating this. You will find with deep cleaning your aura, not only will this remove any curses, but all kinds of other crap that has kept you down in your personal life. A dirty aura also hinders your workings and personal powers. The aura and soul have accumulated all kinds of negative energies throughout many lifetimes and these cannot all be removed in one working. It must be repeated. AGAIN, I strongly advise you ask Satan to send you a Demon/ess to work with you in removing these energies. Even if you are new and cannot see or feel him/her, follow your gut feelings and intuitions.

Opening the Soul

Chakra Alignment

The corruption of The Cross and its original meaning

I want to make something very clear here. For any non-Satanists who visit this page, whether you are so-called "New Age" "Mystics" or whatever, if you proceed to read on, NEVER FORGET- THIS KNOWLEDGE CAME FROM SATAN AND THE EGYPTIAN GOD, THOTH. Thoth is with the Powers of Hell. As with all spiritual knowledge, the cross has been hideously corrupted by Christianity. The equal armed cross represents the four corners/quarters and directions, such as when we summon the Four Crowned Princes of Hell during ritual.

THE CROSS IS A CONCEPT and, as seen in many of the Demons' Sigils. The correct alignment of the chakras IS IN THE SHAPE OF AN INVERTED LATIN CROSS. THE CHRISTIAN CROSS IS A CORRUPTION AND A BLASPHEMY. If you stand facing a mirror, your chakras should line up in the shape of an inverted cross, with the Solar [666] chakra where the arms extend, as seen in the illustration immediately below on the right.

The alignment of the chakras in the human body is an inverted cross

The corruption of the knowledge about Chakras and their true nature

The inverted cross has long been a symbol in Satanism and for very good reason. The third chakra; also known as the 'Solar' chakra, the 'Sun' chakra; is also the all-important '666' chakra, [as 666 is the kabbalistic square of the Sun]; is also represented by the swastika, which is an ancient symbol of the Sun. The 666 chakra, NOT the heart chakra, is the powerhouse of the soul. This is one of the main reasons that ancient religions, preceding Christianity, focused on the Sun. New Age and related teachings focus on the heart chakra so that everyone is deprived of spiritual power and worse. The heart chakra is neuter, and mainly connects the upper and lower chakras. Thor's Hammer is also an inverted cross, and is symbolic of this concept. The correct root vibration for the 6th chakra/pineal gland is "THA" [THAUM] and the root for the correct vibration for the 666 chakra is "RA" [RAUM]. When one combines both of these vibrations, as with a bind rune, the resulting vibration is "THOR." The Solar Chakra is the Grail of Lucifer, which holds the elixir of life.

Baphomet symbol of merging the male and female

Popular information readily available on the chakras is not only dangerous but also extremely inaccurate. The other three chakras are male and female pairs that should be matched as they work together. As we know, the crown chakra is known as the "thousand petal lotus." The lotus is also known as a lily. Lily = "Lilith." In addition to each Demon as an actual living being, each Demon has his/her own spiritual message. Lilith rules the crown chakra. Satan rules the base. Both the base and crown chakras are a male and female couple and work together. That is one of their most important spiritual messages. This merging of male and female is the symbolism behind the illustration of Baphomet, who has both male and female organs, and also the ancient Egyptian Akhenaton, another hermaphrodite.

Yoni shape from a Tarot Card illustration

Now, with all of the repeated emphasis on the heart chakra by new age deluded fools [this is done purposely not only to keep people from true spiritual knowledge, but most importantly, from obtaining any serious spiritual power], when one advances enough in meditation and psychic abilities, one will find the yoni shaped heart chakra is the neuter. The yoni is in the shape of a vagina, illustrated by the Tarot Card at the right. The Christians have corrupted this, turning it onto its side into that foolish and most annoying fish symbol, which again, is a blasphemy to true spirituality and is like everything else in that foul program, stolen, corrupted, and false.

" towers - the Towers of Satan [Ziarahs] -six of them trapezoidal in form, and one, the "center" on Mount Lalesh, shaped like a sharp, fluted point."

-- The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey

The above excerpt is also an allegory, as the center is the odd one out, the heart chakra. It does have power, but not the power of the strongest chakra of the soul, the '666' chakra of the Sun. The powers of the heart chakra are minimal. This is why the enemy is always touting it in the mainstream books, and in the new age dogma out there that is readily available to the public.

