The Brain, Trance and Hypnosis

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Types of Brainwaves

There are four main types of Brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Beta Brainwaves

Beta waves characterize the conscious waking state at 14 cycles per second and up. The conscious mind does not take suggestion very well. Reasoning, logic, thinking and putting into action what it already knows is mainly what the conscious mind does. Higher cycles of beta waves are used in rituals where a lot of active energy input is needed, as in revenge. A good example is in building a circle cone of power. The more excited one becomes, the higher the cycles per second in the brain.

Alpha Brainwaves

The alpha state operates at a lower cycle, 7-14 per second level. This is the trance state when the body can no longer be felt, and sounds may become painful. This is the meditation and sleep range. Psychic experiences can happen in the alpha state. Both daydreaming and sleep dreaming occur while in the alpha state.

In the alpha state, one is open to suggestion as the conscious logical mind is subdued. The conscious defense barrier is down. Hypnosis takes place on this level. When in the alpha state, we can program our own and/or the minds of others. We can influence others when they are asleep or in the alpha state. This is one reason most mages prefer to do their spell work at night when most people are asleep.

Deep meditation descends into the theta state. The deeper you go into alpha, the closer you get to theta. Becoming proficient with descending into the Alpha level is usually necessary before you can easily descend into Theta at will. This can be achieved through self-hypnosis.

Theta Brainwaves

The theta state is 4 - 7 cycles per second. This is where all of our emotional experiences are recorded and is of the subconscious. The theta level opens the door to descend even deeper into the psychic/astral world. While it is possible to have psychic experiences in the alpha state, the most profound experiences occur at the theta level. At this level, one is able to experience astral travel and psychic communication, achieve enlightenment, and enter into other dimensions; this is where past lives can be accessed.

Delta Brainwaves

Brain wave activity in the delta state ranges from 0 - 4 cycles per second. This is total unconsciousness, coma.

Using the Alpha State

Manifestation of Desires

When in the alpha state, visualizing our desires, as if they are real and actually happening will make them manifest in reality, especially if affirmations are included. In theory, it is said the subconscious mind believes what it is told in this state to be true. Affirmations must be stated in the present tense. The subconscious mind does not understand the word “will” as it is in the undefined future tense. “Will” never happens.

Make sure the wording is exactly what you want and look at every aspect, or something unexpected and fated could cause things to go wrong. Wording is important and must be planned carefully. One woman wished to win a contest. She repeatedly told herself she would be the best and went through the entire mental exercises. It turned out she was the best, but because of the biased judges, she lost the contest.

The more intense your visualizations, the stronger your mind/thought output will be to act in attracting what you desire.

Influencing Others

Talking to someone who is sleeping will act to program his or her mind. This can be done, even at a distance with intense concentration, visualizing the individual, and directing thoughts into his/her head. This may have to be repeated several times.

The strength of your mind and aura will determine your success. Make sure the thoughts you place in his/her mind are commands, as in telling someone something you want them to do for you. Be calm, but firm and persistent. It may take a while, depending on the strength of your mind, but in time, results will manifest.

The Locations of Occult Power in the Brain

Spiritual Attack on the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is the part of the brain that empowers what is known as the "sixth sense" and other paranormal abilities. It is also the center of bliss sensations. The pineal gland is defunct in the average person. A defunct pineal gland is analogous to a severed spinal cord where the brain cannot send messages to move the body parts beneath the area that has been severed. The only difference is that it affects the soul.

Through the centuries, because of Christianity and its related programs, humanity has devolved and degenerated spiritually. This is why the human race as a whole is psychically powerless. The goal of the Christian Church always has been to keep humanity without knowledge, and without power. Any time the Christian Church took control of an area, the ancient spiritual texts were removed and/or destroyed. The Church then replaced the knowledge it removed, with lies and a fictitious history. This is why the human race is where it is at today spiritually.

Depression, illness, misery, helplessness and ignorance are the results of the loss of this spiritual knowledge. The average person only uses 5-10% of his/her mind power. This is analogous to a limb that has been immobilized, is in a cast and is stiff and withered, but it is only worse. Humanity has been denied access to psychic powers through generations and the lack of use and has all but lost. In order to activate the pineal gland, power meditations must be must done regularly. It takes time to empower this gland and to activate it and use it.

Pineal Gland Function and Empowerment

The pineal gland works in conjunction with the pituitary gland. Both of these glands are stimulated through the opening of the crown meditation.

The pineal and pituitary adapt and lower the frequency of bioelectrical currents. They are psychic energy transformers. Psychic energy enters through the higher chakras, and descends down through the crown chakra where it enters the pineal gland in the brain. As it enters the brain, the rate of vibration is slowed down. An active pineal gland acts as a transformer that further slows down the energy to a lower frequency. The energy then enters and moves from the hypothalamus region of the brain into the pituitary gland. The pituitary further transforms the energy to an even lower frequency so that it can be assimilated and read by the brain.

The Corpus Callosum works to exchange information between both hemispheres of the brain. Most humans do not use the right side of the brain, as we live in a left-brained world. Void meditation silences the left side of thinking and logic, and opens us to the right side, which is the intuitive/psychic side.

Humanity as a whole is operating on a low frequency. Power meditation and spinning our chakras speeds up this vibration to a higher level where we are psychically open and aware. A higher vibration also protects us against illnesses and negative energy.

Light is essential to the soul. So much negativity has been associated with light because of the abuse of Christian programs, and the New Age movement. Light is connected with lightening which is symbolic of the creation and is an age-old symbol of Satan; the lightening bolt. We can travel on light and use light for our own purposes.

Unlike other religions, Satanism and science work together. We experience, we see and we understand. Satan explains things.

