Witchcraft: Intermediate Exercises

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Image Magick

Image magick has been used for centuries. The basic idea is that using some object to represent a victim, what is done to the object is done to the victim. This practice goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

For best results, use a personal belonging of the victim’s that has their vibes in it to construct the poppit:

  • A photo
  • a small article of clothing
  • car keys
  • small personal possessions
  • hair
  • fingernail clippings
  • sexual fluids
  • even dirt taken from a footprint can be used

There are endless possibilities, as long as the article has a close connection in some way with the enemy.

Poppets were often constructed from wax or clay in the old days. Wax can be hard to work with. It is best to construct the image to be sturdy and not soft, if you plan to inflict any serious damage. The poppit should be constructed to take abuse.

Image Creation

  1. Take whatever you have and use it in the construction of the image.
    • Clothing articles may have to be cut to size. What is left over can be saved for the ritual working.
  2. A doll can be sewn and stuffed with what you have obtained.
    • Wax, clay or the like can be molded and blended with pieces of the victim’s personal belongings.
  3. While constructing this image, chant aloud, or inside your head, the name of the enemy it represents, over and over as long as it takes to complete the image.
    • This should be a mantra of hatred.
  4. While chanting, focus intensely on the wrongs this person has committed and your hatred towards them.
  5. When it is finished, write or engrave the enemy's name upon it.

The Ritual Procedure

  1. You can perform a full ritual, where at the height of the ritual, you present the poppet, read aloud or to yourself the wrongs the enemy has committed against you and the curse you wish to inflict.
  2. When you are finished reading, burn the paper the curse was written on in the flame of a black candle.
    • I have a silver burning bowl where I place my requests or whatever after I have lit them.
  3. While the paper is burning and for a while afterwards, focus all of your anger and hatred upon the enemy, chanting their name repeatedly.
    • This is the time to drive nails into the image, roast it over the fire, twist it, and mutilate it or whatever.
  4. Go over the offenses; get all of the anger out until you are completely exhausted.
  5. At this point, the image can either be burned (this is best done outside in some secluded area) and the ashes can be buried. Close the ritual.

Ideas and Important Points

What is important is that the right amount of focusing and hatred goes into the working. Driving a nail into its head will cause insanity. Driving a nail into the heart, with the right kind of focus and intensity, will cause death if done with enough intensity and the operator’s aura is powerful enough. Burying the image in the ground will cause the person to waste away as the image rots in the ground.

We have found it most effective to nail the poppit to a tree through the head and the heart. Another technique is to bury it. You must direct the hatred and anger. In my own workings, I have found one does not have to get overly emotional. Just a strong determined will, and directing anger into a specific event, for example a specific type of accident, over and over. This should be very clear in your mind and is best done while the victim sleeps.

The victim should have easy access to the type of accident or death you have planned. For example- one who never flies obviously won’t die in a plane crash. You have to know the victim’s habits and have a clear image of him/her in your mind and the misfortune you are willing to befall him/her.

If you wish to completely destroy the enemy, this is best done during a waning Moon. Moon in Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are good times for this kind of magick.

It is always important after a ritual to clear your mind of the working and let it do its job. Don't forget to clean your aura and chakras after any working of black magick.

Satan stands for justice.


Basis of Thoughtforms

Thoughtforms create a mass of energy. They are the result of intense emotions and thoughts. Their lifespan is determined by how much energy is put into them. Continually dwelling upon something over a period of time gives the thought/emotion energy which takes on a form of its own. The results of daydreams, fantasies, anger, hatred, desires and so forth, when repeatedly dwelled upon, form permanent thoughtforms. Thoughtforms can be either positive or negative. Either way, they can interfere with a person’s thought processes.

The most commonly known example of a thought form is the “haunted” house. For a place to have an energy about it, a very emotional event took place, usually a violent death or a murder. The fear, anger, and destructive emotions are so powerful they leave behind an essence most people (even the average person) can detect. There is no greater energy than that given off at the time of death and if the death was violent, the entire area can reek of it for centuries.

The Soul and Thoughtforms

Every individual is different according to the strength of his/her aura and thoughts. Some people are born with a naturally strong mind and aura owing to previous lifetimes. Most people have thoughtforms attached to their aura.

When we meditate, we increase our energy. The thoughtforms we have, feed on this energy. Power meditation is a sort of cleaning house process. We can tune into and remove these, same as we can do with others who have attached themselves to our souls. Removing these will bring clearer thoughts and peace of mind. It is a healing process.

Using Thoughtforms

There are times when we want to influence many people at the same time. This can be done with a thoughtform that is programmed and is then placed in a certain room or area. We all know how places become haunted or have certain vibrations. This usually happens because of an event the provoked intense emotions and left traces of these emotions behind by living people.