The 'bindu' structure of a chakra

The energy uptake of each chakra is at the wide end and the energy output is at the point, also known as the 'bindu.' So it would stand to reason that the chakras such as the third eye [DO NOT confuse this with the sixth chakra, which is BEHIND the third eye] need to have their wide ends facing outwards to absorb energy. This definitely includes all of the minor chakras. You will find that after aligning your chakras correctly, you will feel more centered and healing and spellworking will come more easily.

All one needs to do is to turn the solar 666 chakra so the point [bindu] is facing DOWN. This is the swastika chakra, the Sun chakra. All Pagan religions preceding Christianity focused intensely upon the Sun. This is the powerhouse of the soul. Thor's Hammer was originally in the shape of an inverted cross. Our earliest beginnings and life come from our naval, and the Sun chakra, the giver of power and life is centered behind the naval. This is where our main store of life-force/witchpower/vril/chi is located. The Sun chakra is paired with the 6th chakra and third eye, also known as the 'command center' which is female.

Heart shape of the nadis crossing on the face

Now, popular writings tout the heart chakra as the 'seat of emotions.' Again, this is another major misconception. The throat chakra is the seat of emotions. When we are sad and about to cry, the feeling comes from the throat, not the heart. This is often the same regarding happiness. Be aware of this. Both emotions come from the throat chakra.

The all popular heart shape; again, this is not of the heart. Its being touted as a symbol for the heart is again, another corruption. This is to mislead you. The serpents cross, these are symbolic of the ida and pingala nadis of the soul. They cross on the throat chakra and swoop in the shape of a perfect heart to meet at the tip of the nose, forming a heart shape across the face. The popular arrow through the heart symbol is for 'fixing the energy' representing the risen Serpent of Satan.

The number 666, the inverted cross, and all symbols of Satan are extremely sacred and carry a hidden message.

Effects and correct use of Chakra Alignment

Shoulder chakra positions

Now, when directing energy as you would for spell work, and other workings of the mind, the chakras can be temporarily reversed so their points are facing out to deliver the energy. Remember, never connect with any negative energy, such as when working black magick. In other words, the negative energy should never run through you, but be external at all times. When working with positive energy, such as attracting your desires, it is favorable to point the chakras out and connect. Always remember to correctly realign your chakras after any work. Incorrect alignment of the chakras reduces your witchpower.

Research and revelation from Thoth has revealed the true 8th and 9th chakras are the shoulder chakras. Opening these will align the soul and drastically open energy pathways to the palm chakras, greatly empowering them. To open your shoulder chakras, all you need to do is to visualize them as in the illustration on the left. Focus and meditate on them for a few minutes. A feeling of aching, and/or pressure is a positive sign that you have successfully opened them. This feeling can extend to your arms and can feel sort of like they are falling asleep. When the shoulder chakras are fully empowered, the wings of the soul manifest. Always remember, when your chakras have been successfully opened and are active, you will feel them. This sensation is usually a feeling of pressure, a slight aching or tingling. Correctly aligning the chakras will drastically increase your spiritual power.

How to align Chakras

Azazel's Sigil is also representative of the shape of the heart chakra

1. Begin with the base chakra and turn the cone so the point is upwards,

like a pyramid.

2. Do the same with the sacral chakra [2nd].

3. Now focus on your solar '666' chakra and turn it so it is pointing downwards.

The 666 chakra is the cup that catches and stores the elixir of life.

4. Do the same with your sixth and throat chakras- turn them so they are both pointing downwards.

5. Now, focus on your heart chakra and visualize two points coming together and intersecting as shown immediately below here.

6. Focus your attention on your crown chakra and turn the point down.

7. Finish by again focusing on your shoulder chakras and visualize them pointing inward.

More on Correct Chakra Alignment

The three equal armed crosses, as seen in Set's Sigil at left, represent the three chakra pairs.

I also believe this was the message of the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt, as they are shaped as the chakras.

Astaroth's Sigil at right illustrates this concept with the bars on each side.

The hip chakras are the same on each side and at the center of the hip, standing sideways, as seen in the art work below.

