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Defining Witchcraft

Magick, sorcery, spells, witchcraft, etc., are all powers of the mind. The success of any working depends upon the strength and power of the operator's mind, aura, mental concentration and his/her ability to sense and direct energy. Understanding energy, discerning between different energies, invoking, evoking, and directing energy is the foundation of all "magick".

This comes through Power Meditation. How diligently and consistently one applies one's self to a program of power meditation will determine how powerful one's workings are. People who are new are encouraged to start out with white and grey magick, as black magick requires more knowledge and skill. Some people are born with a gift for this, but for others, this comes in time.

Spiritual Powers and Persecution

Witchcraft is nothing more than attempts by human beings at attaining powers of the mind that are our birthright. For centuries, the Christian Churches and their cohorts have done everything in their power to frighten people away from attempting to use the power of which other beings in the universe have full access. The sole purpose and objective of Christianity has always been to remove all spiritual knowledge and prevent humanity from accessing the powers of the mind and soul, so this power can be kept in the hands of a "chosen" few for world domination, where everyone will be enslaved and brutalized.

Satanism is a religion of the mind. Nearly 100% of all Satanists, past and present have practiced and have taken a serious interest in witchcraft, magick, and the occult. Witchcraft has always been synonymous with Satanism. "Witch" means "wise one". Because of persecution, most sorcerers and practitioners of the magickal arts/powers of the mind, years ago worked in secrecy. Witchcraft and the occult are spiritual. Satanism has always been extremely spiritual.

The Gods are all extra-terrestrials. In nearly every authentic account of direct human interaction with aliens, the aliens displayed advanced powers of the mind. Telepathic communication took place, even with humans who had no previous experience with this. Levitation, telekinesis, healing, performing a mind wipe [where one forgets everything that occurred], and other powers of the mind, deemed extraordinary by humans are commonplace for the majority of these beings.

Humanity has been held dangerously and purposely back by Christianity. This not only places us as a whole in a seriously vulnerable and defenseless position, but also damns the soul that is at the complete mercy of other beings who do have spiritual power. The enemy extra-terrestrials, which outnumber those who are friendly to humanity, look upon humanity as beasts to be exploited. Their goal is to use the energy of our souls after we die, for their own purposes. The only way they can succeed is through humanity’s spiritual ignorance and lack of spiritual power.

Negative Experiences with Witchcraft

This is one reason I strongly encourage people to perform the dedication ritual to Satan. When we make a commitment to Satan, he protects us as we advance spiritually. Many who go it alone with sorcery and advancing their souls meet with disaster. This does not come from Satan, but is from the enemy who uses fear and negative experiences to frighten and discourage people from attaining any real power. Those who reach a certain level, stand out on the astral.

There are numerous Yahoo groups on the internet, those who are without, who discuss kundalini and other psychic empowerment phenomena and the negative experiences these people have are rampant. I subscribed to several of these groups some time ago and read many messages concerning negative experiences with astral entities and anxiety attacks and unwanted spiritual intrusions where these people suffered attacks that they had no explanation for. One woman permanently lost all of her hair after performing a spell. As the illustration in the text used in the movie "The Nine Gates" warned: "Venture too far and danger can descend on you from up above", this is true to reality. Many so-called "spooks" are in reality extra-terrestrials, including the Cyclops, fairies, elves, gnomes, and others.

Fairies, gnomes, and related are elemental beings that only have one or two elements that comprise their souls, where human beings have five: fire, earth, air, water, and ether. Single-element beings are also adept at astral projection and other feats, which explain much of the "hallucinations" experienced by those who open their minds up enough to "see" them.

Non-conformity is a major part of Satanism. Those who conform are sheep and will never have the strength to think for themselves enough to see the truth and evolve to a higher level. One cannot conform if one wishes to empower one’s self. One must completely know one’s self in order to evolve and effectively practice magick and not follow the herd. Every problem can be solved with the right kind of knowledge. Knowledge also eliminates fear and is the key to power.

Magick 101: Witchcraft

The Power of the Mind

For those of you who are unfamiliar with spirituality and the workings of the mind, known as "witchcraft", I am going to explain this so you can understand how this works. Look around you, everything you see, your computer screen, your chair, your bed, your furniture, the cars outside, buildings, windows... everything you see was once someone's idea before it materialized into a physical form in reality. Now, I also want to add in some instances, such as with science, for example storms manifest on their own; hot humid air colliding with cold, dry air for example, but the majority of everything here was once someone's idea.

The powers one uses are the powers of his/her own mind and soul, to begin with. Raising energy and directing that energy into obtaining goals and desires, whatever they may be, is what witchcraft is all about. Covens [groups of witches/warlocks] can be extremely powerful in amplifying energy, as many gifted people work together to apply these powers in unison, in contrast to where one alone could not accomplish certain workings.


Intense focus is essential in all magickal workings. It doesn’t matter if the environment is full of distractions, one should always maintain total focus. This comes with having a trained mind.

Total focus should always be maintained regardless of how intense distractions may be. Just keep doing what you are doing without letting outside distractions interfere. Of course, any doors should always be locked.

When we focus and concentrate to where we are not even aware of anything going on around us, this is when we have the most power.

Personal Example

I was involved in an ongoing project- freeing the Demons.[1] My Guardian Demon, Azazel, and Thoth came to me as they were working with me. Thoth was the Patron Demon of our project and he accompanied each of our Guardian Demons, bringing each Demon to be freed. Glasya-Labolas needed to be freed right away. My daughter was in my room watching TV and there was a lot of commotion in my house. I told them I would have to wait until later.