When we are powerful enough, through intense concentration and focus, we can project energy into our hands and mold it into a ball [we should be able to feel this if it is strong enough for a working] or project energy into a ball using our chakras. The energy ball can be placed in an area where it will remain undisturbed, to be worked on later by projecting more energy into it to make it more powerful.

When we project the energy, it should be of the color of the influence we wish to manifest; for example, golden-yellow for friendship, pink for romantic love, red for hatred and discord, and accidents. Gold and green are used for the attraction of money and material wealth. While projecting the energy and color, we need to program the thoughtform with focus and intensity.

When the thoughtform is finished, we command it to go to the area where we want it to influence by visualizing it there. We can put more than one in large areas, such as an auditorium, workplace, school, etc. After a while, they will need to be replaced, as they will dissipate as they influence people. One well made though form can influence as many as 100 or more people at a time.

Creating A Thoughtform Servitor

A thoughtform is a small packet of condensed psychic energy. Like all energy, the thoughtform can be programmed to carry out specific tasks and/or directed to travel to a target area. The success of the thoughtform is dependent upon the strength of the mind and soul of its creator. A weak thought form will quickly dissipate, accomplishing nothing.

Powerful thoughtforms, when neglected can wreak havoc. Energy feeds on energy and a thought form that is several weeks old will have absorbed all kinds of different influences, emotions and energies from its surroundings. This might appear amusing to some, but the mutated thought form has often been known to reappear in the locale of its creator, only to wreak havoc, due to the outside energies it has accumulated.

To add here, from experience- a thoughtform does not have to be destroyed. Witches for centuries have often kept a reliable magickal assistant. Some have even spent lifetimes with the same assistant. The magickal assistant must be "fed" regularly. By "fed" this means giving it energy and continuing to program it. Destroying a faithful and reliable servant is foolish.

The following instructions are for creating a thoughtform for use in white magick. For black magick, you do *not* want to connect in any way with the energy, for obvious reasons! Please read the article about evocation before proceeding. For black magick, instead of invoking the energy, you form the energy outside of yourself and draw it from sources that have no connection to you. A lack of knowledge is why spells so-called "backfire".

Procedure for a Thoughtform Servitor

  1. Sit comfortably.
  2. Enter into a deep trance. Keep your eyes closed during this one.
  3. When you are completely relaxed, and you can no longer feel your body, you are ready to begin.
  4. Now, visualize a beam of light entering your body through the crown of your head and filling your aura.
    • The color of the light should correspond with the intended working of the thoughtform.
  5. Saturate your entire being with the colored energy until you are vibrating with it.
  6. Given the nature of the working, choose a corresponding chakra [according to color] where you will release the energy. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize this energy streaming from the chakra and forming a ball in front of you.
    • It is important that the energy be released in a straight line. Keep packing the energy into the ball so it becomes more and more solidified.
    • For works involving the base chakra, [normally black magick], you should visualize the energy leaving the base chakra and the energy ball packing between your legs.
    • For workings involving the crown, pack the energy straight up above your head.
  7. When the energy is sufficiently strong, you can begin to shape it into whatever form will serve your purpose. Visualize what it is you want this creature to do and infuse the creature with it.
    • Keep it simple. Complex and detailed instructions don’t work with thought forms.
  8. Use a very short phrase, 1-5 words, silently or aloud, keep your eyes closed, and command the creature. Then release it like a bullet shot into the void.

The creature will feed on the emotions of whomever it is sent to. You can even program it to attach itself to another person’s aura. Thoughtforms can be attached to material objects as well. They can protect or cause damage.

More Examples

In the case of arousing love/lust, you can masturbate and drive the energy into the creature at the time of programming.

  • You should use the energy from both your base and second chakras to incite lust.
  • For workings of affection, use the throat chakra.
  • For workings of sexual love, use the throat and sacral chakras.

The dominant energy color should be the basis of your working. Say you want a lot of love, but some lust as well, then visualize the energy as green with an orange dust. Certain colors can be combined, but those that create an entirely new color as with green and orange = brown, the energy will not be harmonious with the working.

Then all you need for the command is the person's name you wish it to attach to. Ideally, you should command the form to attach at the appropriate chakra for the working; i.e. for lust, the second chakra.

Destroying Thoughtforms

  1. Summon it during a waning Moon. Visualize it coming to you and hovering in the air before you.
    • The closer to the new Moon, the better.
    • This is best done outside.
  2. Focus and visualize the energy dissipating into the ground. Say something like "you are no more!"

You may have to do this several times.

