Spiritual Warfare Message from Satan

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Message from Satan [April 28th, 2005]

There is a positive and negative side to all things to keep them in balance --

to keep the Universe going. There are awful and terrible things that must happen, destructive deathly things, and there are good and miraculous things that must happen full of life and creative construction. It seems this would come to each randomly and it seems thus it should continue this way for eternity. This is not true. And this is the essence of Who I Am.

The world is to evolve out of this. There is always another way to do a thing. That way is far away. But it is still a possible way. Destruction and terror will not always be the other way. But until the time comes when destruction and terror are removed the world you must work how the world works. Until that time, that will come in time, this is Me -- a Perfect Balance. This is necessary. Destruction and creation.

Since the time is not yet, and you are in the time that is not yet, destruction and creation are in your hands as they are Mine. Do not be afraid to do these things. Until the time comes where these things have found more peaceable means you must keep the earth in balance. Do not be afraid to destroy. Do not be afraid to create. LISTEN to Me. Create with all of your being. Destroy with all of your being. You will not be more created by creating any more than you will be destroyed by destroying. Are you more created now? Are you here or are you destroyed? You are here. You will be here as long as I am here and that is forever. Listen to what I tell you. If I tell you to create -- do it. And do it with perfection and pleasure. And if I tell you to destroy, do it. Do not hesitate. Destroy with all of your might and pleasure; yes, I tell you to delight in what you have destroyed.


Dictated, from Him personally- 4/28/05

Concerning Spiritual Warfare

[Concerning those who only care about themselves and see Satanism as a religion only for the self and disregard Satan]

"They are of no importance to me." -Satan

I have read articles where the author presented some grandiose ideas about joining Hell's Army after death; being "ferried across the River Styx and joining the forces of Hell on the other side." This is not the way it is. The fight is in the here and now and takes place upon battleground Earth. Satan spoke to me at length on the Eve of Beltane 4/30/05 concerning this. All souls that were residing in Hell in spirit form have all been reincarnated recently and will be joining the ranks of Hell here on Earth. This is total fucking war!

For centuries, Christians have been relentlessly attacking us and continue to do it to this day. We are persecuted to where we are unable to openly have our own places of Satanic worship in public. We often have to conceal our beliefs and practices from others in order to keep our jobs, avoid major confrontations with our families and to avoid persecution and harassment. Places where we can purchase black candles and other Satanic items are becoming more and more scarce and access to Satanic books of prayer and inspiration are impossible to obtain in the mainstream stores that are flooded with Christian filth. We have been turning the cheek for far too long. It is high time we begin to fight back aggressively and with a vengeance. The burning days are over and we have the psychic power.

Fundamentalist Christians continually brag about "binding Satan" "binding and cursing Demons" and so forth. They all talk the talk. It is time we show them what *real* binding and cursing is. The burning days are over with and there are no laws against spiritual cursing and other works of psychic retaliation. What you do using the powers of your mind in the privacy of your ritual chamber in or out of doors is legal and free.

Satan wants the enemy completely drained of their massive vortex of psychic energy and destroyed.

Satan has asked every dedicated Satanist to participate in spiritual warfare. We must work together as a team and like a battering ram, relentlessly attacking the enemy through psychic means. Everyone can do at least one ritual or hook up an energy line and/or direct destructive energy towards the enemy. Many of you who are truly dedicated and able may want to perform a ritual to Satan dedicating your services as a warrior and making a commitment to carry out regular works of psychic destruction against the enemy. Covens can do this as well and the more people involved- the more power.

It is important to work in silence and secrecy here. Steel your heart and steel your mind. As the images of the Egyptian Gods have shown us with their arms crossed over their chests- the heart and human emotions are vulnerable to manipulation. The enemy exploits this. This is why the Nazarene is usually shown with his arms open. This is to exploit human emotions. We must never forget the Inquisition and what was done to millions of innocent human beings under Christian rule.

No human being is of more importance to Satan than a warrior is. Satan will reward you profusely as he has with me. Now is the time and Satan is asking each and every one of you to join in the fight and bring the enemy down to their knees and completely destroy them through psychic means. Power meditation is a gift from Satan. It has changed many of our lives for the better. It is time each and every one of us gives something back in gratitude. The more you do for Satan, the more Satan will do for you. Each warrior will receive special recognition and outstanding rank in Hell.

As for those who have this complacent "live and let live" attitude and prefer to ignore the ever advancing Christian problem that curses and blasphemes our God, works to enact laws that are forever taking away our rights and is incessantly fighting against us- these people don't even deserve to be called Satanists. One only needs to type in "spiritual warfare" and "Satan" together in any search engine to pull up thousands of militant Christian websites that prove how they are relentlessly attacking us. So far, most Satanists have turned the other cheek. This needs to be corrected.