Personal Experience

Several years ago, I succeeded in activating my pineal gland. The result was a blissful feeling I had never experienced before and this feeling permeated my entire aura. There was a white light that flooded my entire head. I could see this well, in the dark room I was in. I also felt a pressure and a sensation like a grape; a small swelling inside of my head, which was my pineal gland. It was most beautiful. I achieved this through a specific meditation.

After achieving an energy buzz, I concentrated all of this energy into a ball and circulated it through each of my chakras and when I reached my 6th chakra behind my third eye, I dropped this energy ball onto my pineal gland, right beneath and a bit to the side of my 6th chakra. I then breathed in energy directly into my pineal gland.

— High Priestess Maxine Dietrich


A deep trance makes it possible to access the subconscious mind and to program it as we see fit. The active left side of the brain blocks out any attempts to access the passive right side where the seat of the unconscious is. This is analogous to turning off the electricity to a room or a building in order to fix the wiring. The right side of the brain is where we can program our minds to manifest what we want in reality.

To get into a trance state takes practice. Remember, each of us is individual and some may find this easier than others. The important thing is to be persistent and patient with yourself. Persistence and consistency are everything here.

Trance and Spiritual Advancement

In order to advance in psychic power, we must train our minds. When we are in a trance state, our brain waves slow down considerably. There are two sides to the brain- the left logical/intellectual masculine side and the right creative/intuitive feminine side. The right side is the seat of the subconscious. This is the area of the mind that is open to suggestion and programming and the seat of our astral power. When the left side of our brain is active in thinking, the right side cannot be accessed. Trance states shut off the left side so we can access and program the right side (subconscious).

It takes training to be able to induce a deep trance state. Deep trance states are not always necessary, but for specific workings, they are very important. Once we train our minds to go deeper and deeper into a trance, this becomes easier and easier and takes less and less time as we become adept. The mind is like a muscle and for most people, this exercise will be an introduction to a part of the mind that has never even been accessed before.

It is *very* important to never be startled out of a trance state, especially a deep one, so make sure you are in a room or area where you are left alone and the phone is turned off. Being startled and pulled out of a trance the wrong way can be extremely painful and the pain can last for days, especially if you are doing energy work in this state.

It is normal when in a trance state for any sounds to be very painful. This is because in this state, our senses are extremely heightened.

An adept can place themselves in a deep trance within seconds at will. In closing, it is not necessary to always go into a deep trance to work with your mind. The trance state is used to train your mind. With very important or difficult workings, a deep trance is often necessary.

How to Enter a Trance

  1. Sit comfortably. Do not lie down because you might fall asleep.
  2. Breathe in for a count of six, hold for a count of six and then exhale for a count of six.
    • Do this breathing until you are completely relaxed. Ideally, you should no longer be able to feel your body.
  3. Imagine you are climbing down a ladder in the dark. Don’t visualize a ladder; just imagine you can feel yourself doing it.
  4. On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down the ladder. On the inhale, feel yourself holding still on the ladder.
  5. Now, let go of the ladder and free fall backwards. This mental falling effect, when combined with deep relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance state.
    • If you get dizzy or disoriented, just bring your attention to the front of your body and this will stop.
  6. Keep doing this for as long as it takes. The time it takes to enter trance will vary, depending on your experience with deep relaxation and mental calmness.
  7. To bring yourself out of the trance: Concentrate on moving your fingers or toes. Once you can move a finger or toe, flex your hands, move your arms, shake your head, i.e., reanimate your body; and get up and walk around for a few minutes.


Performing breathing exercises before trance is highly recommended, as this will naturally calm the nervous system.

What is needed is a mental falling effect inside your mind. This changes the level of brain wave activity from the awake level (Beta) to the asleep level (Alpha) or the deep sleep level (Theta). Once your level of brain wave activity reaches Alpha you will enter a trance. Once you get the heavy feeling, stop the mental falling exercise.

If you don’t like the ladder, imagine you are in a lift [elevator], feel yourself falling on the exhale and holding on the inhale. Or, imagine you are a feather, feel yourself floating down on the exhale and holding still on the inhale. You need a mental falling effect to lower your level of brain wave activity.

A trance feels like: Everything gets quieter and you feel like you are in a much bigger place. There is a very slight humming feeling in your body. Everything feels different. It feels a bit like putting a cardboard box over your head in the dark, you can feel the atmosphere change. It’s like everything goes fuzzy or slightly blurred. Any sharp noises, while in trance are painful.

Determining the Depth of a Trance

The Light Trance State

  • The subject is physically relaxed
  • The subject's eyelids may flutter or twitch
  • Sounds may become painful

Light to Medium Trance State

  • The subject's limbs feel heavy
  • The subject's breathing becomes slower and deeper
  • Intense feeling of deep relaxation (the subject does not feel like moving, speaking or thinking)
  • The subject feels detached from his/her surroundings

Medium Trance State

  • The subject is aware of the trance, but cannot describe it
  • Suggestive state (For example, the operator suggests the subject has an ant on his/her arm and the subject can actually feel it crawling, even though there is nothing there or the operator suggests there is smoke in the room and the subject smells it, though there is no smoke)
  • Catalepsy: A condition characterized by lack of response to external stimuli and by muscular rigidity, so that the limbs remain in whatever position they are placed.