How To Deliver The Evil Eye

It has been said many times, "the eyes are the window of the soul." The eyes are the only opening to the brain that is not encased in bone. Through the optic nerve, the eyes are linked to the brain. When we train our minds and elevate our bioelectricity, we can directly mesmerize other people by just looking into their eyes and catching their gaze for several seconds.

How This Is Done

  1. You must have a strong willful mind, capable of controlling others who are weaker.
    • The closer you are to the person, the more effective this technique. This takes practice.
  2. You have to concentrate and project your bioelectricity along with your intentions out of your own eyes into the other person's.

How To Practice

  1. Sit in front of a mirror and relax. Look up for about 1-2 minutes, this helps to get you into the alpha state.
    • Deepen your trance as deep as you can go.
  2. Focus into your own eyes in the mirror.
  3. Start projecting your energy through your eyes.
    • *When training, do not focus any negative energy upon yourself for obvious reasons!
  4. You should start to feel your own energy, as it is reflected back through the mirror.
  5. Do this every day and your energy will become stronger.
  6. When you feel powerful and you are confident enough, you can try this out on other people.
    • Animals are also very susceptible. You will be able to stop an attack dog in its tracks.

How To Mesmerize

  • When mesmerizing someone, command this person, in your mind what it is you intend for him/her to do, experience, etc. The same goes for curses that should be delivered with maximum hatred and intensity. The commands should be a short phrase. Animals communicate through mental images.
  • Look deep into his/her eyes, almost past them into the back of their skull, directly projecting your energy into their brain to do your will. Focus intensely.

This is a very advanced skill. You can also practice with a close or trusted friend, as long as you keep the energy positive. Negative energy will cause harm, so don't play around with this.

This skill takes often years of consistent practice to become adept to where your stare, in just a few seconds will put others under your control.


Ectoplasm has many different astral uses. Extra-terrestrials use this in a much more potent form than humans. This is the cloud that forms before many abductions, where there is a loss of time and memory. Ectoplasm can make one invisible and can be used to kill with death rituals. After proficiency is achieved in producing this substance, one can will it to manifest in specific colors that are harmonious with the objective of the working.

The most common example of the use of ectoplasm is with mediums. The ectoplasm gives the evoked spirit something to manifest itself in. Ectoplasm can also add much more potency to creating a thoughtform.

How To Secrete Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is the substance we see with the clouds when scrying. This is a minor form of ectoplasm, but will get you started.

Candle light is perfect for this exercise. Candle color here does not matter, so use whatever you have available.

If you have a black mirror, you will want to use this, but any other similar props will do. You can even use a regular mirror or a bowl of dark or black liquid.

  1. Sit in a quiet dimly lit room.
  2. Relax and go into a trance state. This does not have to be a deep trance, just enough so you are focused.
  3. Look into the mirror or bowl of liquid and stare at one point. You should eventually see clouds form.
  4. Concentrate on these clouds, willing them in a soft way to condense and thicken.
  5. When you are consistently able to will the clouds to condense and thicken, gently and slowly take your eyes off the mirror. You should still be able to see the clouds in front of you. Try to focus on them for two to three minutes. The goal is to secrete this substance and to manipulate it at will.
  6. Blink your eyes and move your fingers and toes and gently bring yourself back from the trance.

Energy Ripping

What it is and one could expect

Black magick is all about the manipulation and direction of energy. The strength of one's mind and aura determine the type and amount of energy that one can direct and handle safely while producing the desired results. Workings fail because of weakness of one's mind and aura, and/or the operator is not as powerful as the intended victim. Black magic is used to bring about justice.

Energy ripping involves drawing off the life force. One should already have a strong aura that can pull energy at will and be able to transform it for one's personal benefit. There are two ways of going about this. One is the destruction of victim's aura and the second is hooking up an energy line and draining the victim dry. This prepares the victim to be much more vulnerable to psychic attacks and completely opens him/her for the willed input of destructive energy from the mage.

One thing to be aware of… When you take energy from another being, that energy has power. The individual’s beliefs, experiences and even illnesses can factor in. You are taking this energy into yourself. You must have the power to transform this energy. If you do not transform the energy, it can affect you. Another alternative is to direct the energy somewhere else, but again, you must be powerful enough to do this effectively. I have seen Satan do this with some very nasty energy, but he is a God. Just be aware of this. Back in 2006, a JoS High Priest who is no longer with us gave this spell. This was close to ten years ago. I have worked with it and I am revealing more information here. This is not only my own experience, but the experiences of others. Just be aware of this, if you choose to do this working.

