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Moon Rulerships

The Moon rules public, food and drink, water and liquids, domestic affairs, women, family, early childhood, the mother, the home, emotions, feelings, instincts, the memory, the unconscious, habits, childbearing, the emotions, moods, and feelings.


Excessive or deficient body fluids, manic/depressive, menstrual problems, colitis, diseases of the bowels.


Cooks, all of the culinary careers, hotel/hospitality workers, restaurant workers, all common employment, children's nurses, and midwives.

The Moon in the Signs

The Moon in Aries

High strung, hot headed, quick to anger, [the anger usually doesn't last for very long], quick to forgive, emotionally abrasive, hair trigger, competitive- life is an emergency. These people have a tendency to be rude and aggressive. They are argumentative, and tend to emotional outbursts, especially at home in the family environment. As a rule, they lack tact and diplomacy, being offensive to others, especially those who are more sensitive. The Moon in Aries also gives athletic ability. These people are daring and reckless. This is a masculine placement and when in the charts of women, makes them enjoy the company of men and as a rule, have more affinity for male activities, such as sports of which they can excel. Men with this placement can have troubles with women and the traditional soft femininity. They prefer the independent, outspoken, athletic woman who can be 'one of the guys' so to speak.

The Moon in Taurus

Reliable, good listeners, calm natured, security is very important, they dislike being rushed into anything. Commitment is very important to these people. Needs and desires are simple, practical, and down to earth. Strongly sexual and sensuous, most enjoy being physically touched. They desire stability in their lives and like those with a Taurus Sun; they prefer to plan things and to stick to their plans. In love, they can be smothering and possessive. They often possess a talent for gardening and raising plants. As a rule, they are stubborn, dislike change, and prefer to stay settled in a routine. Good food, luxuries, and physical comforts are important to them.

The Moon in Gemini

Very talkative and emotionally changeable, they love variety, and are generally nervous and high-strung. Both parents and especially the mother may be intellectual. They often have a wide variety of friends. They dislike being tied down, and may change residences many times throughout their life. They enjoy talking on the telephone. As a rule, those with the Moon in Gemini dislike jealousy and possessiveness in others, as their personal freedom is very important to them. They excel in all areas of communications.

The Moon in Cancer

Tends to hold on to and has a hard time letting go of relationships. The mother is often a very important influence and there may be close ties lasting through adulthood. These people are often possessive and jealous in their relationships, and emotionally needy. They are extremely sensitive and get offended very easily. The men have a soft nurturing side, and both sexes have a strongly developed maternal nature. Home and family are very important to these people. They are strongly emotional and once they become emotionally attached in a relationship, they are unable to let go. Their close friends are often seen as their extended family. Financial and domestic security are of extreme importance to them. Food is love and many excel in cooking careers.

The Moon in Leo

Flattery will get you everywhere with these people. They are a bit self-centered, somewhat conceited, and stepping on their pride is unforgivable. Intimacy often develops slowly with these people. They are dramatic by nature. They are romantic, affectionate, and fond of pleasure. They love to be the center of attention, especially the focus of those they care about. They are emotionally proud.

The Moon in Virgo

These people are either very sloppy or very neat. The sloppy ones can have some of the most disgusting habits. The neat ones will go around and clean up after everyone, often doing menial jobs that others neglect. They can worry too much over their health, with a tendency towards hypochondria. Work is important to them, they are responsible and most are hard and efficient workers. Most people born under this Moon sign enjoy housework. As a rule, they are emotionally reserved and modest. They have a tendency towards being shy.

The Moon in Libra

Having a lover/marriage partner is very important to these people. They are well mannered, charming, and romantic. The men understand women. Both sexes need others in their lives and hate to be alone. They enjoy making others happy. These people are peace loving and most have a kind disposition. They abhor arguments, fighting and emotional upset. They have a strong sense of justice and can see both sides of an issue without being biased.

The Moon in Scorpio

Strong willed and fearless, strongly emotional, sensual, willful, and passionate, these people are extremists. Scorpio moon people are often psychic and love investigative work. Like those with their suns in Scorpio, they are strongly secretive. They are very protective of their intense emotions, and often hide their feelings as they are easily and deeply hurt. They want to merge fully with their lover/partner. They desire a soul-to-soul relationship. Superficial relationships do not interest these people.