Five minutes or so later, my daughter’s puppy urinated on my bed. I had to strip the bed and wash the bedding. Because of this, everyone had to leave my room. When Demons want something done, things seem to fall into place.

I went into my room, locked the door, and began to work on Glasya-Labolas. My kids were fighting, banging on the door and other kids came over and the house was a madhouse, but I tuned out all of the commotion, and successfully freed him.

The Power of Props

At first mention for those who are inexperienced with witchcraft [using the powers of one's own mind and soul to obtain one's desires], images of old hags with pointed black hats, broomsticks, bats, cauldrons, frogs, toads, amulets, sacred stones, symbols, etc., usually enter one's mind. The above mentioned, many are just useless props, such as a cauldron. Others, such as amulets, rings of stones and so forth amplify energy. This is a scientific fact. Crystals, stones and such amplify and can transmit energy.

We often see circles along with astrological glyphs and other occult symbols in the movies and such. Astrological timing of raising and directing energy is often critical to the success of a working and greatly amplifies the powers. Witches and warlocks, also known as mages [those who use the powers of their minds and souls and have this knowledge], use whatever means they can to amplify their powers. This is important.

Satan and Witchcraft

The essence of TRUE Satanism is completing our Creator God Satan's work upon humanity. Satan was prevented from finishing his work on humanity: that of the human soul into the godhead. The "godhead" is spiritual and physical perfection and immortality, along with godlike powers, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. This is the underlying message of all of the legitimate occult disciplines, such as alchemy and the legends of the Gods which are all allegories containing this powerful message.

Demons and spiritual assistants often use frogs, toads, cats, dogs, and other animals called "familiars" to assist mages in their work, and communicate through the medium of an animal, which is always very well cared for and close to the mage; a powerful bond is formed. The familiar also offers protection and is a gift from Satan. Animals are sacred in Satanism and should always be treated with care and respect.


  1. True Satanism is working to advance one's mind and soul and personal powers.
  2. "Witchcraft" is using these powers, which are of the mind/soul. Symbols, amulets, stones and other props act to amplify the energy, either directly or indirectly, for those who prefer to use imagery to intensify their powers.

The Three Steps of Witchcraft

This article is basically for new people or a getting back to basics. While there is no "three-fold law", [Click here to read about The "Three-fold Law of Return" Exposing This Lie and its Origins] there are three basic STEPS to working magick.

  1. You raise the energy.
  2. You program the energy.
  3. You direct the energy.
    • When you begin directing the energy, you should continue to program it, while you visualize it doing what you want it to do.

Step One

Let's begin with step one. First, you have to have energy to work with, and the stronger the energy, the better. The stronger your own energy, the more energy you will naturally be able to raise, direct, and handle. The more experienced you are, the easier this becomes. All of this is like working a muscle. The more you work with it, the stronger it becomes. You can either use your own energies, or use external energies by invoking them.

For white magick [this is best to work with for newbies, black magick requires more experience and skill] you will more than likely want to use your own energy and connect with the working.

You raise the energy and should feel it strongly, throughout your entire body.

Step Two

With Step Two, you must program the energy. By "program", I mean you must tell it what you want it to do. Energy all by itself is pretty much neutral and inert. With step two, you must use what are called "affirmations". Affirmations are short, to the point phrases in the present tense that are repeated to program the energy.

The present tense must be used because energy does not have the reasoning power to understand "will happen". "Will” can be at any time. To make something manifest, you must visualize and direct it as if it is already here and happening.

  • For example: You don't want to say "_____ will come to me." Instead, you want to say "________IS coming to me now."

Energy does not have the reasoning power as to *HOW* what you want is coming to you. Energy takes the path of least resistance, unless it is programmed. For example, many of you want more money. Don't just affirm: "Money is coming to me." This could manifest, if undirected, say on a job where you handle money, like a cashier for example, or through your paycheck, as usual. That is the easiest way.

Affirmation Examples

You have to further affirm: "Large amounts of free and easy money are coming to me." "This money is all mine to keep and spend as I wish." You should also affirm "in a very positive and happy way for me". You don't want a loved one to die and leave you an inheritance or get the money in a way that would be unpleasant.

So your affirmation would go something like this: "Large amounts of free and easy money are coming to me. This money is all mine to keep and spend as I please. This money is coming to me in a very positive and happy way for me."

Another example is weight loss. You don't want to wind up getting seriously ill, as this is one of the easiest ways to drastically lose weight. Your mind can do it for you when properly programmed, for example affirm: "I am losing weight in a very positive and healthy way for me."

Affirmations should be repeated with intent, three to ten times or more, in your mind. You can also visualize energy as with step three, throughout the day and state your affirmations a few times to reinforce the working.


Step Three

With step three, you direct the energy. You do this through visualization. Energy using white magick should be visualized as a white-gold light, shining brilliant like the Sun. The white-gold is the astral energy that you infuse the intent of your visualizations with. This infuses energy into your working so that it manifests in the material world.

You need to visualize this brilliant energy either around your entire self and/or around whatever it is that you want. Visualize in your mind whatever it is that you wish to manifest and that it is OCCURRING NOW and visualize the energy lighting it up.

For example, with attracting money, you would want to visualize the money [your wallet full, or whatever], even *feel* and *smell* the money, touch it; the more realistic your visualizations are and the more astral senses you use, the more effective the working will be, and infuse it with as much energy as you can, the more brilliant, the better, using your visualization. Feel happy emotions.

For health, direct the energy to the afflicted organ, and visualize yourself as healthy and happy. Again, FEEL happy, while you are doing the working, as if it is already so.

