Witchcraft: Advanced Exercises

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Advanced Satanic Magick

When performing advanced black magick and working with elemental thoughtforms, advanced poppits and such, it is important to know the difference between "evocation" and "invocation." NEVER invoke the energy to create these beings if they are to merge with a hated one to do destruction! When we invoke energy, this creates a link between ourselves and the victim. The only time to invoke is for love magick when we truly love someone and wish to merge with them.

Kinesis Magic


Telekinesis is the ability of the mind to move objects, through concentration. This is very advanced and you will need a very powerful aura. We all have this ability, but due to centuries of xian generational suppression of the powers of the mind, it is a part of our brain that is now dormant. Like learning a gymnastics maneuver, with getting the feel for it and using it, it will become easier and easier with time, dedication and patience.

Everything on this Earth contains an energy field or aura, even inanimate objects. With performing telekinesis, you must connect your aura with aura of the object you intend to move. The strength of your aura will determine your success.

The following exercises help in developing telekinesis. You should be experienced with energy manipulation and have powerful hand chakras. In order to work up to this, the Foundation Meditation and the hand chakra meditation should be mastered.

How To develop Telekinesis

This exercise is best done after power meditation when your aura is strong.

  1. To begin, suspend a pendulum in front of you. This can be any object from a small pencil or a light ball, like a ping pong ball. Anything small, light and even will work. It must be in front of you, preferably over a table, where you can relax and sit. Hang the pendulum, so nothing is touching it or coming into physical contact with it and so it can move easily and freely.
  2. Place your hands about an inch on each side of the pendulum, palms facing the pendulum. Direct energy through your palm chakras.
  3. Now try pushing and pulling. You will see your aura pushing and pulling the object. One hand pushes, the other pulls. Visualize your aura connecting with the aura of the pendulum. Do not move your hands.

When you are able to move the pendulum, place your hands farther and farther apart.

The next step is to move the pendulum using the energy from your fingertips. At first, try to pull it with the energy from your fingertips.

The key is to keep distancing yourself from the object. The next step, which is extremely advanced is to begin using the powers of your third eye and move objects by connecting your aura with that of the object and willing them to move.

Do not get frustrated. This takes intense concentration, a strong mind and aura, but with enough patience and practice, the time you succeed in moving the object will become shorter and shorter. When you learn to use this area of your brain and strengthen it (it will become easier and easier), the first few times are the most difficult. It may take several sessions, sometimes even weeks, but it is not impossible.

Practical tips for Telekinesis

Here are some practical tips:

  • It definitely helps to be able to see auras. When we open our third eye, this gives us the ability, but we must learn to use this ability to see. This is analogous to athletics. If one has the strength and flexibility, the potential is there, all one needs to do is the movement to get the feel and to train the movement into muscle memory. It is the same with the mind.
  • Start out with light objects. Gemstones such as quartz crystals are great, provided they are small and light. These have a stronger aura of their own.
  • Telekinesis is best attempted after power meditation when one's energy is most radiant.
  • Telekinesis like any other skill should be worked on daily until mastered. Heavier and heavier objects can replace the lighter ones as proficiency is achieved. I have had success with the above method.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire, using the powers of one's mind.

This is dangerous. One should be adept and very experienced in handling and directing energy, as inexperience can cause dangerous burns to yourself, even though you may have a powerful aura. An exceptionally powerful aura is necessary for pyrokinetic ability. This also requires extreme focus and concentration.

How to develop Pyrokinesis

  1. Begin by lighting a candle.
  2. In order to do this safely, you should be adept at putting fires out before igniting them. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle flame and direct your energy into the flame, willing it to die out. This is extremely advanced and you must have a powerful aura. Try concentrating on black energy between your palms where the flame should be.
  3. To ignite a flame: perform both the Invoking Fire and the Heat Meditation, and direct the energy you produce to your palm chakras.
  4. Blow out the candle. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle wick, which should be an ember.
  5. Direct energy from your palm chakras and concentrate intense heat on the ember and will it to ignite. Try concentrating on white hot energy, between your palms. The ember, with practice will begin to glow brighter and eventually, will ignite.
  6. Put out the flame, concentrate the energy between your palms on the ember of the wick and direct it to ignite the flame again. With enough palm chakra energy and concentration, it will relight.
  7. As you advance, move your palms farther and farther apart.
  8. When you are proficient with your palms 2-3 feet apart, concentrate on lighting the wick of the candle without the ember. Ignite the cold wick.

