Extraordinary Ability and Advanced Technology

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Extraordinary Ability

There are people who have extraordinary abilities. By this, I mean things most average everyday people disregard. Natural telekinesis, pyrokinesis, extreme clairvoyance, way above average perceptions, clairaudience, the ability to put thoughts in or will the minds of others, the ability to use one's bioelectricity to shut down, disable and/or affect sensitive electrical equipment- computers, televisions and other abilities are all examples of extraordinary ability. These gifts can also result from power meditations.

If you find you have these abilities, keep them to yourself. Unbeknownst to many, the CIA, NSA, and other world powers have programs where they use people with these abilities.[1] People who have these abilities are a serious threat to the powers that be, because they cannot be controlled. The movie "Hearts in Atlantis" though a work of fiction, has much basis in fact. Gifted people who are under their thumb are able to sense others with the same abilities. There aren't too many people with extraordinary abilities just walking around freely out there. For those with abilities, you know what I am saying - when you come into contact with another person who has these abilities - they could be in the drugstore, supermarket, restaurant - you can sense them and they can sense you. You are aware of each other.

This is because you both have an open energy field. You must program your aura (which is usually very large) to go about undetected if you wish to maintain your privacy. You can also program your aura not to affect electrical equipment unless you intend it to do so. You do this simply by telling it to stop doing what you don't want it to do. This may take several times, but should be effective.

The same goes for thought reading. You program your aura so others cannot pick up on your thoughts. Of course, one with a much stronger energy field can overpower someone who is weaker, regardless of programming, but programming to go undetected should serve its purpose here.

The USA, world powers, even China have programs where they employ psychics and those with abilities that one only sees in the movies. These people do not have freedom. They are used and many times murdered when they no longer serve a useful purpose to their employers.[1]

Father Satan works with and protects those who have abilities. He protects us and when we are ready, he works to show us how we can empower ourselves to our fullest extent. Those who are without go it alone and their lives usually end in disaster.

Those in power deny the existence of this kind of thing, making public statements that it was a "failure" and so on. This is not true.[1]

For those of you with exceptional ability (very few in this group- you know who you are) I strongly encourage you to dedicate your abilities to Father Satan in a ritual. He will protect you, work with you, and guide you. This can be a lonely road, as others freak, are shocked, and/or become frightened.

When others know our secrets, they have power over us. Remember this. Keep your secrets and you never have to worry. Above all- to the kids here- learn to develop control. Don't ever brag or show off. You can come to the attention of the wrong people.

Advanced Technology and the Mind

The world powers have succeeded in creating technology that can not only read and decipher a person's thoughts, but can manipulate thoughts as well. After the second world war, the CIA, NSA, KGB and other world powers spent billions of dollars for research on the brain, nervous system, human behavior, conditioning, control, manipulation and the mind.

"In the spring of 1973, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, at Walter Reed Army institute of research, "heard" and understood spoken words communicated to him by "a pulsed-microwave audiogram (analog of the words' sound vibrations) beamed into his brain." This device bypassed the ears and hearing.[1]

"...an experiment in which the human brain received a message carried to it by a pulsed microwave transmission."[1]

"In its 1996 defense authorization bill, Congress authorized $37 million for research in what the Pentagon calls "non-lethal" and "less than lethal" technologies. This is sold as a "humanitarian" form of warfare--or crowd control."[1]

"RNM [Remote Neural Monitoring] can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex, thus allowing audio communications direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this covertly to debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia."[1]

"This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible."[1]

A "psychosurgeon" can implant electrodes into various sites in the brains of living creatures and send radio signals into those electrodes. They call this "electrically -controlled behavior." Science has surpassed this with "electronic brain stimulation" that can do the same without the electrode implants. "Finely-tuned microwaves can achieve the same results as implanted electrodes."[1]

Technology to perceive pre-speech human thought via skin contact is well developed. Electrical equipment can gather and read the electrical fields generated on the skin (the aura) and translate sub-vocal speech into text. A body can become disabled by sending disruptive signals into a person's motor cortex; affecting motor control.

"To send a thought into a brain, it is necessary to decode the resonance frequency of each specific brain area."[1]

Science has progressed to where they have deciphered the brain signals. Like satellite waves can be decoded onto a TV screen, thought waves can also be deciphered and read. Of course, this is something kept from the public. Many unwitting human beings, along with animals have been experimented upon; implanted with microchips that control the thought processes and produce thoughts, feelings, emotions and hallucinations.

Man's attempts to control another's thoughts has been since the beginning of time. Wars, torture, murder, interrogation, imprisonment and so on. They now have the technology to do this.

The solution: Most people out there operate on a certain range of bio-electricity. When we revamp our bio-electricity to a much higher level, their attempts at stimulation are not strong enough to penetrate our aura, because they are geared for the average person. This is analogous to immunity and one of the reasons, where magickal and psychic attacks will rebound upon the sender; when the aura is strong, it acts as a defense shield, burning off any microscopic entities that attach themselves before they can do harm.

Black magick is energy. A strong aura is resistant to negative energy and many times, attacks upon an adept will rebound against the sender(s). The same as for the energy sent out to influence the average person. It isn't strong enough to penetrate a strong aura.

As for their using technology to read our thoughts through our skin, again, the strength of the aura is important. Martial artists know how to direct their bio-electrical "Chi" to smash through concrete and bricks. Ever think what that kind of energy would do to one of those sensitive mind reading machines when strong enough and properly directed?


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