Now, forget about the working and try to think of other things. This can be difficult in desperate situations, but do the best you can, because worry and obsessing over a working can undo the energy you put into it. Just let it go and know it is working. The only exception to this is, I already went over in the above: You can also visualize energy as with step three, throughout the day and state your affirmations a few times to reinforce the working. Just don't obsess over it, as this is a lack of faith in your own power and can dilute the energy or ruin the working. This sort of thing takes practice like anything else.

Black Magick Procedure

Now, for black magick, you do not want to come into contact with any negative energy you raise. Those who do not have knowledge do this sort of thing and suffer many times for it. The answer to everything is knowledge.

For example, in working a death spell, I speak from experience here.

  1. Take the death energy from a cemetery or anywhere there is death and pull it out of the ground, using visualization.
  2. Program it, as in step two, for example: "The grey death energy is destroying_______."
  3. Do this while you are infusing it into the individual you wish to do away with.

I have also found through direct experience, this must be done many times on a regular basis.

Now, I am speaking from my own experience here. Most popular grimoires and such will tell you to use black energy. In my own experience, I have found grey energy to be the most devastating. Grey energy is also death energy. It causes illnesses and all sorts of negative things.

On a lesser note, those who deliberately try to do you harm in your life, simply direct their own energy right back to them, using the grey tones. Sit back and watch them suffer and revel in it. Black magick is for bringing about justice.

I also want to add, most popular writings will instruct you to raise as much emotion, such as anger and hatred as possible. Again, this is ok, but not necessary. What is necessary are the strength of your own soul, your will and directing the energy.

Factors for Success in Spiritual Alchemy: "The Black Arts"

I have been placing emphasis on black magick, because there is little information available on the subject, as opposed to the plethora of books available on white magick and related writings. In order to have true power, one must be adept at both. This takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work.

I also want to add here [January 2015], as this article was first written close to ten years ago, the term "Black Arts" correctly refers to Spiritual Alchemy and not black magick.

Why People Fail in Magick and How to Increase Success

Many people often wonder why their spell workings have failed. This is because one’s mind and aura are weak. Sure, we can go to Satan and his Demons when we are in need, but the goal of Satanism is to become powerful ourselves. Satan and his Demons guide us and give us the knowledge we need to increase our powers. Satan does not waste his time on those who do nothing with themselves. True Satanism is not Disneyland.

If you want serious power, you will have to work hard at it. This can take years, but is well worth the effort. We save our own souls. There is time we can all squeeze in with a bit of organization. Do what you can do:

  • Breathing exercises only take around ten minutes and are very effective in increasing one’s powers.
  • Breathing exercises can be done the first thing in the morning or even in the bathroom if you lock the door [if one lives with other people].
  • Even five minutes of visualization exercises a day will bring many benefits.
  • Meditation is being in the here and now; emptying your mind of all thoughts. This can be done anywhere and at anytime, just focus on the present and what you are doing.

Much can be done with a well-trained mind. For example: Knowledge of anatomy gives one the ability to either heal or inflict harm. Nerves can cause pain, if one focuses upon them in a hated one. This is one of many examples. You can also open and access other areas of your brain that are dormant in most human beings and empower these areas by focusing on them and attempting to use the abilities they provide when activated. Thoughts can be placed in another person’s head the same way. Concentration and repetition are necessary here.

External Factors and Means to Increase Success

For those who do not as of yet have enough power, many times a spell or ritual can be repeated on consecutive nights, with the cycle of the Moon. Spells for growth and increase should be performed during a waxing moon, while spells for destruction should be performed during a waning moon. In many cases, spells need to be repeated. When a working is successful, you should know it and there is usually no more need to repeat it. Though some workings do need to be reinforced every now and then.

For those who like to do their workings outdoors, the earth has vast energy reserves for people who know how to manipulate energy. The use of a pendulum can prove invaluable. Obtaining consistently accurate answers from a pendulum takes much practice and patience. One can begin with a map of a suitable area that is secluded for ritual work. By using a pencil in one hand and a pendulum in the other, a series of yes/no, questions can be asked to pinpoint a spot. The pendulum will begin to move rapidly in circles when taken to a spot out of doors where there are natural lines of earth energy.

Stones can be used to enhance a circle of power. The circle of power is for building and concentrating your energies before directing them at the desired goal. Stones containing quartz increase the power of the energies in the circle and act as transmitters. Circles are also used for protection and as barriers.

What to do Outside of the Magickal Working

Always remember, after any black magickal working to clean your aura and your chakras with a bright light, as that of the sun. When we use and draw upon negative or destructive energy, a residue can remain clinging to our auras. If this is left, it can cause problems, as energy tends to attract energy of the same wavelength. This is especially true with those who due to a lack of knowledge, invoke energy, instead of evoking it and then use it for destruction, thus creating a tie. Taking the time to clean your aura will rid your soul of anything negative that could cause you problems. Take your time at this. When you are able to see your aura brightened and your chakras as well, then ask your pendulum if you are completely cleansed. If not, ask what needs more work, going through your chakras one by one with yes/no questions that the pendulum is able to answer.

When finished with ANY ritual, it is important not to think about the ritual or your desired goal. Let the ritual alone to do its work, as dwelling, worrying or rehearsing the working can manifest the wrong energies and interfere. When we worry, or dwell on the outcome, we can sometimes alter the results we worked to influence. This is where void meditation is essential. Regular practice of void meditation gives us the ability to turn off unwanted thoughts and influences.

Workings of revenge and black magick are best done when the hated one is asleep. During sleep, the victim’s psychic defenses are down and the subconscious/suggestive mind is wide open.

