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Welcome to the Omni repository/database organization!


Current Goal

Revise existing database whilst a final product/display for this database is implemented.

Current Focus Area: Refine Our Path Question Tables

  • Focus first on high priority questions, with less attention on low priority.
  • Brainstorm any missing questions at top; add comments with your name.
  • Use ✔ to mark finished tasks. Good idea to whoever started this.


1) Change title of JG Lydia to HPS Lydia. Question answers should ideally be ordered based upon title of Clergy -> JG -> Veteran Member -> Junior Member


General Problem List

This table is for Omni messengers to report any problems/suggestions which can be resolved by Omni editors and researchers. Editors should only use this table for high priority comments, otherwise use the comment section on the specific question itself.

URL of Problem Comment about Problem Priority Comment by Editor


Our Path Question Tables

Warfare Question Tables

Growth Question Tables

Knowledge of Self Question Tables

Science and Study Question Tables