The temple chakras are located right behind the temples, as shown above, a bit forward from the tip of the ear. When you successfully open and align these chakras, you will feel a pressure sensation or a dull ache, as with the third eye and other chakras. This is a positive indicator that they have been correctly located and activated.

EZ Chakra Spin

This meditation only takes a few minutes, and can be done at any time when you are able to tune in and focus. It is easy to do and can take the place of a full or extended meditation for people who lack the necessary privacy and/or are short on time.

Turn your attention to the base of your spine and visualize your base chakra as a vortex [like a small pyramid]. Visualize this chakra a rich vibrant red and spin it. Keep spinning it until it spins fast and on its own. Make sure the point is facing upwards.

Work your way up through each chakra, visualizing each one and spinning it until it spins fast and on its own. Visualize each one as a spinning vortex with a powerful vibrant color:

  • 1st- Red, point facing upwards
  • 2nd- Orange, point facing upwards
  • 3rd- Yellow/Gold, point facing downwards
  • 4th- Green, this chakra is shaped like a yoni:
  • 5th- Rich sky blue, point facing downwards
  • 6th- Indigo [Bluish-violet], point facing downwards
  • 7th- Purple, point facing downwards

When you spin the 6th chakra, focus *behind* your 3rd eye, in the middle of your head. Many people erroneously believe the third eye to be the 6th chakra. The 3rd eye is an *extension* of the 6th chakra; not the 6th chakra.

Effects of Chakra spinning

Each of your chakras should be a powerful vibrant color. Chakras that are dark or tainted are not functioning properly. Keep spinning them and focus your visualization to restore them to their own powerful color. You might also want to clean them if this is the case.

When our chakras spin at a faster rate, this helps to protect us from misfortune and disease, opens us to the astral, and protects us astrally as well as in the physical world. Always remember, energy work must be done every day as each day builds on the day before and until a strong energy field is permanently established, short term benefits can be lost or difficult to restore.

Also, note that the soul is made of light. Each of the chakras is a wavelength of light frequency, as can be seen in a light prism, when the light of the sun is broken into the spectrum of visible colors. This is in physics. All of the so-called "occult" can be scientifically explained. When we breathe in or invoke light energy, we are empowering our soul.

Advanced Chakra Spinning

When spinning your chakras, say to yourself for each one "speed of light." Then spin them faster and faster until they turn white with energy and power like the sun. Do this with each one. This really helps replace lost energy.

This speed will set your vibration at a higher level. When our chakras vibrate at a higher rate, this helps to protect us from misfortune and disease. It also opens us to the astral and protects us astrally as well as in the physical world. Remember, though, energy work must be done every day as each day builds on the day before and until a strong energy field is permanently established, short term benefits can be lost or harder to restore.

The Chakras and Full Chakra Meditation

Closing Your Chakras

Effects of closing the Chakras

This exercise is important and very useful for shutting out unwanted and/or harmful energies. Upon closing your chakras, you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Closing your chakras will also protect you from the energies of both unpleasant humans and astral entities as both attach themselves, penetrating at the chakras. By closing your chakras when you are in the presence of threatening beings, you can prevent most of the negative energies from entering and attaching to your soul. Closed chakras can also protect you from psychic vampirism. This exercise can also help to still the mind when done before void meditation as it shuts out a lot of psychic noise.

How to close the Chakras

  1. Begin at the base chakra. Visualize your base chakra as a whirling red vortex of energy, point facing upwards like a pyramid. Visualize either doors or shuttered doors and close them on the chakra, shutting out all of the light. You can visualize this from the front of the chakra, like looking at the chakra through a window.
  2. Continue this with each individual chakra, all the way up to your crown chakra.

You should feel a sense of peace and quiet when all of your chakras are closed. This exercise can be done several times a day if you wish to block out unwanted external stimuli and/or to protect yourself in a negative environment like around Christians or other undesirables.

This is especially effective for people who are natural mediums and empaths, who easily absorb energy from those around them and their environments. This exercise is also a help for those who are easily distracted by external stimuli.

This is another exercise that is necessary to master, as it is used in an advanced stage of the Magnum Opus.

Your chakras will open back up on their own after a bit. If you feel you need to open them right away, just reverse the above exercise, open the doors, and spin each chakra several times.