Everyone should cleanse his/her aura and chakras on a daily basis. This is as essential as regular bathing. Unfortunately, due to the systematic removal of spiritual knowledge, few people know about their own souls, how to properly care for or keep them healthy. This can be done upon awaking, doesn’t take long, and can prevent illness, psychic attack and other negative energies from getting a hold. It will also enhance your charisma when interacting with others.

Magickal Evocation and Invocation

There are basically two ways of summoning an entity or working with energy: "Evocation" and "Invocation." Spiritual evocation is summoning an entity whether it be a Demon, spirit, deceased person, elemental, or energy, and the being appears outside of the operator. When working with energy, the energy is always on the outside of the operator and never inside his/her body. With evocation, there is never a direct tie or connection.

Invocation is taking the spirit into one’s self. The being actually enters the operator’s body. An example is invoking a Demon and the Demon speaks through the operator using his/her voice to communicate. Often when this happens, one’s voice may change, becoming deeper, raspy, or different in some way.

During séances, often the medium is able to produce a substance called "ectoplasm" to provide a luminescent material in order for the evoked spirit to manifest itself visibly. This is a form of invocation as there is a direct connection with the spirit and the medium.

Invocation of Demons

There are many different beings. One thing I have learned is with Satan’s Demons, when they enter us, they never harm us in any way. We are always conscious and fully aware. When they are speaking through us, we are aware of what they are saying and nothing is ever forced. One doesn’t experience gaps or "missing time" as those who invoke angelic beings have. Satan is the bringer of knowledge. He has no reason to cause anyone to forget something or have lapses in memory in order to hide something.

There are entities that are NOT of Satan and when they are invited in [usually these are angels or related ilk] they will take over and cause harm to the person who invoked them and the individual will not have any memory of the event. They will have missing time and more than likely other lingering problems as well.

Angels often masquerade as Demons. People who dabble with angels and other astral entities of whom they are not familiar with can experience these problems, and then of course, through ignorance and foolishness they blame "The Devil".

Some Demons come around and like to play. One time when was at work, a coworker showed me a photo of his girlfriend. I felt a Demon enter me and he said to me "go ahead". I began reading her. The co-worker was surprised at my accuracy. Of course, this was my Demon friend speaking through me.

Dangers of Evocation and Invocation in Magick

Most available texts on spells and magick, due to a lack of knowledge [all spiritual and magickal knowledge were removed and obliterated by the Christian Church], not only give wrongful instructions, but instructions that can also be very dangerous when working black magick, using death energy and other destructive forces to avenge injustices.

There is a great difference between evocation and invocation. When we invoke energy or spirits, we create a link to the energy or spirit through ourselves. Invocation also includes building up energy within one’s soul and discharging it through one’s aura and/or chakras. This creates a tie to the victim. Obviously, if one is using destructive or death energy, this can be very dangerous.

Most black magick spells that go wrong do so because of errors on the part of the mage. There are other reasons for a black magick working going wrong such as the victim having a powerful aura that is able to deflect negative energy; the victim is under powerful spiritual protection [if one is under Satan’s protection, nothing can touch him/her], or bad timing on the part of the mage. There can be other reasons, but the above are the most common.

Even white magick where healing is concerned can pose problems to the mage who invokes the energy before applying it. Any time energy is invoked, a powerful connection is established. Obviously, no one in his/her right mind would want to connect with a disease.

If the mage is working on money, personal power or some other positive application of energy, then invoking is desirable. This also goes for love spells and workings of lust.

One must know the difference when working a spell, as ignorance or misapplication of the above can result in a spell backfiring or other undesirable outcomes.

Example: Evoking Death Energy

The advanced mage should be familiar with this energy. Death energy is prevalent in mortuaries, cemeteries, places where wars were fought, where massacres occurred and other places of death. The energy is grey, dismal, and depressing.

  1. The mage should go into a trance, surround him/herself with the energy, but *NOT* take it into his/her body.
  2. The mage should direct the energy using his/her will and visualization into a ball or other form.
  3. The energy should be condensed tighter and tighter into the ball or form for power.
  4. The formed energy can then be expanded or contracted according to how the mage intends for it to be delivered to the victim.
    • If delivering to the victim’s chakras, the energy should be tightly compacted, and exploded or expanded upon entry into the victim's body.
    • If the energy is to collect and adhere to the victim’s aura, the energy should be expanded to envelope the entire aura. Variations can be used according to one’s individual preferences.

About Black Magick

Black Magick and Ethics

There are natural laws. One of them is a species or individual for that matter, who is unable to fight back and defend him/herself against others who seriously intend harm will either be enslaved by the aggressor or will cease to exist. Many species of plants and animals become extinct because they are unable to defend themselves. Our bodies are fighting continuously against invaders in the form of bacteria, viruses, and germs. If our cells stopped fighting and killing harmful invaders, we would quickly become sick and die. This is a fact of life and is a natural law.

People do things to and against other people in life because they know they can get away with it. Much of this is due to humanity as a whole residing on a very low level of spirituality, due to knowledge being forcibly removed and destroyed by the Christian Churches. There is rarely any serious justice and most people are indoctrinated to endure all kinds of injustices and abuse. This is in line with establishing a world-wide slave state, as slaves must tolerate injustice.

If everyone were spiritually empowered, there would be a lot more thoughtfulness and consideration for how we interact with others. Society and the human race as a whole would evolve to a higher level.

Ethics and a certain code of conduct is necessary for civilization to continue and individual self-control is also very important. Sometimes someone is having a bad day or things are said or done many times, unintentionally. However, if someone is seriously out to harm you or deprive you of justice, you have an obligation to fight back. Satanists are not victims.