Deep or Somnambulistic Trance State

  • The subject can open eyes without affecting the trance
  • Fixed stare and pupil dilation when eyes are opened.
  • Complete amnesia
  • Systemized post-hypnotic amnesia
  • Uncontrolled movements of eyeballs
  • Sensation of lightness, floating, swinging or falling
  • The subject experiences a distortion of sound
  • The subject can control his/her involuntary body functions- i.e., heart rate, blood pressure
  • Recall of lost memories
  • Age regression
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Total Anesthesia

Methods of Testing the Depth of the Trance

Cooperation Verification

The operator must establish the depth of the trance in order to remain in control of the session. This is done by testing the subject for their receptivity to the operator’s suggestions. The most common method used is where the operator tells the subject he/she cannot move his/her arm. Example:

”Your arm is stuck to the chair, you cannot lift it, and when I count to five, I want you to try to lift it. If you have cooperated, you will find that the harder you try to lift your arm, the more it remains stuck to the chair.”

The operator then counts to five, saying after each number, “Your arm is stuck to the chair.”

When five is reached, if the subject cannot move his/her arm, they are in a trance. If the subject can move his/her arm, he/she has not accepted the suggestion. The operator must start all over again and explain he/she can do nothing without the subject’s cooperation. It is always important to secure the trust of the subject.

Sensation Verification

The next stage is where the operator deepens the trance and again checks to see how deep the subject has gone. The operator tells the subject he/she will stroke the back of the subject's hand and he/she will feel an increasing numbness and loss of sensation in that hand. After a few minutes of stroking, and speaking, the operator pinches the back of the subject's hand and then does the same with the back of the other hand that has not been stroked and asks the subject if he/she can feel any difference. If the subject replies that there is a difference, this stage of trance has been achieved; if not, the operator explains to the subject that further work on deepening the trance must be done. More sessions will be needed to take the subject deeper and deeper.

Amnesia Verification

The next stage the operator tests is an even deeper stage. If the subject has advanced to this stage, he/she will be amnesic. The operator tells the subject to imagine that he/she is standing in front of a blackboard with a piece of white chalk and instructs him/her to take the chalk and write three words on the board. "Now I want you to take the chalk and write the following three words on the blackboard: First, tree; next grass and lastly cloud. Raise your arm when you are finished writing the three words."

When the subject has signaled he/she is done writing the words, the operator instructs him/her that there is an eraser on the ledge of the Blackboard and says "I want you to take the eraser and erase the words tree and grass, leaving only the word 'cloud.' As you erase the words, I want you to also erase them from your mind, so that all you can think of now is 'cloud' 'cloud.' You are going into a deeper and deeper sleep. You are in a deep, sound sleep and all you can think of is the word 'cloud.' Now, what were the three words you wrote on the blackboard?" If the subject is able to remember the three words, he/she has not yet reached the amnesic stage of trance. If not, the subject has reached this stage of deep trance. The operator should then say "When I count to three, you will then remember the three words and repeat them to me." The subject should then be able to remember the words and repeat them.

In order to be able to place the subject in this stage of trance the next time the operator performs the hypnosis, he/she should tell the subject before bringing him/her back: "From now on, whenever I put you into a trance, you will have reached the same depth of trance as you are in now by the time I have counted to ten."

The operator then brings the subject out of the trance: "I am now going to count up to five. When I reach five, you will be wide awake and feel refreshed and fine."

About Hypnosis

We all have a right side and a left side brain. The left side of the brain is our conscious mind that we use every day to make conscious decisions and use logic. This is the active masculine side of the brain. The passive side is the right side of the brain. This is the receptive feminine side. The right side of the brain is highly suggestible and the side we access in both meditation and hypnosis.

In order to access the passive right side, the active left side must be subdued. This is analogous to turning off the electricity in a home or building in order to access the wiring. If the electricity is not turned off, a shock will prevent accessing any wires. The mind works the same way. The more subdued the active left side is, the deeper the trance, the deeper the trance, the more receptive the passive right side is.

In order to effectively hypnotize yourself, you must be deep in a trance. To hypnotize another person, you must put that person deep into a trance- the deeper, the better. People who are highly suggestible, impressionable, and gullible make the best subjects. Those who are nervous, cynical, and uncomfortable with being hypnotized are difficult to work with.

In order to hypnotize someone, the operator must establish some sort of rapport. The CIA and other unethical professionals use barbiturates to put resistant subjects under. They use just enough so the mind will still be receptive to suggestions. If too much is used, the session will prove futile.

The success of the session depends upon how set the mind is regarding the suggestions. Chronic and longstanding problems, deep seeded hang-ups, and mental blocks require many sessions to overcome. The suggestions and affirmations must be repeated and repeated to break down walls in the mind.

Warning: Being Hypnotized by Malicious People

With hypnosis, the operator is in control. The extent of this control with a professional is equal to the subject turning his/her entire life over to the operator who can command him/her to do anything. There have been numerous reports of psychiatrists putting their patients under and having sex with them. The patient was told during the session she would not remember the incident upon awakening. This is a common example. When you allow another person to hypnotize you, you are literally putting your entire life in their hands and with each session, you become more and more under that person’s control.


In order to prevent any other person from hypnotizing you, you have to program your mind that you will never be hypnotized by another person. This creates a block. Hypnotists have been known to place their own blocks in the minds of their subjects. Some have placed several. The most common is the subject experiencing total amnesia concerning the session.

Other blocks used by unethical hypnotists include the subject only being able to be hypnotized by the operator and no one else. These involved court cases where the operator used the amnesic subject to commit crimes. The human mind can be programmed to experience amnesia given any situation.

Self Hypnosis

For self-hypnosis, you need to get yourself into a deep trance. The following is an excerpt from "A Treatise on Astral Projection" by Robert Bruce:

How To Enter A Trance

  • Relax and calm your mind through breath awareness.
  • Imagine you are climbing down a ladder in the dark.
  • Don’t visualize a ladder; just imagine you can feel yourself doing it.
  • On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down the ladder.
  • On the inhale, feel yourself holding still on the ladder.

