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Pendulum Practice

Everything takes practice, patience, and above all persistence in the psychic realm. Most pendulum adepts have worked with their pendulums for years. When one is advanced, a pendulum can reveal practically anything.

For those of you who are serious about becoming proficient with a pendulum, I suggest you start out with asking the pendulum several unimportant questions at the beginning of your day, questions that pertain to events you know will occur during your day.

For example: Will it rain today? Will I receive money today? Will I get off from work early today? Ask easy questions that are not of any great importance, as emotions and desires very much affect the answers we receive and this is where inaccuracy can step in. Record the questions in your black book/book of shadows/journal. At the end of your day go through each question and write the answer and note whether the pendulum was accurate or not. You can also use your pendulum for finding lost or misplaced items. Always record the accuracy in your black book.

After several months, you should notice a lot of improvement in your accuracy. If you want to advance further, try asking the pendulum questions using a map.

When recording your work in your black book, it is often helpful to note the time of day, the Moon phase, the weather and other phenomena. For ladies, including your time in your menstrual cycle is also very important. I have found this affects us more than most are aware of as it has to do with the Moon. Remember, it is always important to be as relaxed as possible when working with a pendulum as to access the right/psychic side of your brain, which operates through the pendulum.

Using a Pendulum

Sometimes, we need easy answers to things. With time, patience and persistence in practice, a pendulum is usually accurate, easy to use and takes little time. It is important to have a quiet setting where you are free from outside influences and will not be disturbed. Always bear in mind regarding divination, that if you feel very strongly, you may influence the divination tool you are working with and it may produce incorrect answers. It takes time, opening and empowering your mind and soul through meditation and also working with a pendulum on a regular basis and keeping a journal [a black book] to record the answers it gives you and whether it was accurate or not. You should also include the date, the time you worked with the pendulum, the phase of the Moon, the weather and if possible, the planets, such as Mercury being retrograde.

Begin by taking something like a small crystal, pendent, ring or other small lightly weighted object and attaching it to a necklace chain, string, ribbon, or some other kind of strand. This should be only kept for divination purposes and not for other uses. Your personal pendulum will be infused with your energy, the same as is with a Satanic Rosary or other ritual item and should be treated with respect and put away when you are not using it.

Hold the strand with your fingertips and let the weighted part hang. For those who are new and or inexperienced with using a pendulum, it is a good idea to place yourself into a trance when working with a pendulum. Once you are confident in obtaining correct answers, you no longer need to be in the trance state. Now ask a question you know the answer to, like what day it is. Start out by asking yes or no questions. See what the pendulum does and get a feel for it.

I have found swinging right/left, like shaking ones head to imply no, means no and forward/backward like a nodding of the head means yes. When it goes in circles, the answer is uncertain. The wider the swing of the pendulum, the more accurate the answer. Pendulums can also be asked questions regarding how much, how many. The pendulum will swing, stop, swing again, and continue to do so a number of times before it completely stops.

For finding lost items, take the pendulum around the area and ask it if you are near the lost item. Spirits can also communicate to us through pendulums. We can concentrate and focus on the name of the spirit or Demon we wish to contact. The pendulum is an excellent way to communicate with Demons. With Demons, the pendulum can be placed over a drawing of or copy of the sigil and asked questions.

The Various Uses for a Pendulum

Pendulums are an excellent means for communicating with the spirit world, checking the accuracy of other readings and divinations and many other different things.


In a Room:

Hold the pendulum and ask where the object is located. The pendulum will swing in the direction of the lost object.

In a House:

Ask the pendulum, room by room, i.e., is it in the kitchen? Yes/no, bathroom and so on until you narrow it down. Then go into the room and section it off.

On a Map:

Start by asking if the missing person or object is in the area of the map. (For missing persons, it is helpful to have a photo and an item he or she has touched or worn). Hold the pendulum in the hand you normally use to divine with it and a pointer or pencil in the other. Point to places on the map, until you narrow it down and go from there.