How to be Competent with Black Magick

The working of Black Magick requires strength of mind and skill. Wiccans and others who have been indoctrinated by Christian anti-life teachings usually lack this skill and therefore are at a major disadvantage.

The stronger we become in mind and soul, the more powerful we are at all times. Regular power meditation, chakra work, and visualization are essential. One does not need to resort to ritual for retaliation. When we have a strong, focused mind, others will feel the effects when we think intensely of them or when we direct our energies. This is important to remember where family and loved ones are concerned. We all offend each other every now and then, but when we have a powerful mind and aura, we must remember this and be in control. Our anger can cause others to have accidents and misfortune, even when this is not our intention if we do not control our thoughts and our anger.

As for others who are purposely offensive, just focusing on them and letting your anger loose, with a strong, well-trained mind, will usually do the job. I have had things happen on my own, without having to do any rituals.

See also


Magick and Mental Health

The New Age movement, Wicca, many Eastern religions [such as modern Buddhism, which have been Judeo/Christianized], and others all advocate denial of expressing so-called "baser" emotions. This leads to poor mental health and worse. Catholic priests are a blatant example of the consequences of sexual repression. Sexual repression is about the worst, as the sex drive is as powerful as and is tied directly to the life force; it doesn’t just go away.

Emotional Denial and Its Impacts:

Most of us are familiar with psychiatry, counseling, psychology, and other mental health services. The methods used are standard. Most professionals prod the patient into expressing repressed feelings- anger, hatred, envy, resentment, and other related emotions, including repressed sexuality and sexual feelings. Acknowledging these repressed emotions sheds new light on the origins of serious hang-ups, neuroses, compulsions/obsessions and other serious mental health disorders. Many physical ailments are brought about by repressed emotions. Some of these end in death. These have a very detrimental effect upon one’s soul and spiritual being as well.

Anything that is repressed comes out in warped, distorted, and unhealthy ways. Many problems would be avoided if people would vent their feelings and stop repressing them. This isn’t about going on a rampage; it is just acknowledging one’s own feelings and letting them out. One should always be honest with one’s self.

By denying anger, hatred, jealousy, and other so-called "negative" emotions, one is laying a pattern for serious problems down the road. People who claim to love, love, and love, and deny their anger and hatred, take on that artificial alien deadpan smile that is so common amongst Christians in the advanced stages of Christianity. Inside, these people are extremely unbalanced and are literally like grenades with the pins pulled, just waiting to explode, either turning their pent up anger out on others or in upon themselves. This is extremely unhealthy. Yet, they consistently excuse the hatred and wrathful behavior of the false “God” they worship. This sets the stage for serious mental illness.

Material Denial:

Another common teaching is denial of materialism. The reason for this is so wealth and power can be kept in the hands of a few- the same people at the top who work to remove spiritual knowledge and replace it with Christianity, Islam, and other lies. Material possessions make life more enjoyable and are an extension of ourselves. There should be a healthy balance between spiritualism and materialism. The merging of the material with the spiritual is the key to attaining the godhead of the soul.

No one has a right to dictate to others how they should feel about someone or something. Ritual is often an excellent means of venting emotions. Anything that is consciously and intentionally repressed will cause serious problems later on.


The "Three-fold Law of Return"

Exposing This Lie and its Origins

The "Three-fold", the "Ten-fold", the "One-hundred-fold”; all of these were invented by a few human beings to frighten the masses, in order to maintain spiritual control. With the availability of knowledge in modern times, witchcraft could no longer be suppressed, so the oppressors had to find a way to keep it in line so real power and control can remain in the hands of a few. These few *know* the truth and are adepts in black magick which they use liberally to spiritually enslave the masses. They control the mainstream religions that are nothing but programs to suppress knowledge and control humanity. The article below exposes this lie for what it is:

"The first known reference in print to the three-fold law of return appeared in 1970 in ’Witchcraft Ancient and Modern’ by Raymond Buckland who was initiated into the craft by Gerald Gardner and was instrumental in introducing Gardnerian Witchcraft into the United States." - Rosemary Guiley, Witches and Withcraft, "Three-fold law of return", pp 340-341.

With enough research, it is evident that the "three-fold" emerged with the "Gardnerian Tradition". Then, we have the "seven-fold" and I’m sure everyone has heard of the "ten-fold". My point here is none of this recent man-made nonsense has anything to do with the original religions. Its sole purpose is to keep people from using their inborn power and to promote a passive attitude that is accepting of abuse. This is no different from the Christian Church.

"Harm no one":

This "three-fold teaching" was taken from the eastern concept of "karma" after it merged with Western Christianity. After the eastern teachings of karma picked up the Judeo/Christian overtones of divine punishment, the product evolved into yet another system of control with the same theme of keeping power in the hands of a few who know how to use it to exploit humanity. One thing led to another and Gerald Gardner added more to this and promoted the belief that witches must never use their powers to cause harm. Everybody has to take abuse and keep the passive attitude.

The Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what ye will." According to Gardner, the "creed" is derived from "Good King Pausol" who declared, "Do what you like so long as you harm no one." King Pausol is a fictitious character from the French novel by Pierre Louÿs (1870-1925): Les Adventures du Roi Pausole: Pausole (Souverain Paillard et Débonnaire) (1901 and reprinted in 1925 numerous times since), or The Adventures of King Pausole (The Bawdy and Good Natured Sovereign). This is the basis of "Wicca". Wicca is nothing more than a Christianized version of the old religions. Wiccans have taken selected rites and teachings to suit their whims, from the original religions and have twisted, corrupted and transformed them and are now passing themselves off as the original religion. The hypocrisy can be readily seen in the Gods they acknowledge.