Keep doing this for as long as it takes. The time it takes to enter trance will vary, depending on your experience with deep relaxation and mental calmness.

What is needed is a mental falling effect inside your mind. This changes the level of brain wave activity from the awake level (Beta) to the asleep level (Alpha) or the deep sleep level (Theta). Once your level of brain wave activity reaches Alpha you will enter a trance.

Note: Once you get the heavy feeling, stop the mental falling exercise. If you don’t like the ladder, imagine you are in a lift [elevator], feel yourself falling on the exhale and holding on the inhale, or, imagine you are a feather, feel yourself floating down on the exhale and holding still on the inhale.

As I stated above, you need a mental falling effect to lower your level of brain wave activity. This mental falling effect, when combined with deep relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance state. Feel free to use any scenario you are familiar with to bring about this going deeper feeling.

A trance feels like: Everything gets quieter and you feel like you are in a much bigger place. There is a very slight humming feeling in your body. Everything feels different. It feels a bit like putting a cardboard box over your head in the dark, you can feel the atmosphere change. It’s like everything goes fuzzy or slightly blurred. Any sharp noises, while in trance are painful.

Deep Trance

The level of trance you achieve depends greatly on your relaxation, concentration skills and will power. To enter a deeper trance, i.e., Theta level and beyond, you have to concentrate much more and for much longer, on the mental falling sensation aided by breath awareness. The first level of trance, i.e., when you get very heavy, is quite deep enough for projection. I strongly advise against forcing yourself deeper than a light trance, until you have plenty of experience with the trance state.

How can you tell if you are entering a deep trance? There are four very noticeable symptoms:

  • An uncomfortable feeling of cold that doesn’t make you shiver, coupled with a steady loss of body heat.
  • Mentally, you will feel very odd and everything will feel extremely slooooow.
    • Your thought processes will slow down as if you had been given a strong pain killing injection.
  • You will feel disassociated from your body, i.e., a strong floating sensation and everything will seem far away.
  • Total physical Paralysis.

Note: These four things, ALL TOGETHER, signify you are entering a deep trance. Do not mistake the mild floating sensation you sometimes get with light trance, i.e., as you astral body comes loose. Or the slight loss of body heat from sitting still for a long time and the mild paralysis, i.e., the heaviness, for a deep trance. The sensation of deep trance is quite uncomfortable and unmistakable for what it is.

It is very difficult to get into the deep trance state, as you need highly developed relaxation, concentration and trance state skills plus lots and lots of will power and mental energy. You will not accidentally fall into it. If you are worried you are going too deep, remember this: You CAN pull yourself out of it at any time. Concentrate ALL your will on moving your fingers or toes. Once you can move a finger or toe, flex your hands, move your arms, shake your head, i.e., reanimate your body; and get up and walk around for a few minutes. Falling into a deep trance should not be a problem with these exercises.

Energy Body Expansion

At some point after entering the trance state, you will feel a mild paralysis come over you. This will soon be accompanied by a deepening vibration and a buzzing feeling all over. You may also feel like you are huge and swollen. The paralysis, vibrations and the huge feeling are symptoms of the energy body expanding and the astral body loosening. This is part of the normal sleep process. The energy body expands and opens in order to accumulate and store energy. During this, the astral body drifts free, slightly out phase with the physical body."

Some people use a tape recorder and listen to the talking through and statements. The drawback here is when in a deep trance state, sounds can become painful and jar the nervous system. Everyone is individual and one should experiment to find the best individual methods. What works for one person may not work for another.

While in this state, you can regress into a past life, by walking through a door or "portal" in your mind.

The deep trance state is the time to make repeated affirmations to yourself to program your mind. Self-hypnosis is much like hypnotizing others, with the exception, you make the statements to yourself. Again, several sessions may be necessary.

Bring yourself out slowly and gradually, as you would do in returning from the astral.

Hypnotizing Others

It is important to read all of the articles in the hypnosis section so you know what you are doing before hypnotizing another person. In order to effectively hypnotize another person, that person must be completely and deeply relaxed. The person should be sitting comfortably in a reclined position. When lying down, the subject is likely to fall asleep.

You must stay calm and in control at all times.

Subject Preparation

Begin by talking the subject through total body relaxation. Start at the feet, have the subject tense them up and relax them; then the ankles, the calves, knees and so on, working your way to the subjects face and head.

When the subject is fully relaxed, tell him/her to remember a happy event that took place in their past. Ask him/her questions about it, where it took place, who was there, how he/she felt, what was in the room or area the event took place and so forth. This is done to activate the intuitive right side of the subject’s brain and the subconscious mind of memory.

Deepening the Trance

When you are finished with the above, tell the subject you are going to count backwards. With each number, he/she will become more and more relaxed:

  • “Ten;   you are becoming more and more relaxed than before.”
  • “Nine;   you are drifting down deeper and deeper into total relaxation.”
  • “Eight;   your body is totally relaxed; you can barely feel your body."
  • “Seven;   you are completely relaxed and feel very peaceful.”
  • “Six;   with each breath, you are relaxing more and more with each exhalation.”
  • “Five;   we are going all the way down into the deepest level of relaxation.”
  • “Four;   relax… three, two, one.”

You want to determine the depth of the trance at this stage. If the subject is new to hypnosis, more sessions are usually needed before he/she is able to enter a deep trance. To deepen the trance:

  • “Ten;   you are becoming more and more relaxed than before.”
  • “Nine;   you are drifting down deeper and deeper into total relaxation.”
  • “Eight;   your body is totally relaxed; you can barely feel your body."
  • “Seven;   you are completely relaxed and feel very peaceful.”
  • “Six;   with each breath, you are relaxing more and more with each exhalation.”
  • “Five;   we are going all the way down into the deepest level of relaxation.”
  • “Four;   relax… three, two, one.”