In addition to using the energy from your palm chakras, you are using the powers from your third eye. The third eye has a direct line of energy to the physical eyes where the energy projects. Once you are adept at the above exercise, try using less and less of your hands. Again, it is important to put fires out before learning to ignite them.

Expand your aura to connect with the candle flame. The candle should be a foot or less in front of you. Connect your aura and put out the flame.

Once you are adept, do the same and ignite the ember.

When you are able to use only your aura to light the candle flame, expand your aura to connect with an object a foot or less in front of you and project the heat as you did with your palms. As you progress, keep moving the object farther and farther away.

Instead of just doing void meditation, the above exercises can be substituted as they require intense, unwavering concentration.

Death Spell

If you have access to any personal article of the offender, this will help.

  1. Construct an effigy or a poppet, using the article.
  2. Go to the cemetery and get some dirt.
  3. You need to focus into the poppit, visualizing the victim, all of the hate you possibly can, especially during its construction. It is imperative here to stay focused with intent. Try to do this during a waning moon. When the moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn is good time.
  4. Construct a small box. Cardboard is fine.
  5. Light a black candle, concentrate intensely upon the death and destruction of the enemy. DO NOT BE DISTURBED OR LOSE YOUR FOCUS!
  6. Put the effigy into its box.
  7. Bury it in dirt inside the box.
  8. Save some of the dirt.
  9. Take it outside, or back to the graveyard and bury it, placing the reserved dirt on top of the box, *knowing* the victim will meet his/her death.
  10. Do not think about the spell, or the enemy, as this will interfere with its working.

Using the Aura to kill

To Kill using the aura:

A poppit here is not necessary, nor is any ceremonial magick, but you must be much more powerful than the intended victim. This is best done while the offending party is asleep. Put a grey aura around the person.


"The grey death energy is killing [name of person]." This work is best begun on a Saturday or a Tuesday during a waning Moon. Be sure to clean your aura and chakras following each working.

This can be done following the above ritual with the poppit and repeated every night during the cycle of the waning moon until the victim meets his/her death.

Advanced Thoughtforms/Servitors

Important Points

  • The elemental should be given a form in relation to the goal. You can shape this out of the ball.
  • Give the servitor a name. This name should be unique and unusual because just saying the name either aloud or in your mind will immediately summon the servitor. Obviously you don't want other people calling out a common name and then here it comes!
  • You have to program the servitor with whatever mission you wish it to carry out. This must be done with authority and a strong will, with desire. One's solar and heart chakras must be strong for this.
  • In working with advanced servitors, you must be specific as to how long the servitor has to complete the mission. Is it ongoing? or is it limited to a certain time period?

How to create and program a Thoughtform

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go into a medium trance and visualize yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light, like engulfed in a sun. White is all purpose, but colors can be used.
  2. Use this light to shape a ball of light, compacting and drawing more and more light into the ball until it has a diameter of approximately 10-15 inches. The ball should be like a brilliant radiating sun. The brighter the ball, the more powerful it is.
  3. Now program the servitor with whatever you desire it to do. Desire strongly [heart and solar chakras], and feel this intensely while making your affirmations. The affirmations should be a short phrase, straight to the point and repeated several times in the present tense.
  4. Name your thoughtform and say this name several times, programming the name into the thoughtform.
  5. Breathe in and then blow out with force, sending the ball on its way.
  6. Forget about the servitor and working. Let it do its job.

How to maintain and use a Thoughtform

A servitor knows neither time nor space. Using external energy is important in workings of black magick and workings where you must be completely detached from the thoughtform as opposed to running the energy through yourself with simple thoughtforms.

It is important to "feed" the servitor not only to keep its power strong, but to keep it programmed as to its mission. This way, it will remain a faithful servitor, and will not have to be destroyed. Throughout the centuries, witches kept servitors, some of these relationships have even spanned lifetimes. This is achieved by calling the servitor by the name given to it, and breathing more light energy into it, reaffirming its mission, or programming another mission into it, and then sending it off again, or allowing it to rest [see below].

**The servitor can occupy a doll, a special "house" like a doll's house, an urn, even a large framed wall photo or painting, or any other physical object when the servitor is dormant. This object should only be used by the servitor and never for anything else.

Servitors are lesser souls with some degree of intelligence and consciousness. Servitors are capable of carrying out certain missions and obviously they can be faithful and obedient servants. In addition, servitors can reappear in future lifetimes to offer further services. Many remain with their creators throughout many lifetimes.