The Gods and Goddesses in Wicca

Many, if not most of these Gods and Goddesses that they claim to worship, were the ones who brought the teachings of magick to humans, both white and black magick. They are known as "The Fallen Ones".

The original Horned God is Satan. In addition, few Wiccans bother to do any in-depth research regarding the Gods and Goddesses they commune with and worship. Most of these deities are of the Pantheon of Hell. Many Wiccans and modern Pagans also unknowingly mix their deities (Angels with Demons) and this can spell disaster. I read a long list of deities these people claim to worship and it is obvious they really know nothing much about them. Most of these writings consist of nothing but double talk, for example: how "Ishtar" should be evoked instead of "Ashtaroth" even though they are the same Goddess. They claim using the name "Ashtaroth" is different, even though they readily admit she is the same Goddess.

Satanism and "Wicca":

According to author Raymond Buckland, Wiccans claim their religious roots to be evident in a Paleolithic cave painting of a man dressed in stag skins presumably performing a dance. "Caverne des Trois Freres at Ariege France" is the site of this cave painting. It is just that- a man dressed up in animal skins and is no proof of anything.

Satanism has often served as the scapegoat for these new age religions and movements, whose adherents view themselves as so good and perfect. Wicca is a Christianized corruption of the old pagan religions. Wicca is the Judeo/Christianized version of witchcraft. One of the major goals of Christianity is to destroy the past and replace it with fictitious versions that conform to the lie of Christianity. Recently, they have been working to turn the religion into a Goddess cult, by gradually getting rid of the Horned God so there will be fewer and fewer ties with the original religions. Wicca is a bogus movement, not based upon the facts, but like Christianity, it is based upon stolen and altered rites and teachings. Like Christianity, it depends upon the ignorance of its followers to thrive.


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Witchcraft Ancient and Modern by Raymond Buckland

Fighting Back

One of the most important reasons we clean our auras is to rid ourselves of all of the negative energy that we encounter on a daily basis. Much of this comes from others in our immediate environment. The workplace can be especially troublesome as well as the home for many.

Negative people include those who forever whine and complain, but do nothing to try to alleviate their situations, those who are forever putting others down to make themselves feel better or to divert their attentions from their own personal worthlessness, those who blame everyone else for their woes, those who take out their anger and frustrations through abusing others, and the list goes on endlessly.

Satanists do not take abuse.

The Meditation

There is a very simple meditation one who is experiencing the effects of another’s negative output can do:

  1. Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly, as you do not want to trap in any negative energy.*
  2. Expand your consciousness to your aura and *feel* your aura.
  3. Relax and tune into your aura.
  4. Visualize your aura as an outline and protective barrier. The outline should be brilliant white light like the Sun because white light deflects everything.
  5. State this affirmation: “My aura is powerfully and totally deflecting [name of offender’s] negative energy in every way and sending it directly back to him/her.”

This meditation should be done with intent and the affirmation repeated when you come into contact with an offensive individual. Just visualize and feel your aura, same as is in the above and repeat the affirmation a few times, [three times is fine here, once you have it programmed into your aura] and watch that person’s negativity destroy him/her, instead of affecting the people who must tolerate being in the same vicinity.

No Satanist should ever have to put up with or take abuse. The average person absorbs the negative energy and suffers accordingly after the negativity has built up. The offending individual benefits by venting hostility or negativity on others and often thrives on it. The people who unknowingly absorb the energy can suffer anything from depression to illness and get caught in a vortex of negative energy, while providing the offensive individual with a negative outlet. The above meditation puts a stop to this, but remember, it must be reinforced frequently.

In addition to the above, visualize the negative energy the offender is sending out, grey in color, and direct it right back to his/her aura, clinging to it. Remember to clean your aura afterwards.

Cleaning Your Aura

*TO FULLY CLEAN YOUR AURA, recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, while visualizing yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light. Focus the vibration into your entire soul. You can choose whichever mantra for the Sun you feel comfortable working with, as both are effective: "SURYA" SUUU-RR-YAH or "RAUM" RR-AHH-UUU-MMM. [Be sure to roll your R's]. Vibration is much more effective in cleaning the aura.

How to Clean Your Aura

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The Importance of Environment

Example of choosing a bad Environment for a ritual

Back in 1534, Benvenuto Cellini, an Italian Renaissance painter wanted to experience a "magickal operation." He met with a Sicilian priest versed in the art of ritual magick, a friend Vincentio Romoli, a 12-year-old boy, and a second magician, accompanying the priest. Cellini wanted the love of a woman. Of all the places to choose for a ritual, they went to the Roman Coliseum.

They cast a nine-foot circle and after an hour and a half, some spirits showed up and communicated to the group. They related that Cellini would have his love within one month. Then something went terribly wrong. More and more spiritual entities kept coming and then began getting aggressive. Within a short time, "there were too many spirits present." The 12-year-old boy screamed, "They were all being menaced by a million of the fiercest men they had ever seen." "Four giants, fully armed, were trying to force their way into the circle." The child cried out that "the Coliseum was on fire and that flames were rolling towards them."

The group huddled together in terror, the magician threw more asafetida on the fire in piles, and after a while, the spirits left in a fury. The group stayed huddled until morning and only a few spirits remained "and these at a distance." Upon leaving and running home, a couple of spirits chased them.

The proper Environment

The Roman Coliseum of all places was a very poor choice for a love ritual. One person dying a violent death gives off negative energy, but thousands of violent deaths along with the all of the death emotions- the Gladiators, lions and other wild animals ripping people to shreds, and the intense violence leaves its mark for centuries.