Ask - "Am I facing the right direction to find ____?" If the pendulum swings foreword or backward, you are moving in the right direction. In circles, move with the circle slowly, until it swings foreword and backward.

You can also draw a floor plan of a house or building and use the map method.

Outdoor Ritual Sites:

Try using a map at first to pinpoint a good area. Places where Ley Lines and other energies on the Earth grid intersect are powerful spots to perform all kinds of rituals. The pendulum will circle so fast when positioned over these areas, it will nearly be parallel to the Earth. The stronger the energies, the faster the pendulum will spin.

Past Lives:

You can write dates on separate small pieces of paper or cards and space them out, evenly on a table. Ask about your past life and the pendulum will swing in the direction of the paper with the accurate date. You can keep going back this way in time. You can do the same with continents, narrow it down to countries in which you lived. People you now know and their relationship to you in a past life. Put on separate pieces of paper- lover, friend, spouse, family member and so on. Name the person and ask the question.


Ask about each area of your body or ask the aura of someone you want to know about. Keep narrowing down the questions with each answer you receive from the pendulum.


Be careful here, as mistakes can be costly, but you can take the pendulum to a casino and ask if this is a table or slot machine you can win big at quickly and easily. The same can be done when betting on horses and so on. *It pays to be real experienced before you start going for the money.


A pendulum can tell you all sorts of things about other people. A photo or personal item of the person in question is a big help, but is not necessary. Just hold the pendulum over the item and ask questions.

Places to go to Shop, or get Repairs done:

Just open the phone book and ask where is the most inexpensive and the best quality place for what you want. Name places and the pendulum will answer yes/no. A pendulum can also be helpful in diagnosing car trouble before pulling everything apart or taking it to a shop.


Ask what kind of incense to burn, the best time to perform the ritual, the best place, candle colors and so on.


For simple contact of a Demon, place the pendulum over the Sigil of the particular Demon and begin asking questions.

Tarot Cards:

Lay out several Tarot Cards as possible answers to a question. Ask the question and the pendulum will begin swinging in the direction of the card with the answer, until a yes is reached when it is placed directly above the card.

Any yes or no questions can be accurately answered with a pendulum. Small cards or papers with names of people, places or things can be lined up from left to right and the pendulum will start swinging in the direction of the card or piece of paper with the answer.

The pendulum should swing widely, as this is a definite yes or no. Circles are uncertain and a small swing is not so sure.

Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards are excellent for contacting and having conversations with Demons and spirits. I prefer to work the board alone, as another person is a distraction and prevents any real intimacy with the spirit contact.

For those of you who are new to this, make sure the board is on a completely level surface. It is important to enter into a trance when using a Ouija Board.

Place your fingertips lightly on each side of the planchette. Soon it will gently begin to pull. Just relax and let it work. It can take a few minutes to get going. It is important to be free from distractions and not to be disturbed.

My experience is I sort of go into a trance. Like when scrying or invoking spirits of the deceased, everything else in the room is blocked out. My total focus is on the board. It is sort of like an aura around all of the edges of the board and my attention is completely locked in and nothing else outside of me, exists. This is just my own experience, we are all individuals, so some of your own experiences may be different.

I am finding more and more, the higher ranking the Demon, the more energy you will feel. I have a Demon who is close to me and last night I conversed with him, using the board. I don't remember how long I was using the board. This was for quite a while. He asked me to say something specific out loud. When I did, I really felt powerful energy light up like a flame inside of me.

When we have very close contact with or invoke Demons, we can feel their energy. My skin still feels sensitized, like with a fever or sunburn, only no pain, even this morning. Demonic energy is electrifying. Satan's energy is different, as I'm sure many of you have experienced during and after rituals. It is calming and beautiful.