The Moon in Sagittarius

Optimistic, this gives athletic ability and a love of sports, the outdoors, and travel. These people have more romantic friendships than deep passionate love relationships. They need their freedom and have a fear of intimacy, especially of possessive relationships. As a rule, they dislike deep emotional commitment. They may spend a lot of time travelling and are often involved in activities that keep them away from home. They dislike being alone and enjoy much excitement and activity in their lives, and can be constantly on the go. They are optimistic by nature and usually of a cheerful temperament.

The Moon in Capricorn

There may have been a close grandparent when the Capricorn Moon child was growing up. The mother was more than likely hard working, even to the point of being emotionally unavailable. These people find it hard to relax and let go, they are hard working and serious. Cautious and defensive, they dislike change and will endure an unsatisfactory job or relationship, even long after it should have ended, placing an emphasis on 'duty.' Thy have a shy and sensitive side. The early home life may have been hard, with an emotionally or physically absent mother. Often there was much responsibility heaped upon them when they were very young, such as having to care for younger siblings. They are responsible, dependable, and reliable. Many had to become independent and self-sufficient at a very early age. Security [especially financial] and stability are very important to these people.

The Moon in Aquarius

Tense and high-strung, the mother was more than likely unusual in some way. They are emotionally unpredictable, excitable, and even explosive. Given to sudden and unexpected emotional outbursts, their anger usually doesn't last long. Stubborn, abrasive, and willful, they can be insensitive to the feelings of others. The early home was often unusual in some way. The mother may have been emotionally absent. The men like strong willed, intelligent, and independent women. The women aren't maternal and usually dislike traditional roles. Friendship is important to these people. They can move or change their residences many times throughout their lives, living in unusual settings or circumstances. Most dislike housework and housekeeping.

The Moon in Pisces

Super sensitive, sympathetic, and compassionate, many have strong psychic abilities and absorb the feelings and emotions of those around them. They are shy, and need time to themselves to be alone. There can be a tendency towards depression, and pessimism. These people can often be hard on themselves and see themselves as unworthy. There may have been an unstable childhood, with poverty, and one or both parents may have had alcohol/drug or problems. Many of those with a Pisces Moon idealize one or both parents. They have strong active imaginations.

The Moon in the Houses

The Moon in the First house

Their intuition and sensitive natures open them to psychically absorb other's moods, and emotions, and the tone of their environment. They are impressionable, psychic, mediumistic, and susceptible to being used by others, especially early in life. Many are good cooks, are very fond of good food, and have domestic ability. These people are very self-protective and sensitive. The Moon is a strong influence in the first house according to the traits of the sign it is in.

The Moon in the Second house

Financial and material security are of extreme importance to those with a second house Moon. Their emotional well-being is dependent on material comfort. Money can come from sources dealing with food, home, and real estate. Their finances are changeable and can manifest in phases throughout their lives. These people enjoy spending their money on things for their home. Money is often spent on cookware, furniture, food, decor for the yard, and items used for entertaining in the home. Money is also be spent on the family, more so than with other planetary placements.

The Moon in the Third house

Their emotions strongly influence their thoughts. Often there is a sibling with a strong Moon or the zodiac sign of Cancer [ruled by the moon]. These people have an incessant curiosity, and are easily bored. Their thinking is strongly influenced from past experiences and early childhood. They have powerful imaginations and natural intuition. Much nervous energy gives these people the ability to do several things at one time. They can become distracted easily and lose their concentration, thus it is often difficult for these people to concentrate unless there are strong Mercury/Pluto aspects and/or an emphasis on Scorpio in the chart. As a rule, they dislike routine. Neighbors are often regarded as part of the family, and in some cases, their home is a hangout for friends in the neighborhood.

The Moon in the Fourth house

The mother often has a strong zodiac sign of Cancer background, or the Moon as her chart ruler. There is a strong need for a family in order for these people to be content. Their family relationships affect their entire outlook on life. The mother is often a strong influence, especially if Moon is aspected by Pluto. Those with the Moon in the fourth house are fond of cooking and housekeeping. There can be frequent changes of residence, as the Moon is a planet of changes. Often, there is a love and fascination with the ocean, lakes, rivers and such and the desire to live near water.

The Moon in the Fifth house

The first child often has a strong zodiac sign of Cancer and/or lunar background. The family may interfere with or become directly involved in the romantic involvements. These people enjoy having their family along to take part in recreational activities. These are the people who enjoy family outings, family reunions, barbeques, cookouts, and weekends at the family cabin. If the moon is in a water sign, this gives much fertility and many children. People with this position are often fond of children and babies.