Physical yoga, along with Tai Chi can greatly amplify power. Below is a basic session you can do every day.

How to practice yoga correctly

NOTE 9/29/11:

The most important aspect of any meditation and/or meditation related exercises such as hatha/physical yoga [below], is getting the energy buzz. This is supposed to follow any effective spiritual exercise. For those who are new, this may take a few weeks of consistent exercises on a daily basis, but you will definitely know it and feel it. These are what these exercises are for- to raise the witchpower and amplify the powers of the soul.

It doesn't matter, especially once you are proficient in these exercises, whether you have the TV, your radio or stereo blasting or whatever, as long as it doesn't interfere with your movements or your ability to raise your witchpower. I have often had my ear-buds in my ears with my CD player blasting when I was doing yoga asanas. Afterwards, I still continued to listen to music- even metal at times, when I sat still for my energy buzz. The only thing that is important is that you sit still for a while following any of these exercises in order for your energy buzz to get going, then focus on it.

It is important to never force yourself in any of the stretches. Yoga is very different from athletic stretching. It should be done in a relaxed state and never forced. It is right-brained and the goal is to empower ourselves. Anyone can learn on physical yoga their own, contrary to the popular notion of having a teacher. I taught myself from Richard Hittlemen's book "Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan" when I was 13. The most important thing in yoga is to go by *feel.*

Physical yoga should also be done while in a meditative state, for maximum power. If you feel a sense of lightness, increased bioelectricity and power, you are performing the asanas correctly. Yoga is also best done alone, as others or a class can be a distraction. Yoga should be done in a sequence- either standing to sitting to lying to inverted OR inverted to lying to sitting to standing. Each asana should be held for one minute, or with more difficult asanas, hold for a count of 10, 20 or 30 and do them twice or three times. Go as to how you feel. As you progress, you can hold for longer periods. Some adepts hold the handstand and other asanas for 10 minutes or more. Remember, we are all individuals. For timing yourself, for example when holding a minute, just count to 60, like "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four..." You should relax and remain perfectly still when in each asana. Never jerk, tug, strain or pull and remember- only go as far as you are comfortable.

Hatha Yoga schedule

The sequence given below should be done in order.

*Inverted asanas should not be attempted by those who have brain problems, detached retina, cervical problems, who are very overweight or have any condition that could be aggravated by increased pressure or blood flow to the head and neck. You can do the other asanas and leave the inverted ones out.

Only go as far as you can and never strain. YOGA IS *NOT* ATHLETICS!

ALWAYS compliment a front bend with a back bend. There always has to be an opposite move in yoga. If you twist to the left side, you must also twist to the right side.

Every yoga program should include:

  • Standing asanas
  • Sitting asanas
  • Forward bending asanas
  • Backward bending asanas
  • Side to side bending asanas
  • Twisting asanas
  • Inverted asanas (these can be left out for those who have medical problems as I mentioned in the above).
  • Lying asanas


When I first learned to perform a handstand- I was very young and of course, it was easy being a kid. I just kicked up to the wall. Anyone at any age who is in decent health and weight can learn to do a handstand. Later on, you can try walking your hands away from the wall further and further. Only hold the handstand as long as comfortable, but try to add a few counts each week. I prefer to do a handstand, instead of a headstand as the handstand places less pressure on the neck vertebrate, it strengthens the arms and wrists and is over all much more effective. It can be done and held against a wall for support, until you can do it away from the wall.


(I've never used a blanket, this is optional)



Forward bend





You can do the above twist with your leg outstretched to make it easier.

Standing Forward bend


The above can be done going as far as placing your hand on your knee. The point is to stretch out your sides. The photo is advanced. For people who are inflexible or new, you can start by placing your hand on your knee and bending, rather than the advanced on the floor. Then, as you progress, just slide your hand down the side of your calf, then ankle and finally the floor.


Remain in the Savasana position for 5-15 minutes and do void meditation on your energy field.


Satanism and Yoga:


Satanism and Kundalini


Satanic Rosary

The Satanic Rosary is an excellent and very effective means to raise power and apply energy towards your desires. The Satanic Rosary can also be used as a kabalistic meditation tool for working with vibrations, such as with Runic meditation. Just slide your fingers over the beads and you don't have to count. Your meditation can flow smoothly and thus have more power.