Demons come to us through telepathy and astral projection. It is my experience that Demons project differently than humans. With humans, you can see the connecting strands and when they leave, they snap back out quickly. Books say the cords connecting the soul to the body are silver colored. The ones I saw with one experience were copper. I have never seen strands with Demons, but I know the higher ranking ones physically exist in another world. There are some Demons who can stay with us at all times, to protect us. These Demons are lesser as they are in spirit form.

The more you use a Ouija Board, the better you will become in working it. When we establish a close relationship with a Demon, all we have to do is tune into them and they will usually come to us. Demons are to help us spiritually advance.

The three methods to use Ouija Boards

Each of us is individual and will have slightly different experiences in using a Ouija board and receiving messages:

  1. The automatic method: In this case, the planchette moves automatically, without the operator knowing what the spirit concerned is going to say. Messages in foreign languages will also be received, even in languages the operator does not know and has never heard before. If this happens, it is important to remember and to write the message down on paper.
  2. The inspirational method: This is the most common: here the messages will be given in a sort of thinking aloud inside one's mind. In this case, one practically knows beforehand what the spirit is about to communicate. By frequent repetition this inspiration will become a passive listening type of communication. One will perceive messages from the one's mind or from outside of the self. This is sort of like dictation, in that the words come into your mind and then your hands move the planchette.
  3. The intuitive method: This is where you have the feeling as if you moved the planchette yourself. Any questions will be answered instantly. The planchette spells out words and sentences in full consciousness, without the operator hearing anything or being inspired in any way.

The methods also can appear of a mixed kind, for example half automatic and half inspirational or intuitive and inspirational or all together. Which of the methods will be the dominant one will only be known after a long period of exercising. Each of the methods is good and reliable, provided you are using it honestly and candidly. Practice makes perfect!* Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

Warnings about Negative Entities

One thing I wish to add here. Ouija Boards can be open to anything and everything. It is true that some people have had bad and/or upsetting experiences. Know that not all spirits are friendly or of Satan. If you happen to come into contact with a negative entity, end the Ouija session and do not think of the entity anymore. If you have a Guardian Demon/ess, summon him/her and ask for assistance in getting rid of the negative entity.

Normally Ouija Boards present no problem and are safe to use. No one should ever fear. In the case of a negative entity, the longer the contact, the more the entity can intrude into your world. Several Joy of Satan members have stated that they always ask any entity if he/she is of Satan. Enemy spirits will not reply back and will usually leave on their own. With performing the dedication to Satan, we have his protection as we advance in power and spiritual knowledge. This includes working with Ouija Boards. As with anything else, the environment in which you are working the board matters.

Using and Empowering a Black Mirror

Scrying can be a useful means to contact Demons and spirits, to foretell the future, and to secure answers to questions. A black mirror is ideal for these purposes. Traditionally, Obsidian was the material of choice in the making of a black mirror, but the method described below works just as well.

The cycle of the Full Moon is the best time to create a black mirror, as the moon rules the third eye and the psyche. Any frame for a photograph can serve as a base for a black mirror. Take the glass from the picture frame and paint one side of it with black enamel. You will probably need to use several coats of paint. Oil based enamels are lasting, but they can take a long time to dry. Be sure to leave the glass to completely dry before placing it back in the frame.

Substitutions for a black mirror include a dark bowl of black liquid or a shiny black object, large enough to focus upon. Black crystal balls are also available. I have found average everyday mirrors to work in a dimly lit room [candlelight is perfect]. The empowering ritual below is for advanced meditators and is very effective. If you are not advanced, you can still use a black mirror with results and wait until you are more experienced to perform the empowering ritual.

Empowering Ritual

During a full Moon, go outside if possible, some place where you have a bit of privacy. Enter into a slight trance; breathe in energy from the Moon into your third eye on the inhale, and on the exhale, vibrate "Inanna" E-E-E-E-E-N-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H focusing, so you can feel it in your third eye. Do this 30 times, then condense the energy from the Moon in your third eye and circulate this energy to your solar chakra and back to your third eye nine times, ending with the energy stored in your solar chakra. Place a paper or parchment of the Sigil of Astaroth on top of the face of the black mirror, and place both on your altar, if you have one. Astaroth is the Goddess of prophesy.