The Moon in the Sixth house

There can be frequent changes of jobs. Restaurant/food, hotel and all kinds of domestic work is favored with this placement. There is a strong desire to be needed. The work can affect the entire emotional outlook and wellbeing. Their emotions directly affect their health. Ulcers, indigestion, and other stomach ailments are common here, usually due to worry and stress. In some cases, one with this placement may work and run a business from his/her home.

The Moon in the Seventh house

The lover/marriage partner often has a strong zodiac sign of Cancer and/or lunar background. They may seek a lover/partner with a strong maternal aspect and they enjoy being taken care of. Others often care for them and/or benefit them in some way. There is a strong desire to marry for emotional and domestic security. The family on either side often has a direct involvement in the marriage and can influence partnerships for better or for worse. This placement favors dealings with the public in the area of business.

The Moon in the Eighth house

There is an intense emotional nature, which they often hide. This placement gives much psychic ability, along with an interest in the occult. They have a strong talent for research and investigating things. These people are of a jealous nature and are possessive of their loved ones, as they have a strong need to control. There is a need for financial security and support coming from the marriage partner. Because the Moon rules the family and the eighth hose is the house of death and the occult, there may be an ability for and/or interest in contacting family members who have passed on. Sex with these people is most satisfying and meaningful to them if emotions and feelings are involved. As a rule, they dislike sex just for the sake of just satisfying their lust.

The Moon in the Ninth house

Can indicate a strong connection to the spiritual, moral, and/or ethical values they were brought up with. If the person seeks to change his/her religion, often, the family can interfere. Many of those with ninth house moons take up residence far from their place of birth, or in a foreign country, as the ninth house is the house of travel and the Moon rules the home and family. They can become very emotional about what they believe in.

The Moon in the Tenth house

Their families can be of high social standing, and recognition in the career is important for these people. The mother can be dominant, especially if the Moon is aspected by aspected by Pluto. This is a good position for involvement in politics, as the Moon rules the public. The father may be a Cancer or have a strong lunar influence in his chart. Emotional fulfillment often comes from a successful career. In many cases, there is a family owned business.

The Moon in the Eleventh house

There is a strong emotional need for friendship, group activities, and a sense of belonging to something. Often, there are many women friends with this placement, as the Moon rules women. Their homes can be used for places of group activity, and often they live with their close friends. Friends are often treated and regarded as family. These people do not like to be alone, and are followers of the crowd. Their goals change frequently and they many times go through phases regarding their direction in life.

The Moon in the Twelfth house

There is extreme sensitivity, a tendency towards shyness, and much psychic ability. Hypnosis can be a danger to these people, as they are very impressionable. The Moon in the twelfth house often manifests in phobias and in extreme cases, paranoia. There is often loneliness, depression, and feelings of isolation here. These people are emotionally secretive. There can be problems with the mother. The imagination is very strong along with a tendency to daydream.

Aspects of the Moon

Sun/Moon Aspects

The stronger the Moon is in light, the more beneficial its influence in one's chart.

Sun conjunct Moon [New Moon] Aspects

This strengthens the house where it is found and gives the affairs ruled by the house special emphasis in the person's life. There is a very strong emphasis on the sign the conjunction is in; unless both luminaries are in adjacent signs. There is a tendency to be very concentrated, putting all of one's energy into something, to the exclusion of all else, with a strong focus in the life related to the house placement.

Sun trine/sextile Moon Aspects

Those born during a waxing Moon, if there are few or no planets retrograde, will tend to experience things early in the life, such as love relationships, unless other placements and aspects in the chart contradict this. This is a harmonious aspect for emotional expression. For those born during a waning Moon, and especially if the chart ruler/s and/or more than three planets are retrograde, success will come later in the life. The person is a late bloomer.

Sun square Moon [Quarter Moon] Aspects

Family life may have been unsettled, when growing up and parents may have not gotten along. The same applies for the above 'Sun trine/sextile Moon' in the way of life's experiences in regards to a waxing or waning Moon.

Sun opposition Moon [Full Moon] Aspects

Here, the individual can swing between opposites. Simplistic and subjective thinking such as seeing things in black and white, good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Relationships are important to this individual and he/she is best when involved with others and not alone.