Again, you want to determine the depth of the trance at this stage. If the subject is new to hypnosis, more sessions are usually needed before he/she is able to enter a deep trance. Repeat the steps directly above this paragraph if the subject is still not at the desired level of trance.

Here is where you will program the subject’s mind. Make short, to-the-point statements that deal with a specific area or problem. Only work on one problem per session and make sure the problem is resolved before moving onto another. Make all statements to be in the present tense. “Will” never comes and the mind does not understand the future tense.

For Past Life Regression

  1. Put the subject into a deep trance and say:
    • “I am going to count backward from 10-1.”
    • “With each number, you will enter a deeper and deeper state of relaxation.”
    • “When I reach one, you will be standing in front of a door.”
  2. Slowly count backwards.
    • “You are standing in front of a closed door. I am going to count backwards from ten to one and when I reach one, I want you to turn the knob and open the door.” “... 3, 2, 1.”
  3. Now ask the subject if he/she opened the door. If not, he/she is not deep enough into the trance for this session to be effective. Either put him/her further under or bring him/her out of the trance and end the session.
  4. If he/she opened the door, then say:
    • “I now want you to walk through the door. You are now in a previous life.” “Look around you, what do you see?” “What is the current date?” “Who are you?”
  5. Continue talking him/her through the experience.
  6. When you are ready to bring the person out:
    • “I am going to count from one to five.” “At the count of five, you will open your eyes, be wide awake, alert and feeling fine.” “1… 2… 3… 4… 5.” “Open your eyes.”
  7. If you wish to do a mind wipe, where the subject will not remember anything from the session, be sure to tell them at the end of the session:
    • “When you awaken, you will remember nothing of this session.” “Your last memory will be coming through the door.” (Whatever happened before the session.)
  8. With professional hypnosis, a mind wipe is often necessary if the subject experiences trauma during a regression.

More Hypnosis Examples

For Wealth

“You are attracting more and more money.” “Your life is filled with wealth and you have everything you want.” (Similar statements for money.)

For Healing

Have the subject visualize a bright ball of light like the Sun. Tell him/her to visualize this light on the afflicted body part. “The light is healing energy, that is healing your ______________.”

  1. Say to the subject: “Visualize a ball of bright light, like the Sun. Do you see the ball of light?”
  2. The subject should answer, “Yes.”
  3. “I want you to place the ball of light on your (name of body part).”
  4. “Completely surround (name of body part) with the ball of light, feel the warm energy healing your _____.”
  5. “The light is full of healing energy that is healing your (name of body part).”
  6. “Your ______ is becoming normal and healthy.”
  7. Keep talking the subject through this healing process. This may have to be done several times, especially if the problem is chronic.

Hypnosis is useful in many areas. It can be used to strengthen concentration, improve intelligence and memory, rid one's self of phobias and bad habits, establishing good habits and so on.

Satanic Hypnosis

Satanic Hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis that is extremely effective. With standard self-hypnosis, one enters into a trance and makes repeated affirmations to modify behavior. With Satanic hypnosis, one breathes in the energy of a specific color that corresponds to the desired goal. The results are much more extensive and powerful than just plain self-hypnosis. With Satanic hypnosis, we work with our aura.

Example to Attract Money

Here is an example of Satanic hypnosis:

Say you want to attract money:

  1. Breathe in as you would for the Energy Meditation; from all sides of your body at the same time, the color gold.
    • A bright, rich vibrant gold, like the sun.
    • This should be done while in as deep as a trance as possible.
  2. While breathing in the green and brightening your aura with it affirm:
    • "I am breathing in powerful energy that is attracting me a lot of free and easy money in a very positive way. This money is free and all mine to keep."
  3. Say this several times with intent while you breathe in the gold.* It really works, but has to be done every several days to keep the money coming.
  4. Afterwards, breathe in vibrant white light to balance your aura for several breaths.

*Gold is the color of money and riches, not green. Green is the color of currency in certain countries, but gold is the color of real riches behind all currencies.

Please Click here for a PDF copy of Money Spells

Example to Lose Weight

Say you want to lose weight:

  1. You would want to use sky blue to speed up your metabolism and affirm:
    • "I am breathing in blue energy that is speeding up my metabolism in a healthy way and causing me to lose excess body fat."
  2. You have to repeat this several times anywhere from 5-10 and continue breathing in the blue energy.
  3. This will have to be done daily until you see results and repeated whenever necessary.

Always make sure you say "in a positive" or "in a healthy" way. Mind workings always take the easiest route and you don't want to get thin through disease, or obtain money through the insurance claim from the loss of a loved one. Be sure to cover all your bases when working with your mind.

Bioelectric Technology and the Black Arts of Hypnotism

Technology used for Hypnosis

Each of us has an electro-magnetic field around our bodies. This is what we know as the aura. Our thoughts and the activity of our brain form a circuit within that aura. Since thoughts and brain activity are electrical impulses, they can be decoded and read. The world powers are well aware of this and with advanced computer technology, are able to decipher a person's thoughts, where they can be received by a special device and the out put is much like when satellite signals are formed into a picture on our TV sets.

There are also microchips that can be used as implants along certain neural pathways to send electrical impulses to the brain, stimulating certain thoughts, feelings, beliefs or implanting certain memories. Although this technology has a way to go, there are now actual thought reading machines, which, like everything else in time, will be perfected. A device is placed upon a subject’s skin at certain points that reads the bioelectrical output and decodes these impulses to where they can easily be read with a special computer.