Write the following prayer on a clean piece of paper:

Hear me Lord Satan, I ask in your name, that your forces bestow the powers of prophesy upon this mirror; that I may use this magickal medium to contact any Demons I may call forth, to scry upon for the revelation of secrets, and knowledge that is unknown to me.

In the name of Satan/Lucifer, I petition Ashtaroth, to bestow the blessing of prophesy and all the powers related, thereof upon this mirror. All of this, I ask in your name, Lord Satan. So it is done.

At the height of your ritual, recite the prayer aloud and when finished light it in the flame of a black candle on the left side of your altar. Place the burning paper in a flameproof bowl to burn.

Now, take the energy stored in your heart chakra and release it into the mirror by exhaling it- chanting g- g- g-g-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh. The vibration is done with a hard G as in the English word "Get" without the ’t.’ The base of your tongue should be as close as possible to the back of your throat when you vibrate the Gebo rune. Gebo is Astaroth’s rune and is used with workings involving powers of the heart chakra. The heart chakra, shaped like a yoni, is neuter and is a connector. With each exhale, vibrate the energy into your mirror. Visualize the energy entering the mirror. It should be indigo [bluish-violet] in color [there may be some green or swirls of it] and grow with intensity upon each exhale. You should be able to judge when the mirror is fully empowered and feel the energy leaving you.

Using the Mirror

Position the mirror so it is at a comfortable level. You should be sitting comfortably when scrying. The room should be quiet and dimly lit, preferably with candlelight. There should be no outside disturbances.

To begin a scrying session, enter into a trance, and imagine the mirror is black liquid water, jet-black like a well. Fix your gaze upon the mirror. The mirror will eventually brighten to gray and images of clouds will begin to form. Be patient, for the ability to see images of spirits and events will come with practice.

It is best to become familiar with your mirror before calling up any Demons or spirits or using it for any serious divination. At first, nearly everyone sees clouds. This is a normal and a positive sign. With experience and persistence, one will advance to seeing other visions that will occur at random. These visions will be uncontrolled.

With experience, one will be able to call upon visions at will. An adept can experience visions that involve all five senses when scrying into the mirror; this can take some time, persistence and practice. Demons can touch the scryer, carry on lengthy conversations, and interact on a more personal level. The visions can begin to exist outside of the mirror and on all sides and surround the scryer.

When not in use, the mirror should be wrapped in silk to keep energy from escaping. It should be kept in a safe place where others will not disturb it. The energy will need to be replenished every so often. You will have to place your mirror in a window or out of doors under a full Moon to absorb the lunar energies. To do this, breathe in energy from the Moon into your heart chakra or third eye and exhale it into the mirror from your hand chakras. If you are open, you will see with your third eye, and feel when the mirror is fully empowered, and sense when it needs to be recharged.

Using the Elements For Divination Purposes (Advanced)

It is imperative one has at least some experience with invoking the elements for working this type of divination successfully.

A generally high level of advancement is required to divine properly through the elements. The four main elements can be used to this in order to divine properly.

These methods are heavily related to one's general level of advancement, and one's own level of psychic capacity. The elements are used as focusing points and as contact with the actual element. The chance of failure can be high or to the point of deception and/or no answer received if one does not have proper advancement on the elements.

These methods are advanced and one is warned strongly to return to other forms of divination until the other ones are perfected, to have better results with these.

Water remains the best element for divination, as the natural ruler of divination of all the elements.