Moon/Mercury Aspects

These people are generally talkative, and enjoy discussing their families and home life. They have a good memory, as the Moon rules the past and Mercury rules the intellect. They tend to take things personally. They can be over concerned with any gossip or rumors, including any remarks from others directed at them. They have a strongly developed intuition and their thoughts often focus on their home family and on emotional matters. With the hard aspects, there can be impatience and a learning disability along with an inability to concentrate.

Moon/Venus Aspects

These people have much artistic ability, charm, and good taste. They are often good cooks, and have much domestic ability. They are affectionate and loving. With the square, this can delay marriage if other factors support it. The hard aspects can make one feel unloved and/or unappreciated, and family members can interfere with the love life in some way. The hard aspects can make these people overindulgent and over concerned with luxuries and materialism.

Moon/Mars Aspects

Hot tempered, and easily angered, the family usually gets the brunt of their anger, in some cases resulting in domestic violence. These people can be rude, crude, and very coarse in their manners, especially if Aries is prominent. Children with this placement have temper tantrums. There is often jealousy and resentment towards others. These people feel and act with great intensity. On the upside, they can accomplish much for a cause if their energies are disciplined. Many of those born with Moon/Mars aspects, especially with the hard aspects, can become violent and nasty when drunk or under the influence of recreational drugs. The hard aspects also influence these people to spend their money foolishly and impulsively. Because the Moon rules the home and family, and Mars is the planet of conflict, there are often clashes with parents and/or family members. There is impatience and a dislike of routine.

Moon/Jupiter Aspects

Favors good relations with the mother. These people are often self-indulgent. Food is love to them. They are of a generous nature and are emotionally attached to their home, family, friends and material possessions. They tend to get overly emotional and can over react to things. They are strongly protective and nurturing towards those they care about. They are often very emotional concerning their beliefs and philosophies.

Moon/Saturn Aspects

Often, there are problems with the mother. The mother may have been emotionally absent, cruel, and/ or a negative influence. These people are defensive and self-protective. This aspect can be indicative of emotional depression. Most people with a Moon/Saturn aspect are hard working and disciplined. In many cases, Moon/Saturn people often had to assume heavy responsibilities when they were very young, such as caring for younger siblings. Emotional safety and security are very important to these people, and as a result, they often hide their emotions. They put duty before their own personal needs such as in caring for elderly parents or dependent family members.

Moon/Uranus Aspects

Possible separation from the mother in childhood, or the mother was unusual in some way. Family and domestic life may be unusual in some way. These people enjoy the strange and unique. There can be sudden extremes of emotion. Freedom is extremely important to these people. With the hard aspects, one might have experienced some trauma in childhood, which can be lasting in the psyche. As with the Pluto/Moon aspects, those with Uranus/Moon aspects often desire to completely break with their past in some way. There can be sudden and unexpected domestic changes with the hard aspects, along with emotional outbursts.

Moon/Neptune Aspects

Impressionable, vulnerable, and gullible, these people can be open to victimization. The mother may have been a drug abuser and/or alcoholic, unreliable or just not there for them emotionally when they were growing up. In some cases, the mother is idealized and looked to as perfect. The same can be with the childhood in the way of remembering it as pure and faultless. These people, being psychic often have powerful and prophetic dreams. They are easily influenced, and have a very active imagination. Ugliness, vulgarity, and crude behavior affects them, as they are deeply disturbed by it. This aspect bestows much creative and artistic ability. Many are adept at acting, dancing and the arts. There is often a sense of dreamy idealism regarding the home and family.

Moon/Pluto Aspects

This aspect often indicates a dominating mother. There are usually close ties with the mother that last through adulthood. In some cases, the mother may have died early in the person's life, but this is rare. The mother's influence I the person's life is very strong for better or for worse. The tighter the aspect, the more the mother figures in the life, especially with the hard aspects. In bad cases, the mother controls the person's life. These people in some cases with the hard aspects can completely cut all ties to their families, as there can be a strong desire to break with the past as with the Moon/Uranus aspects. There can be a so-called 'skeleton in the family closet' of which they are ashamed. These people are emotionally intense.

Born on a Void of Course Moon

Whatever house has Cancer on the cusp; the affairs ruled by the house are exceptional in some way. One born on a void of course Moon is often a very unusual and/or outstanding person.

Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's mistress/wife had the ruler of her 7th [marriage/partners] with the sign of Cancer on the cusp, ruled by a void of course Moon in the 8th house of power, representing Adolf Hitler - enough said?

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