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Expand all Witchcraft articles, then merge with the parent page. Divide each article into sections, where able to do so. Then, write your name in the box.

Add comments on ideas, such as where other changes could be made. This does not have to be specific to these tasks.

Satanic Witchcraft
Page Number Page Title Formatting: Dividing Page into Sections Links Created (No Longer Being Done) Comments/Concerns
1 (Start of Information Pages) Satanic Witchcraft Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto
1A Witchcraft Fiery Pluto X
1B Magick 101: Witchcraft Fiery Pluto


X added Concentration page, possibly more additions to be done
1B2 Concentration Blitzkreig X merged with Magick 101
1C Magickal Evocation and Invocation Fiery Pluto X
1D About Black Magic Fiery Pluto X possible merger with other Black Magic pages
1F The Black Arts Fiery Pluto X renamed to "Factors for Success in Spiritual Alchemy: "The Black Arts"",

moved near Magick 101

1G Black Magic and Mental Health tabby X was renamed to "Magick and Mental Health"
1H The "Three-fold Law of Return" tabby tabby
1I Fighting Back tabby X
1J The Importance of Environment Fiery Pluto X merged with "Working Rituals Outdoors" and "Four Cardinal Points"
1K Using Props in Magic Blitzkreig X This page should be made as the intro to "Props in Witchcraft", although still linked as Witchcraft
1L Working Rituals Outdoors Blitzkreig X merged with "The Importance of Environment"
1M The Four Cardinal Points X X merged with "The Importance of Environment"
1N The Importance of Astrological Timing X X Paragraph content could be made into standardized bullets.

merged with Azazel's Astrology, 'Main Article' link made

1O Overcoming Obstacles tabby X some of the underlining and bolding is unnecessary. Remember to focus on key points
2 (Start of Beginner Exercises) Witchcraft: Beginner Exercises Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto
2A The Breath: The Basis of Magick, Energy Manipulation, and Mind Power Blitzkreig X possible merger with foundational breath exercise
2B Creating an Astral Temple Fiery Pluto X
2C Binding Spell Fiery Pluto X
2D Love Spell Fiery Pluto X Merged with Sex Magick
2E The Aura and How to Use It Fiery Pluto X
2F Aura Of Protection Fiery Pluto X Could be combined with other protection rituals
2G Sex Magick Small need X Merged with Love Spell
3 (Start of Intermediate Exercises) Witchcraft: Intermediate Exercises --- ---
3A Image Magick Fiery Pluto Blitzkreig page is similar to "Binding spell", although one is considered as beginner and this as intermediate
3B Thoughtforms Blitzkreig X
3C How To Deliver The Evil Eye X Blitzkreig
3D Ectoplasm Small need X
3E Energy Ripping Fiery Pluto X Mixed need: Could be combined with Black Magic section. Need to check.
3F Star Energy Fiery Pluto X
4 Satanic Healing Fiery Pluto tabby Can exist as an independent page, despite redundancies.
5 Satan's Magickal Squares Small need Fiery Pluto


Independent page. In a good state currently, although it could be improved a bit.

C4D: Don't see any sectioning that could be done; square index looks out of place; rest seems good to me

6 (Start of Brain, Trance, and Hypnosis) The Brain, Trance and Hypnosis Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto
6A Brainwaves X X
6B The Locations of Occult Power in the Brain Fiery Pluto X
6C Trance X X Trance and Determining Depth of Trance could be a separate page
6D Determining the Depth of a Trance Fiery Pluto X Trance and Determining Depth of Trance could be a separate page
6E About Hypnosis Fiery Pluto X
6F Self Hypnosis X X "How to enter a trance" section on this page is almost identical to that of the "Trance" page
6G Hypnotizing Others X X
6H Satanic Hypnosis X X
6I Bioelectric Technology and the Black Arts of Hypnotism Small need X
6J Advanced Technology and the Mind Blitzkrieg X
6K Past Life Amnesia Blitzkrieg X
6L Past Life Regression Blitzkrieg X
6M Extraordinary Ability Medium need X
7 (Start of Advanced Exercises) Witchcraft: Advanced Exercises --- ---
7A Kinesis Magic Fiery Pluto Fiery pluto
7B Death Spell Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto Link/Merge with Rituals for Destruction
7C Advanced Thoughtforms Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto
7D Elemental Thoughtforms X Fiery Pluto
8 (Start of Divination Pages) Witchcraft: Divination --- ---
8A Pendulums Small need: Sections should possibly be condensed Fiery Pluto
8B Ouija Boards Fiery Pluto Fiery Pluto
8C Séance: Communicating with the Deceased Fiery Pluto Small need
8D Using the Elements For Divination Purposes (Advanced) X Fiery Pluto
8E Black Mirrors X tabby
8F Astrology Fiery Pluto X Need: Combine with Index

Need: Add Page "The Importance of Astrological Timing"

8G Runes Fiery Pluto X Merge with two links listed at top of its page.
9 (Large Page) The Elements tabby X Blitz: Concentrating + Circulating the elements is the most advanced and should be at bottom. Basic information of other elements is not advanced and should be moved up to the information section.

Ideally, the outdated info can be merged with other info, after scrutiny.

10 The Magickal Properties of Color X X Can be merged with"Basic Candle Color..."
11 (Start of Props in Witchcraft) Props in Witchcraft --- ---
11A Incense X X
11B Magickal Uses for Herbs X Change links to internal
11C Basic Candle Color for Spells and Rituals X Change links to internal Can be merged with "Using color"