The Working

  1. One should have a photograph or image of the victim. This is so one can visualize him/her clearly. This is very important to the operation.
  2. Go into a trance state.
  3. Begin by visualizing yourself drawing off the victim's aura and disintegrating it. You can visualize yourself actually eating and ingesting the aura until it is completely gone or drawing it into your sexual chakra. Always draw energy with your feminine chakras as these absorb. The masculine chakras project energy. It is best to absorb this type of energy in the lower chakras.
  4. When the aura is disintegrated and ingested, visualize drawing off all of the inner energies. The victim should change from white energy to grey energy and then to black, indicating the life force has been completely drained.

Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly after each working and state affirmations to transform the absorbed energy into positive energy for personal benefit.

The above four steps should be done frequently, a minimum of 3-4 times a week to more than once a day. It will eventually take its toll.

After the working has done its job and depleted the victim, one should follow up with black magick workings. Before each black magick operation, the victim's aura should be prepped with black energy so he/she will absorb the destructive energy. Just visualize him/her with a black aura and proceed with the working.

Don't forget to thoroughly clean your own aura and chakras.

More advanced techniques involve working with elemental energy and death energy. When working with death energy, one must be very adept and experienced as this can be dangerous. The life force is replaced with the destructive energy of the elements or the death energy.

Star Energy

Energy from stars can be used to enhance personal traits, for example to strengthen self-discipline. Specific stellar energies can also be used used in rituals. Absorbing energy from Venus before performing a love spell can greatly assist in the desired outcome of the working. It is very important to know the nature of the star/s you intend to invoke energy from, as some stars such as Polaris and Caput Algol are extremely destructive and people who have invoked these energies have gone insane.

In order to effectively absorb stellar energies, one should be experienced with breathing in energy. The Energy meditation trains us on how to do this.

This exercise should be performed outdoors where you can see the star clearly.

How to use Star Energy


  1. Relax and go into a trance.
  2. Close your eyes and say the name of the star several times while visualizing it. [Photos of stars can be seen by typing the name of the star or constellation into a search engine and clicking on “images.”]
  3. Keep repeating the name of the star either silently or aloud several times and try to feel the star. You should begin to feel the energy.
  4. Now charge your aura with energy until your entire being is glowing. This is done through visualization. Breathe in the energy from the earth into your feet and fill your entire being with it. Now, stand beneath the star and visualize a line of energy about a foot wide extending from your aura and connect it with the star.
  5. Begin to breathe in the energy from the star. The energy of each star has a specific color according to its attributes. Visualize the stellar energy saturating and expanding your aura with this color upon each inhale. You can program the energy with affirmations while you are breathing it in. For example, you can affirm: "I am breathing in green energy from Venus that is bringing me plenty of free and easy money in a happy way that is all mine to keep and spend as I please." Visualize your entire being saturated with green and with each inhale, the green becomes more and more vibrant and powerful.

A guideline for the colors of stars is:

  • Red- Martian energy, anger, violence, pure lust.
  • Blue- peaceful, calming, spiritual.
  • Yellow- intellect, mind.
  • White- cleansing, strength.
  • Orange- creativity.


You can use a crystal to absorb and store energy from stars to be used at a later time in a ritual or whenever you need it. Hold the crystal under the star in your palm and breathe in energy from the star through your hand chakras, only bring it into the crystal. Just visualize it entering the crystal and brightening and/or intensifying in the crystal. When you want to absorb the stored energy, just hold the crystal in your hand, and breathe in the energy through your hand. Visualize the energy entering your hand and extending to your entire being and aura. The crystal can also be placed over any chakras you choose for desired effects. Just breathe in the energy.

A variation of the above is to program the crystal to absorb the stellar energy and leave it out under the star for as long as the star is visible and shining on it. Just focus your will into the crystal and tell it you want it to absorb energy from whatever star you choose. Repeat the name of the star several times and project the image of the star into your crystal using your third eye.

You can also absorb energy from entire constellations. This should be done a little at a time until you are familiar with the energies and the effects.

An advanced practice is to absorb the energies of a star you are familiar with into your chakras. Don’t do this unless you are already comfortable with the star’s effects and energies. Just breathe in the energy. You should be familiar and experienced with Chakra Breathing. It is best to work with stellar energies that are in harmony with the chakra you are working on. The energies should be of the same color.

You can make star charged water. Use a clean magnet, place it at the bottom of a container of water and program it like a crystal. The water will absorb the energy. By drinking the water, you will absorb the energy. This can be an easier way to learn about the energies of the star you wish to work with, before seriously absorbing any of its energies.

Here is a list of stars and their energies. To learn more regarding the time of year the star is visible, and the appearance of the star or constellation, there is much available on the internet and at public libraries under the subject of astronomy.