The Catholic Rosary was STOLEN from Tibetan Mala Beads and corrupted, as with everything else in that foul program. Tibetan Mala beads have 108 beads, as opposed to the stolen Catholic Rosary, which has half that number, at 54.

Timing your magick

For working the rosary, each working should begin on a favorable planetary period in regards to the goal. The standard for this and this is very effective is 40 days straight. For maximum power, twice a day, during the day and at night for the 40 days. The "40 days" was stolen and corrupted into that filthy judeo/xian bible, but originated in Ancient Egypt. This has to do with numbers (Enki/Satan's number is 40) and the moon cycle. The most powerful times to do a working are at midnight, 12 noon, 6 pm and 6 am, BUT make sure the hour is supportive of the working, first and foremost as you are able to.

Research has proven that the Ancient Chaldean planetary hours are extremely accurate. I strongly encourage you to download the Chronos program from this website: CLICK HERE

You will need to download and install version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework along with this. All of the information is available at the above website. This program is outstanding and calculates hours of the planets specific to your location.

Overcoming your Karma

Given the results of your working, if you still have not obtained your goal after completing the 40 days, you can begin another 40 days. Skipping a day will set you back at day one. No days can be skipped. There is this thing called "karma" as most of you know. This shit is ruled by the planet Saturn and the only way to defeat it is to know it and work to overcome it. Karma will give you a beat down and keep you beat down unless you are aware of it and are strong and persistent enough to fight against it and overcome it. This is not for the weak. Persistence, patience and hard work are required here. When past life karma kicks in, things will come up like a crisis in your life to try to break the 40 day cycle and to stop you from your meditations. What this indicates is that your meditations are working. Keep doing your daily meditation with the rosary regardless of what happens. These sorts of things usually crop up during the last 30-40 days of the meditation cycle, to try to set you at square one again and/or stop the meditation. Be prepared and aware. One must keep fighting. Only the strong survive here and attain their goals.

Energy must be applied over and over again until change is achieved. This is analogous to a chiropractor who keeps popping the spine into place until it stays where it should be.

For healing, it is important when there are chronic ailments to go way beyond the end of the symptoms, in meditating. The symptoms may stop for a time and then return if meditation is stopped. The length of time one has endured the ailment means longer times for meditations, sometimes even for months or years. Congenital problems are the worst and the most difficult to heal. these are by no means impossible. They just will require much more power and effort.

Using and vibrating words of power

By using the Satanic Rosary, we are taking back what is ours for one, and another- blaspheming the Catholic Church. I have found this meditation tool to be excellent and that is an understatement. The vibrations flow into a rhythm and power is amplified and can be applied towards any desire.

To use the Satanic Rosary, ideally, you should be working with the Kabbalah. The TRUE Kabbalah is using vibration, for example vibrating Runes, names of Demons, Egyptian words of power, etc., to drastically raise your energy and power. This form of meditation is advanced and is extremely effective.

You can just do the vibrations for raising energy and awareness, or you can focus on a specific chakra or aspect of your soul, or you can do spell-working.

How to make your Satanic Rosary

I suggest you make your own Satanic Rosary. They are easy to make. The materials are cheaply available in most stores where they have an arts and crafts section. Just purchase the beads and the cord. The Baphomet can be purchased online or at any well-stocked occult shop. I suggest leaving a bit of space on the cord, so you can slide the beads along as you do your vibration for each one. I also suggest you place an extra bead (I used square shaped beads for the extra beads) on each side of the larger one when you hit 50. That way you can feel where you are at without interrupting your trance/meditation.

