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The following is a guide about general information on meditation, spirituality and their interaction with the body, with other people and with the surrounding world in general.

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As the physical body can be trained within various sports or practices to develop extraordinary physical abilities, same reality applies to the human soul. The enemy of humanity has worked relentlessly for thousands of years to drive every single person into a state of spiritual denial, where the metaphysical side of the existence is labeled as “conspiracy theory” and “mental illness”. The human soul is a very complex non-physical body of energy, in the same way the physical body is a very complex form of matter, perhaps the most complex in the entire existence.

As physical abilities such as extraordinary strength, agility, endurance or speed can be developed by training, the soul can be trained to develop non-physical abilities that can alter matter. The present day top scientific institutes of the world and the most powerful governments/states are very knowledgeable about this reality which they deliberately hide it from the masses in order to control them, as they know people that have access to real spirituality are a lot more difficult to control due to the superior awareness and knowledge they have compared to the unaware and indoctrinated people. As an example, people in numbers that are enough to energetically satisfy the manifestation of a goal by spiritual means can perform a group ritual or meditation with the aim to manifest the exposure of a hostile corporation or government to their nations. This could be achieved if Spiritual Satanism was as mainstream as Christianity, Islam or Hinduism.

With complete and consistent training, the human being is able to project into higher dimensions of existence through their non-physical bodies, to command the subconscious mind which precedes and encompasses the active conscious thinking processes, to obtain or “re-gain” visions from past lives when the soul has existed in another body, visions which exist as memory in the subconscious mind, to empower mental abilities that can allow a human to move objects or set them on fire and the list of abilities goes indefinitely. All of this is based on manipulating the energy, the more energy one is able to manipulate, bigger and more demanding goals can be achieved, and this can be translated exponentially to rituals in the size of the aforementioned example.

Now, as the physical body is composed of organs, blood, bones and other vital components for sustaining life, the soul is also composed of equally vital “energetic components” such as the major chakras and all their extensions, minor chakras, the nadis (the “veins” of the soul for energy circulation), the aura, the 4 elements in various proportions for each being etc. All these are composed of different types of energies which precede and govern over our physical bodies and lives. The 7 main chakras are made of unique energies that alter health aspects of the physical body and which can also be altered by meditation in order to aid in healing potential health issues, or the opposite, to develop health or other issues in other people by targeting their chakras.

This leads us to the fact that the variety of energies that define our soul in varying proportions can therefore be influenced by other inputs of energy, such as vibration or radiation. Whole sciences, older or in development, such as chromotherapy or radiotheraphy are based on this simple principle. For example, the American inventor Raymond Rife created a device that was capable of healing certain types of cancer by radio frequency iradiation, by exposing the body to radio waves specifically established after experiments to resonate positively with the organs affected by cancer, stimulating them to heal. Unfortunately, around his time the American medicine has been hijacked and since then, turned into a multi-trillion business literally owned by private individuals and private institutions to extort people over their health issues, while keeping them completely oblivious to the spiritual reality.

The complexity of this metaphysical reality can only be decoded by actively performing relevant and appropriate spiritual practices that will gradually allow the practitioner to advance and expand in spiritual powers and capabilities.