A proper environment with energy that is in tune with the goals of the ritual is important, obviously unwanted influences can affect a ritual or magickal operation for the worst.

Music, thoughts, recalling past experiences or fantasies are important as well to creating a mood and environment supportive to the goals of the ritual.

Reference: Magick: The Power to Change Your World by J. H. Brennan © 1998

Working Rituals Outdoors

Locating Areas of Power

There is a lot to be said for performing rituals and magick outdoors. The earth energies act to enhance one’s inner energy and ability. A quiet place should be selected where one is free from distractions. Using a pendulum to locate an area is also a help. One should be adept with pendulums as they can give "off" readings to those who are less experienced.

To use a pendulum, open a map of the area in which you wish to use and point with a pencil, pen or whatever to specific locations on the map, asking the pendulum whether or not the specific location would be supportive of your workings. You can also ask the pendulum where the most powerful earth energies are located. Take your pendulum to the spot and walk around. If intense earth energies are present, your pendulum will begin to circle. Over really potent spots, it will nearly circle so fast, it will go into a spin.

Using Stone Circles

Stone circles are ideal for enhancing earth energies and for a place to build your psychic energies and powers. The color of the stones is important (see the chapter on color). Using brown stones will amplify the earth energy to be directed into your working. Brown stones will also amplify your psychic ability and attract earth spirits.

Ritual Procedure
  1. You should begin by marking your area and placing your stones around the marked area.
    • There should also be four points within your circle where you will invoke the Four Crowned Princes of Hell (and invoke the four elements for advanced mages).
      • These four points should correspond to directions as you would for a standard ritual. Lighted candles should be at the four points.
  2. You can also invite Demon friends into the circle with you.
    • You should be able to feel their presence, or for those of us who are advanced, to see them in the circle with you.
  3. After you have assembled your circle and are ready to begin, it is important to breathe in form the earth and visualize a powerful electric blue light coming up from your feet and into your hand, holding the athame.
  4. Point the athame, direct the light to the tip, and mark your circle, visualizing the blue light and drawing a counterclockwise circle with it.
  5. The energies raised need to be directed to your specific goal.
    • When they peak, gather them into a glowing ball or other form of your choosing, send the form on its way with instructions, and visualize the energy penetrating your target.
  6. When you are finished, blow out the candles, north, then west, south then east.
  7. Using your index finger pointing, erase all of the blue light of the circle, moving clockwise in a smooth, slow sweep.
  8. Thank your Demon friends (if you had any accompany you) and scatter the stones.

You can also use the power of a stone circle to meditate in. This will act to enhance your energy. Meditation can be done sitting or lying down. Use the blue light for all of your workings.

Satanism is one with nature.

The Four Cardinal Points

Each cardinal point is not only associated with a specific Demon/ess, but also with an element, ritual tool, color and quality. The four directions of the earth are not only spiritual, but scientific in the way of how they align earth energies with magnetism and gravitational pull. By facing a certain direction and connecting with the energies, one can amplify power.


The north has always been known as a source of great power. The “heavens” revolved around the North Star. The ancient peoples aligned their temples with this star. The sun never touched the cardinal point north. It was associated with darkness, mystery and the unknown. Because of the Pagan reverence for north, the Christian Church associated it with the Devil. Graveyards were seldom, if ever placed on the north side of a church. The north side was used for unbaptized children, criminals, reprobates, and suicides. Many churches throughout Europe have a north door called “the Devil’s door” which was traditionally opened after baptisms to “let the exorcised Demon escape.” Most of these doors have been long since bricked up. The north is associated with the element of earth, the new phase of the moon, the pentagram, darkness, secrecy, and the color black. Some people align their altars to the north.


Solar energy, the Sun, the color red, the magick wand and the element of fire are associated with the south. This is the quarter of the will, directing and channeling the psychic energy and forces of nature. Water running south has long been known to have magickal properties and was a popular ingredient that medieval witches used in their spells. The south represents intellect and knowledge and attainment as the Sun reaches its climax in the southern sky [for northerners anyway].


The east is the quarter of illumination, enlightenment, the mystical, and the eternal. It is of the element of air, the athame, the color silver, and the morning star, which is Lucifer’s star. In most traditions, the altar is aligned to the east. When a circle is cast for a coven, the High Priest/ess usually positions the gate for everyone to enter in, at the northeast. As the Sun rises in the east and the Sun is very important in Satanism, as it is of the all-important solar chakra 666 of the soul, facing east is important for many rituals. The direction east has the most power, especially in the early morning hours right before the Sun rises.


The element of water represents the subconscious, emotions, the chalice, the color blue, and the psyche. It rules over mediumship, spirit contact, and telepathic communication. West is a good direction to face when working to rid yourself of something or for diminishing things, as the Sun sets in the west and this creates a gravitational pull upon the earth, similar to the phases of the moon with a waning moon.

See also: The Elements

Astrological Timing

Main article: The Importance of Astrological Timing

Timing your magick with the phases of the Moon is essential for success. Like the Void of Course Moon, there are times when the energies of the universe are working against us. When certain planets retrograde, the planets and what they represent throw contrary energies.

Using Props in Magick

People have used props for thousands of years to assist in their focus during magickal workings. Poppits, herbs that burn and sting to induce pain and anger, stone circles, and anything else that would help to create the proper mood, help to stimulate and intensify the right emotions, and help to direct one’s energy and focus are known as "props".

This is all individual. Some people enjoy ceremonial magick and do their best workings when using props. Others work best by just focusing their mind alone. The important thing is getting results. If something works for you, then use it. Remember, what may work best for one person may not for another. Go with what you are comfortable with and what produces the best results for you as an individual.