Specific workings through the Satanic Rosary

To use the Satanic Rosary, here is an example- feel free to modify your own meditation to fit your individual purposes:

For Attracting Money:

  1. Begin with the larger bead right next to the Baphomet and state your affirmation in your mind; example: "I am attracting large amounts of free and easy money. This money is free and all mine to keep or spend as I please." Now, direct the energy, visualizing a white/gold light (this is all-purpose) on your wallet and yourself.
  2. Repeat the above for the four remaining beads.
  3. Your Satanic Rosary should have 108 beads, so one side of the main line should end with eight. You want to start with the side that has nine. Breathe in and on the exhale, vibrate: F-F-F-F-F-F-F-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-U-U-U-U-U-U-U
  4. Slide the bead back and go to the next one, breathe in and on the exhale, vibrate F-F-F-F-F-F-F-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-U-U-U-U-U-U-U
  5. Do this for each bead in the sets of nine. Visualize the Fehu Rune glowing with energy, every so often as you do the vibrations. (If you are vibrating the name of a Demon, then visualize His/Her Sigil in the same way.
  6. When you reach the larger 10th bead, separating the sets of the smaller 9 beads, state your affirmation again and put your energy you have just raised into attracting money, as given in the example above. You can also use each 10th bead to take a few normal breaths before returning to the vibrations again.

For Love/Lust:

To bring a desired one into your life, visualize the energy you raise engulfing him/her. You can also fantasize having sexual intercourse or whatever with the one of your desire. I suggest you visualize the light (energy) engulfing both of you, during the meditation/fantasy. When you are finished, you can masturbate and direct more energy from the orgasm into him/her.

To Heal:

State the affirmation for healing and then direct the energy both by feel and visualization into the afflicted part of your body. If healing a loved one, do the visualization and don't forget to clean the afflicted part before beginning the meditation.

Remember, with healing, energy must be directed along with affirmations to the afflicted part some 10-20 times a day. This can take anywhere from 1-2 minutes, but must be done as much as possible, any time you can focus, until you are completely healed.

Click Here for more information about healing.

For Black Magick:

Use the rosary the same way, to pump negative energy into your target.


For black magick workings, it is very important to use a separate rosary. The rosary accumulates energy and can become more and more powerful each time you use it. Obviously, contrary energies here can clash and cancel each other out.

I have used the Satanic Rosary for both attaining my desires, and for just raising my energies. Working with runes is extremely powerful and during the meditation, it is not unusual to see certain aspects of your soul and feel the energy aligning itself.

Past Life Regression

Sound Meditation

The benefits of meditating on sounds are the opening of more pathways within the brain. Any sounds can be used for this meditation. This includes any kind of music. Close your eyes and relax. Open your mind and try to 'see' the sounds. Sounds usually come in motion and in specific shapes, colors and waves. The ability to see sounds is called “synesthesia.” “Synesthesia” is a medical term for those of us who are born with the ability to see sounds and/or experience different senses at the same time, like hearing colors or tasting/smelling shapes. A small percentage of the population were born with synesthesia. It often fades with age and in most cases is pronounced during childhood.

Don't use drugs to reach Synesthesia

The experience of seeing sounds and crossing the senses is common with the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, though drug use induces synesthesia through artificial means and it cannot be controlled.

With drugs, the user is not in control, the drug is, and in self-empowerment and magickal practice, it is extremely important for the practitioner to always be in control through his/her own natural ability. Dependence on powerful mind altering substances creates weakness of character and also creates holes in the aura and a weakening of the astral body. I am not talking recreational marijuana use here, I am referring to dependence on powerful chemicals in order to reach an altered state as some mages have been known to do.

Developing Synesthesia and its benefits

Synesthetic people are often very psychic and highly intelligent according to medical studies. CIA and U.S. Military psychics reported going through stages of synesthesia when performing extensive exercises to open their minds for psychic warfare. Synesthesia may happen with your first sound meditation or with practice. Close your eyes and note the colors, shapes and movements of the sounds. You should write this in your Book of Shadows/Black Book/journal if you keep one. You should put aside all thoughts and visions as you would for void meditation and try to “see” the sound/s or music. In time, other senses can also come into play- what does it taste like? Smell like? The most common experience is to see the sounds, but don’t put any limitations on yourself.

Natural synesthesia facilitates clairvoyance, clairaudience and other psychic abilities. Synesthesia can be a very beautiful experience and a rewarding session of meditation. The more pathways we open and empower in our brains, the more experiences and abilities we are able to have. We are no longer just using “5-10%” of our brains. To fully develop this ability, one should listen to a variety of music and also each day, take time out to listen and “see” the sounds in one’s environment. Like anything else, the more we use this ability, the stronger it becomes.

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