During the 1970's the world powers acquired major advances and breakthroughs in mind control technology. Hypnosis has many positive applications, such as healing or breaking certain habits. Most "professional" hypnotists agree that when under a hypnotic trance, the subject will never act against his/her own will or perform acts contrary to his/her own nature. This, in reality is false. A trained and confident operator can impel a subject to do anything he/she commands him/her to do, unless there is an extremely powerful aversion within the subject, or if the will of the subject is exceptionally strong.

The Process of Hypnotic Black Arts

20% of the population are perfect subjects for hypnosis. Above average intelligence, the existence of an imaginary playmate in childhood, a strong tendency to daydreaming and fantasy, and the will to comply make one a desirable candidate.

In the black arts of hypnotism, the hypnotist and subject form a master/slave relationship. The subject must be isolated from friends and family and spend much time alone with the operator, where a rapport is established, as in government experiments or sometimes as one does with a cellmate in prison. An emotional rapport is very important in establishing trust and obedience. The operator must come across as a good listener and show supposed genuine interest in the subject. The subject is made to feel comfortable around the operator and can be open with him/her.

The initial hypnotic induction is the most important, as it breaks through into the subject's mind and opens a door to the hypnotist. When in the alpha state, the logical mind is inactive, and one is open to all suggestions. The operator gives the subject the suggestion that he/she will become deeply hypnotized again whenever the operator gives the induction cue. This can be in words or a signal. Each session induces a deeper hypnotic state where the subject slips under the complete control of the operator. With deeper trances, the subject becomes more and more powerless against the operator.

Artificial amnesia (also known as a "mind wipe") is induced by the operator suggesting to the subject that he/she will not have any conscious knowledge of the session. Further important suggestions include that the subject will not in any way be able to be hypnotized by anyone else and that he/she will act in a trance, just as if awake.

Once the subject is easily hypnotized by the operator, the mind and personality can then be conditioned. Childhood playmates are often extensions of one's personality, especially in those who are of weaker character and would not fight back personally or defend themselves. The imaginary playmate can fight back and get angry, where as the child cannot. Often, there is an abusive parent, to whom the angry thoughts and actions of the playmate are directed against.

Splitting of the Subject's Personality

During the initial conditioning phase of the session, the operator regresses the subject into childhood. Regression plays a very important part in establishing control over the subject. An operator who works for the government as in producing spies, will look for the most aggressive of the imaginary friends, in attempting to artificially split the personality. The most aggressive aspects of the personality are the ideal in destroying all inhibitions.

Artificial splitting of the personality occurs where the imaginary playmate is brought out in the subject and the subject becomes the playmate on cue. The playmate usually emerges through one of the subject's chakras. The operator informs the subject that "playmate's name" will come through subject's stomach, third eye, throat, etc. The subject is further told again that he/she will not remember anything of the session or the emerging personality. In actual cases, the emerging stronger personality is conditioned through programming and suggestion to be hostile to the root personality of the subject.

This aggressive personality in nearly all cases is stronger and can take more abuse. The world powers use the subject as robotic spies. Extensive programming is instilled in the aggressive personality, so that they will never divulge certain information, even under torture. The root personality, who is amnesiac of the entire experience, is often the one who endures systematic torture, with no memory or recall of the information the interrogator is attempting to force them to reveal.

Through repeated sessions the personality is brought out more and more and becomes much stronger, completely splitting off of the root. The subject, due to being programmed not to remember, has no knowledge, only gaps in time and missing pieces in the memory. Much time slips by unnoticed and is unaccounted for.

Further conditioning sessions, while under, include talking the subject through an experience completely abhorrent to their nature, where the subject is made in his/her mind to do something he/she would never consciously do. The subject actually experiences what the operator says. Through repeated sessions, all inhibitions are overcome and the personality is shaped into whatever the operator wishes. This is where the subject, for example, can murder ANYONE without hesitation or do anything else the operator commands. Like anything else, repeated programming is instilled and maintained in subsequent sessions.

Other Means used with Hypnosis

Barbiturates can be injected into a stubborn subject that will render his/her mind open to whatever suggestions the operator wishes to instill. This is known as "Military Psychology". People who use recreational drugs are extremely easy to control, either psychically, as a skilled mage would do, or in an actual clinical setting. Drug use also puts holes in the protective aura that can easily be manipulated by an adept.

Electric Shock Treatment works to destroy memories and can be used to wipe the mind clean by agencies within the world powers. The mind is then reprogrammed, beliefs, ideas, thinking patterns, and habits are instilled, usually through trance induction by drugs, until the new personality takes hold and the drugs are no longer needed. This is known as "brainwashing" and can be done for all purposes.

Most people are unaware of what can be done to their minds by those who have more knowledge and control. Self-hypnosis is useful in where we, ourselves, program our own minds. We can program our minds to be resistant to all unwanted influences. In addition, others will not be able to influence our minds or establish control over us in any way.

References: Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery

Advanced Technology and the Mind

The world powers have succeeded in creating technology that can not only read and decipher a person's thoughts, but can manipulate thoughts as well. After the second world war, the CIA, NSA, KGB and other world powers spent billions of dollars for research on the brain, nervous system, human behavior, conditioning, control, manipulation and the mind.

"In the spring of 1973, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, at Walter Reed Army institute of research, "heard" and understood spoken words communicated to him by "a pulsed-microwave audiogram (analog of the words' sound vibrations) beamed into his brain." This device bypassed the ears and hearing.[1]

" experiment in which the human brain received a message carried to it by a pulsed microwave transmission."[1]

"In its 1996 defense authorization bill, Congress authorized $37 million for research in what the Pentagon calls "non-lethal" and "less than lethal" technologies. This is sold as a "humanitarian" form of warfare--or crowd control."[1]

"RNM [Remote Neural Monitoring] can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex, thus allowing audio communications direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this covertly to debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia."[1]

"This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible."[1]

A "psychosurgeon" can implant electrodes into various sites in the brains of living creatures and send radio signals into those electrodes. They call this "electrically -controlled behavior." Science has surpassed this with "electronic brain stimulation" that can do the same without the electrode implants. "Finely-tuned microwaves can achieve the same results as implanted electrodes."[1]

Technology to perceive pre-speech human thought via skin contact is well developed. Electrical equipment can gather and read the electrical fields generated on the skin (the aura) and translate sub-vocal speech into text. A body can become disabled by sending disruptive signals into a person's motor cortex; affecting motor control.