With the help of a servitor, you can influence the minds of others, you can strengthen or weaken another person’s mental and intellectual faculties, you can protect yourself or others from negative influences, cause confrontations and animosity between others, or influence peaceful relations. You can produce a favorable atmosphere in associating with others, and also can bring others under your influence and control, providing you are strong enough. The businessperson can enlarge the number of his/her customers, and the servitor can be helpful to him/her in many other ways.¹


¹ Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

Creating Elementals

Elementals are beings whose souls are comprised of only one or two elements instead of the five [fire, earth, air, water and ether] we humans have. Elementals have a certain degree of intelligence determined by their creator. They can be helpful in carrying out certain tasks on the astral as well as in the physical world. They can be servitors. You should already be competent in working with the elements. For more information regarding the elements, please click here.

Fire elementals appear as a fiery ball before they are formed.

Water elementals appear as a glass ball before they are formed.

Air elementals will have a bluish color.

Earth elementals appear clay colored.

These beings are capable of many tasks, below are a few examples:

  1. Influencing the minds and thoughts of others.
  2. Breaking up relationships or strengthening them.
  3. Forming friendships or love/lust relationships.
  4. Bending weaker individuals to the will of the mage and controlling them through the elemental.
  5. Bringing in customers for those in business.

Instructions for creating the elemental:

  1. The elemental should be of the element relating to and of a form corresponding to the desire you wish to have fulfilled.
  2. Give the elemental a name.
  3. You must impress your will upon the elemental with authority in giving it orders as what you want it to accomplish. This should be a short present tense phrase. "Will" never happens. For example- "You are..."
  4. You should also impress upon the elemental that it will be successful in carrying out its order.

How It's Done

  1. Go into a trance.
  2. Imagine yourself within the element you wish to use for your work, as you would do for invocation, but do not invoke the element. Instead, focus and condense the element into a sphere in front of you. The element needs to be condensed and powerful.
  3. Now, shape the elemental into the desired form and impress your desire both in feeling and a short phrase of command into it.
  4. Name your elemental.
  5. If you wish to set a time limit, order your elemental to return to the element it was created from at a specific time, after it has completed its task. Failure to do this in some cases, can result in a creature that has a life and will of its own and can be a bother. To keep a faithful element as a permanent servitor, you must “feed” it regularly by infusing it with more of the element it originated from and also, you must keep programming it.
  6. The elemental can also be programmed to attach itself to and feed from the aura of the person you send it to.
  7. To summon the elemental, call it by name and will it back. You can then recharge it with energy and/or a new task.

Creating A Fire Elemental Thoughtform

This can obviously be dangerous. You should be adept at controlling and holding the fire element. Out of control, this entity can set anything on fire at random and is not to be toyed with. Be sure to read the page on Advanced Thoughtforms before attempting this. You should also be adept at creating and controlling basic advanced thoughtforms before working with fire.

  1. Enter into a trance and visualize yourself are in the middle of fire. Feel the heat and hear the hissing and crackling of the flames and feel the burning.
  2. Now, begin to collect and condense that fire into a sphere in front of you. Draw the fire element from all directions into the sphere in front of you. Do this by exhaling and willing the fire into the sphere. The more of the fire element you direct into the sphere, the more dense, material, and hotter it will become. You should feel the heat while you are doing this. The more you compress and condense the fire, the more the heat will grow. You should actually have the sensation of literally being in the middle of a fire. You can also shape the fire ball into any form you wish. The form should correspond with the task you intend it to do.
  3. Now program the fire ball with whatever you desire it to do. Desire strongly and feel the desire deeply while stating your affirmations. The affirmations should be a short, repeated phrase, right to the point and precise.
  4. Like any other incendiary, the fire form will burn with the larger fire it creates. You should order the elemental to dissolve with the fire it creates, ending the mission.
  5. Name your thoughtform and say this name several times.
  6. Breathe in and then blow out with force, sending the ball on its way.
  7. Forget about the thoughtform and working. Let it do its job.

The uses for the fire thoughtform are obviously to set something ablaze. I have found when using fire magick, one glows with a warm aura or feels heat when the directed energy or entity is doing its job. The fire ball can be directed into the body of an enemy when working black magick. These methods were used by 1920's, and 1930's Satanic Lodges in Germany [Adolf Hitler belonged to one] and used to eliminate enemies in the form of a psychic sacrifice. If the victim is not adept with fire, his/her blood will literally boil. The end result will more than likely be a heart attack; death from natural causes.

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