Beginner Use

Props definitely help in beginning magick as they provide a focus. One should be powerful enough to influence one’s environment using the power of one’s mind alone without having to rely upon props.

Advanced Use

Advanced working with props is a different matter and requires infusing them with energy or binding thoughtforms or souls into them. Here is where props have real power and can become magickal assistants within themselves.

Props in Witchcraft

Overcoming Obstacles

If you have been consistently putting your energies into something that hasn't manifested, or has manifested in a much different way than you intended, it is important to find out why. In addition, it is very important to *really* want what you are working towards. Make sure what you are putting your energies into is what you really want. Look to what kinds of changes getting what you desire will create in your life. Make sure you are totally ok with the changes. In some cases, subconscious barriers such as fear of change, or something else that will result from you attaining your desire, can ruin a working, even if you aren't aware of this consciously. It is important to really know yourself.

Failure in Magick

Common reasons for failure in magick are:

1. Power Level

Not having enough personal spiritual power to obtain the focus of the working. The more power your soul/spirit has, the more easily you will obtain what you want. This is analogous to the physical self, lifting or moving something. If you are not strong enough, it can be very difficult to impossible. The same applies to working magick.

2. Lack of Awareness

Due to a lack of awareness, you destroy what you are trying to create. What I mean by this is repeating certain phrases over and over, that are contrary to what you are trying to achieve. Every cell in our body is a thinking living unit that makes up the part of the whole. This is what is referred to as the "mind-body". There is a very powerful connection here. You ARE what you think, ESPECIALLY, if you practice power meditation and/or have a more powerful soul.

By phrases, I am referring to:

"My ulcers, my flu, my heart condition…" etc. DON'T *OWN* THE DISEASE!!!!! How many times a day do you hear people repeating and repeating this negativity?? How can you expect to heal and get well when you OWN the disease???? Instead, say "THE ulcers, THE flu"… Get it??? Don't own ANY disease.

3. Body Language

Don't use body language.

One man kept saying, “I’d give my right arm if….” Yes, it was a figure of speech, but he lost his arm in a car accident and what he stated ironically came true. Now, most average everyday people can say and think what they please and otherwise as their minds are not powerful and little if anything results from their thoughts. This is not the case with people who have stronger auras, through either power meditation and/or from past lives. Be aware of what you think and what you say.

4. Loving Ill Health

Detach yourself from the disease/illness.

You have to be 100% that you don't want it, and you certainly don't need it. I have read in New Age books where scum of the toilet authors tell readers to "love their disease". THAT IS THE MOST SUICIDAL ADVICE THERE IS!! I am appalled at how those idiot fools with their xianized, corrupted, and desecrated "witchcraft" put limitation after limitation in their way and train others to do so because of downright FEAR and STUPIDITY! THAT IS SICK!! As for "karma", ALL karma can be overcome through KNOWLEDGE and the APPLICATION OF THAT KNOWLEDGE! Satan gives us that very knowledge.

5. "I can't ..."

Don't keep saying "I don't have any money", "I can't afford it", "I am broke", etc. Even if it is true, don't keep reinforcing this, especially if you are working towards money coming to you. Instead, say to yourself: "HOW can I afford this?" Meaning, where there is a will, there is a way and solution to affording it. Turn negative statements around and counteract them with "Lots of free and easy money is coming to me easily and effortlessly", for example. As for the above example, instead of saying "I can't afford it" for something you really want to own, instead, say: "This is mine." Remember, affirmations should always be said in the present tense.

Hangup's and Overcoming Them:

Other obstacles include unconscious hang-ups and barriers. With this sort of thing, you first off, have to know yourself. Reasons and life experiences are individual here and as numerous as the stars. The first step in overcoming the problem here is to ask your mind- why?

"Why isn't this working the way I want it to?" "Why am I not healing"? "Why isn't money coming to me?" and so forth.

Some people have hang-ups that go way back into early childhood or even previous lifetimes. Finding the underlying cause of your problem and knowing what the problem IS, and you are already half-way to solving it. If the problem involves another person, then you have to work there and dissolve the obstacle(s) before stepping up to the main working.

If you know what the obstacle is, then put your meditations and energies into destroying this obstacle. For example, if you are hung up on punishing yourself from childhood or whatever, you can put your energies into undoing this, for example, going into a trance and filling yourself full of positive energy and affirming, "I am free from punishing myself. I forgive myself" (in cases where you are carrying a lot of guilt).

For those of us who have studied astrology and such in depth, we know most often, fate has a hand in tragedy. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people… etc., Some people have lived their lives carrying around guilt and punishing themselves for something that wasn't their fault. This is not always the case, but the deal is, if you want to be successful in healing or any other kind of magick where you attract what you desire, you cannot have self-hatred for obvious reasons!

If there are obstacles, then work your magick to destroy those obstacles before you work on the main goal(s). One all-purpose affirmation is: "Any and all obstacles preventing me from having __________, are being destroyed and completely dissolved."

In closing, as I mentioned before, the more powerful your aura/soul are, the easier it is to get what you want with lesser effort and time. I speak from experience here, where personal power is concerned. Performing so-called "miracles" only requires a powerful soul/aura and the knowledge to use it.

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  1. From mid-December of 2002 through mid-April of 2003, myself and four others freed over 100 Demons. This was accomplished through sex magick. At the point of orgasm, we connected our souls to the souls of each of the Demons and transferred energy from each of our chakras to their chakras. This was a very rewarding experience. After the energy was transferred, each one bolted wings.