"To send a thought into a brain, it is necessary to decode the resonance frequency of each specific brain area."[1]

Science has progressed to where they have deciphered the brain signals. Like satellite waves can be decoded onto a TV screen, thought waves can also be deciphered and read. Of course, this is something kept from the public. Many unwitting human beings, along with animals have been experimented upon; implanted with microchips that control the thought processes and produce thoughts, feelings, emotions and hallucinations.

Man's attempts to control another's thoughts has been since the beginning of time. Wars, torture, murder, interrogation, imprisonment and so on. They now have the technology to do this.

Fighting Back

The solution: Most people out there operate on a certain range of bio-electricity. When we revamp our bio-electricity to a much higher level, their attempts at stimulation are not strong enough to penetrate our aura, because they are geared for the average person. This is analogous to immunity and one of the reasons, where magickal and psychic attacks will rebound upon the sender; when the aura is strong, it acts as a defense shield, burning off any microscopic entities that attach themselves before they can do harm.

Black magick is energy. A strong aura is resistant to negative energy and many times, attacks upon an adept will rebound against the sender(s). The same as for the energy sent out to influence the average person. It isn't strong enough to penetrate a strong aura.

As for their using technology to read our thoughts through our skin, again, the strength of the aura is important. Martial artists know how to direct their bio-electrical "Chi" to smash through concrete and bricks. Ever think what that kind of energy would do to one of those sensitive mind reading machines when strong enough and properly directed?

Past Life Amnesia

Many events are fated such as one being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being with the wrong people, again at the wrong time; accidents, illnesses, missing something by a day or minute and other related occurrences. All of this is the result of a lack of knowledge. Reincarnation is a fact. When we enter a new life we bring ourselves with us. This includes past hang-ups and former conditioning, mistaken beliefs, grief, pain and so forth. When we enter a new existence, we do so under amnesia. Myself and other Joy of Satan High Priests have worked extensively with humans who were deceased and in spirit form. When one dies, one does not advance in power or ability. One needs a physical self in order to do this. In death, one takes one’s self, character, abilities and all into the spirit world and then into a new life if he/she reincarnates, which most people do. The astral is very boring for those in spirit form. They do not sleep, they do not eat or enjoy any physical pleasures. The only way they can advance in power is if a gifted human in the living world works with their soul.

Getting back to the article on amnesia…There is information available concerning certain experiments. Many of these have been kept from the public because of their cruel nature. These experiments are in studying the effects of artificially induced amnesia on both animal and human subjects and how it directly affects the feedback circuit in the brain. With self-awareness, one can exercise control, but on the other hand, when the feedback circuit is blocked through amnesia, one is prevented from reforming problem programming in one's mind.

Conditioning of Amnesia

Pavlov's Experiments: Associative Conditioning

Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov conducted a series of experiments on dogs. Most of us are familiar with the theory of conditioning, taught in Psychology 1001, if one studies at a University. Dogs were given food after a bell was rung. The bell, after several times, caused the dog to salivate [anticipate food], whether or not the food followed. The sound produced hunger in the dog. Two separate stimuli, applied within seconds of each other will create an involuntary response in the brain.

Many of his experiments went beyond the conditioning. He was able to produce nervous breakdowns in dogs and other animals, again, by association. The hungry animal would go for the food and he would apply painful shocks, extremely loud noises, blasts of scorching heat or other stimuli creating a survival verses fear/pain situation. This created neurosis and mental illness in the animals, in the same way the Christian Church has ruined the mental health of billions by enforcing the abstinence of sexual intercourse and denying other normal and natural needs. Sexuality is equal to the life force; abstinence creates neuroticism. The enemy knows all about the human mind and how to destroy it, along with the soul.

Another Russian scientist, A R Luria continued Pavlov's experiments, but this time on humans. [The CIA does this as well, although much has been kept from the public]. Luria found that humans, being able to remember, were able to resist the programming and restore their minds through rational thought and the application of will. Luria, [along with the CIA in later years] induced amnesia in his subjects through electric shock treatments, and drug induced trance states. With drug induced trance states, 99.9% of humanity can be hypnotized and reprogrammed. Very few if any are resistant.

Electric Shock and Hypnosis

Electric Shock treatment [EST] has been used to treat and control mental illness. EST causes retrograde amnesia. Memories are destroyed, corresponding with the intensity and frequency of the shocks. With high level EST, one is unable to remember one's name, identity or past. The subject becomes extremely calm and focused in the present. The 1975 movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a good example of the effects of EST especially in the ending where the character, portrayed by Jack Nicholson, was shocked into irreversible brain damage with no memory of his identity or past. His brain was like a vegetable.

Disturbing thoughts and false memories can be implanted in subjects' minds by the operator with regressing the subjects into early childhood or infancy. At this stage, the mind becomes defenseless and helpless. The operator is perceived as and assumes the role of a parent figure. A prime example of this was where false memories were implanted by a Christian psychiatrist in the subject of the book "Michelle Remembers."