Divination by Fire

To divine through the use of fire, generally fire is not the most empathetic element, yet divination through fire will work for people who are closer to this element. The technique is as following:

  1. Sit comfortably in front of a fire, such as a brazier or a fireplace, that has a sufficient amount of fire. Invoke in one or two breaths the element of fire.
  2. One has to be experienced into putting themselves in a trance, but in this case, with one's eyes open or slightly open.
  3. While gazing at the fire in a comfortable position, start asking your questions. You can even only put your mind to think of the questions. Take relaxing breaths.
  4. Gazing on the fire, remain open to see visions, images, or, depending on the capability for trance and talent for divination, whole visions. For the fire itself, one must pay attention on the fire itself: If it grows on a question, it can be a yes. If it shrinks, it can be a no. One has to develop experience with reading the fire.
  5. Connection here is everything and one's intuition will be able to decide whether or not information perceived is accurate.
  6. After one divination session, to avoid meddling of the energies, the fire is to be put out and the ashes disposed.

Divination by Water

To divine through the use of water, you can fill a bowl [the color could be black or white], or a small pool of water [where you can see your reflection]. You can sit slightly above this pool, and you should not get into it as the sensation of running water might interefere with the focus. The technique to divine with water is as following:

  1. Sit comfortably in front of a pool or bowl of water [to where you can see your reflection] think intently of your questions or say them in a silent voice. Invoke in one or two breaths the element of water.
  2. One has to be experienced into putting themselves in a trance, but in this case, with one's eyes open or slightly open.
  3. At this state, gazing into the bowl or pool, ask your questions mentally or with a low voice. Take relaxing breaths.
  4. While gazing on the bowl or pool of water, remain open to see any visions, images, or, depending on the capability for trance and talent for divination, whole visions. These will appear on the water. If the water is alive and outside, getting moved by air, the ripples may be more revealing of information. The water might appear to be ripping on it's own.
  5. An example of using water divination, is by also using oil. As you ask the question as in step 4, but at the same time, dropping the drops of oil into the water. An example: "Will X and X separate [about a romantic relationship"?] If the drops of oil separate far, the couple might separate. If the oil remains all in one position, the couple may not separate.
  6. The water on the bowl is to be discarded, and you must never divine with dirty or putrid water.

Divination by Earth

This one is tricky as the Earth element is not the most psychic of elements. But there is a method to divination with the Earth element also. The technique to divine with Earth is as following:

  1. Fill a cart or a bowl with soil, preferably wild and living soil that is used in gardening or already present in forests. Ideally, this should be after it has rained. It should be sufficient enough for you to be able to run your hands through it. It should be plenty, but not too much.
  2. One has to be experienced into putting themselves in a trance, but in this case, with one's eyes open or slightly open. Invoke in one or two breaths the element of earth.
  3. At this state, gazing into the soil, and run your hands through the soil to get a feeling for it.
  4. While running your hands through the soil, ask your question silently and raise some soil with your palms. As you have asked the question, throw it on the rest of the soil. The soil on top that was thrown will create shapes that are to be analyzed and meditated upon for images, visions, shapes and so on.
  5. Another way to do this is to dip your own hands inside the soil. Ask questions as you move them around the soil. If you feel there is resistence, or change of temperature, this can be indicated as a no. For example, is "X going to divorce X?". If you get a cold sensation on the hands, it may mean that their marriage is cold. If you run on pieces of wood within the soil, this might mean obstacles.

Divination by Air

This one is also quite tricky, and has a high chance of the messages being misunderstood, so it has the highest chance of failure because of how many things can affect it. The technique to divine with Air.

  1. Find an open space and a time where the air clean and blowing. This could be during a windy day.
  2. Sitting on this, meditate strongly on the air around you. Invoke in one or two breaths the element of air.
  3. One has to be experienced into putting themselves in a trance, but in this case, with one's eyes open or slightly open.
  4. At this state, trying to feel the air, ask your questions mentally or with a low voice. Take relaxing breaths.
  5. Generally on air divination, there will be no elaborate visions or anything of the sort. The results should be analyzed by the air itself.
  6. Questions such as "Will X and X divorce", might be answered by a strong gust of angry wind. This can indicate that yes, they might divorce. Alternatively, there may be a soft breeze, indicating the couple will remain together.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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