Inducing neuroticism usually, though not always, requires the operator to regress the subject and implant false memories, such as the rape of the child by a parent. One hundred percent of the time, amnesia must be suggested to the subject so the subject will have no recall of the session or any implanted suggestions. The victim, when he/she is deep under, is told by the operator at the end of the session, that he/she will not remember anything of the session when he/she “wakes up.” Reprehensible false memories, fears, and all kinds of psychological problems can be implanted by suggestion in the subject’s mind such as murdering a loved one, irrational fears, shame, and guilt.

Consequence and Solution

Amnesia prevents the subject from understanding the hang-ups and dealing with them. The subconscious mind retains them and acts on them. The subject is unaware of them, other than having strange, irrational feelings, unexplained neuroses, and abnormal behavior. Regardless, the problems are still there and affect the subject's future behavior. This is what happens when we experience amnesia concerning past lives. We have more experiences than we know hanging around in our subconscious minds and affecting us in this lifetime, and if not dealt with, in future lifetimes. We don't understand why bad things happen and we are powerless in many cases to prevent or stop them.

The movie, Hannibal, though fictional, is an example of what can be done to someone in a drug induced trance state, where psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter offered Mason Verger a popper [amyl nitrate], and suggested to him to peel off his face. In this fictitious case, there was no amnesia. Never allow anyone, regardless of who they might be, to hypnotize you.

We can begin to really know ourselves and take better control of our lives, by accessing past lives through self-hypnosis, learning, and understanding as much about them as we are able to. We all should take the time to enter our own trance states and explore our own minds, childhood memories, and past lives. Because of the curse of amnesia and the lack of knowledge, there is so-called "karma." Karma can only be overcome and defeated with knowledge. Knowledge is the key to everything. Knowing everything about ourselves, past lives and so forth will set us free.

In closing, as a warning, never allow anyone to hypnotize you, regardless of whom they might be.

Reference: Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery © 1998

Past Life Regression

First Step: Entering a Trance

This exercise requires deep relaxation. Lie down in a comfortable position.

  • You should begin by breathing in to a count of six*
  • Hold for a count of six
  • And exhale for a count of six.

*Using 6 is only a guide. If four is more comfortable, this is fine. NEVER strain or force yourself to hold your breath! You should feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Do this several times until you feel completely relaxed and you can no longer feel your body. Turn your attention inside and to your entire back side and free fall. Just let go and a falling sensation should manifest. For inexperienced meditators, this might make you dizzy. If you feel real uncomfortable or dizzy, just focus on the front of your body to stop the free fall. The deeper you free fall, the deeper your trance state and the easier it is to work with your mind.

Second Step: Probing your Mind

When you have reached a deep trance state, visualize yourself walking towards a door in your mind. As you walk towards the door, tell yourself when you walk through the door, you will enter into your past life. This should be the life that preceded your life now. Walk through the door, look around at your environment.

To go back several lifetimes, just visualize the door and tell yourself you are going back to whatever year you wish to regress to. To go forward in any past life, will yourself forward by asking your mind to take you to a specific stage of your life or year. Take the time to look around and ask your mind questions. To regress further through each past life, will yourself backwards by telling your mind to take you back further until you can regress no more, and again, walk through another door, telling yourself you are entering the lifetime before this life you are observing. You will be further back in time. To go foreword into your next life- use the same technique, only be aware this is only one of many possible futures. To bring yourself out, walk back through the door into now.

Extraordinary Ability

There are people who have extraordinary abilities. By this, I mean things most average everyday people disregard. Natural telekinesis, pyrokinesis, extreme clairvoyance, way above average perceptions, clairaudience, the ability to put thoughts in or will the minds of others, the ability to use one's bioelectricity to shut down, disable and/or affect sensitive electrical equipment- computers, televisions and other abilities are all examples of extraordinary ability. These gifts can also result from power meditations.

If you find you have these abilities, keep them to yourself. Unbeknownst to many, the CIA, NSA, and other world powers have programs where they use people with these abilities.[2] People who have these abilities are a serious threat to the powers that be, because they cannot be controlled. The movie "Hearts in Atlantis" though a work of fiction, has much basis in fact. Gifted people who are under their thumb are able to sense others with the same abilities. There aren't too many people with extraordinary abilities just walking around freely out there. For those with abilities, you know what I am saying - when you come into contact with another person who has these abilities - they could be in the drugstore, supermarket, restaurant - you can sense them and they can sense you. You are aware of each other.

This is because you both have an open energy field. You must program your aura (which is usually very large) to go about undetected if you wish to maintain your privacy. You can also program your aura not to affect electrical equipment unless you intend it to do so. You do this simply by telling it to stop doing what you don't want it to do. This may take several times, but should be effective.

The same goes for thought reading. You program your aura so others cannot pick up on your thoughts. Of course, one with a much stronger energy field can overpower someone who is weaker, regardless of programming, but programming to go undetected should serve its purpose here.

The USA, world powers, even China have programs where they employ psychics and those with abilities that one only sees in the movies. These people do not have freedom. They are used and many times murdered when they no longer serve a useful purpose to their employers.[2]

Father Satan works with and protects those who have abilities. He protects us and when we are ready, he works to show us how we can empower ourselves to our fullest extent. Those who are without go it alone and their lives usually end in disaster.

Those in power deny the existence of this kind of thing, making public statements that it was a "failure" and so on. This is not true.[2]

For those of you with exceptional ability (very few in this group- you know who you are) I strongly encourage you to dedicate your abilities to Father Satan in a ritual. He will protect you, work with you, and guide you. This can be a lonely road, as others freak, are shocked, and/or become frightened.

When others know our secrets, they have power over us. Remember this. Keep your secrets and you never have to worry. Above all- to the kids here- learn to develop control. Don't ever brag or show off. You can come to the attention of the wrong people.


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